Code: ", $wground)) { echo "Error Bad city, state or zip code"; } else { echo "Last updated at ".$wground[0]; echo "Temp: ".$wground[1]."°F."; if($wground[2] != "N/A") { echo "
Wind chill: ".$wground[2]; } if($wground[3] != "N/A") { echo "
Heat index: ".$wground[3]; } echo "
Humidity: ".$wground[4]."
"; echo "Dew point: ".$wground[5]."
"; echo "Wind: ".$wground[6]." MPH
"; echo "Pressure/Barometer: ".$wground[7]." inches
"; echo "Skies: ".$wground[8]."
"; echo "Visibility: ".$wground[9]." Miles
"; echo "Sunrise/Sunset: ".$wground[10]."/".$wground[11]."

"; echo "This report was from ".$wground[18].", ".$wground[19]."."; } ?> This code was only an example of what you can do with this script. You can use it for anything, even make a big weather website with it.