The following scripts were written to create a module that provides a format (a form) through which a user can input his or her name and e-mail address. Upon submission of this information, the e-mail address is written to a text file. As more users submit their information, their e-mail addresses are also added to that text file. This process provides for a grouped list of e-mail addresses that can be copied and then inserted into the addressee portion of your e-mail message. For example, as e-mail addresses are compiled on the text page they will appear in this manner: START HERE,,,, (and so on...) You'll notice that the e-mail addresses are spaced in the proper manner to assure they are read correctly by the server. [Note: Proper formatting requires that there be a comma and a space after each address. Since each address is added as ", they@mydomain" the text page was created and placed on the server with the term "START HERE" placed at the very beginning of the document.] There are three parts to this module - the information input form (an html document), the submission response/action form (an html document embedded with a PHP script) and the text document (which collects the e-mail addresses). All three of the documents created by for this module must be contained (by themselves) within the same folder (directory) in order to work properly. The code for the first part (the html document) right below. It should be named and installed as "index.html" (or, index.htm - if you're using Windows software). This document is the form that allows the user to input his or her name and e-mail address. ==================================================================================== E-Mail Mailing List

Please provide the following information:

First Name:

Last Name:

E-mail Address:

==================================================================================== The code for the second part of this module (the html document embedded with a PHP script) is here. It should be named and installed as "step2.php". ==================================================================================== E-Mail Mailing List
SUBMISSION RESULTS Thank you for your interest!

\n"); $filename = 'data.txt'; $fp = fopen ($filename, "a"); fwrite ($fp, ", $email"); fclose ($fp); ?>
==================================================================================== The third part of this module is the text file. If you are even thinking about using this script then you are certainly aware of what a text file is. Create a text file, type in the words "START HERE" and save it to the same folder/directory as your other documents with the name "data.txt". ==================================================================================== If you want to try this program, you can visit . ====================================================================================