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Amortization Schedule Calculator 1.0 Arsidian Limited -- 4489 2005-12-02 09:41:31 [ link ] [ show ]
The free Amortization Schedule Calculator - also known as a loan calculator - lets you estimate your monthly loan repayments. It also lets you figure out how much of your repayments will go towards the principal and how much will go towards interest. Simply input your loan amount, interest rate, loan term and repayment start date then click Calculate. Add this handy tool to your website FOR FREE to help your customers, clients and home buyers calculate the interest and repayments on their purchases. Full installation and integration instructions are included along with free online support. No ads, no annual fee, complete source code is included and you may modify the software for your own use.
Calculate Net Present Value (npv, netpv) 0.1 Lucas Baltes -- 22820 2000-03-08 16:36:21 [ show ]
Function to calculate the Net Present Value (NPV or NETPV)
Currency Convertor 1.0.0 John Shifter -- 6263 2002-03-09 17:06:37 [ link ]
A simple script for converting currensies. Just set up your base currency and the converted figures. The script does the rest
currency selector and calculatoer for phpShop 0.80 ulisoft -- 4167 2006-08-18 07:30:51 [ link ]
The currency selector gives the user a choice to select his preferred currency on flypage and cart. Products and cart are displayed in the selected currency. For PayPal compatibility only currencies, which are accepted by PayPal are displayed. Exchange rates are updated automatically. The currency selector converts from Euros to other currencies. A list of available currencies is included.
CurrencyConverter 1.0.0 Daniel -- 6078 2001-11-10 16:47:52 [ link ]
CurrencyConverter can convert from USD, CAD, EUR and GBP to over 150 different currencies
Dream Mortgage Calc Pro 1.0 Tony L. -- 6020 2001-05-25 17:15:10 [ link ]
* Very compact and quick loading (only 4.5K of HTML). * Everything integrates into one HTML page * Easily customize the fonts, colors, & general layout in any HTML editor * User can choose to view a running principal and interest table. * Works fine with any version of PHP running on any server.
Financial Management 1.0 William Lucking -- 12756 1999-01-04 15:44:49 [ show ]
A suite of financial management functions including present and future value of an annuity and a loan payment calculation function.
Mortgage Calculator 1.0 Tony L. -- 6100 2001-05-22 13:04:11 [ link ]
This fast script calculates your interest, total payments, and monthly payments. Includes a nice HTML template for use on your website.
Mortgage Calculator Plus 1.1 Arseniy Olevskiy -- 5036 2005-02-02 11:41:41 [ link ]
Free online graphical calculator designed to calculate mortgage repayments.
Mortgage calculators 3.2 Mortgage Tools Developers -- 2984 2008-01-08 03:31:26 [ link ]
Comprehensive set of 22 mortgage calculators allows your site visitors to perform easily complicated real estate math. It features very unique LEAD GENERATION feature - calculation results in PDF format to let your visitors print them hassle free and have your contacts on the paper sheet even when your visitors offline. Other features are: great amortization tables, multi-lingual support, initial values settings to match your market and much more. This collection is fully rebrandable and can be easily integrated with any new or existing web-site in minutes.
Mortgage Calculators Plus 1.1 Arseniy Olevskiy -- 4364 2005-02-21 04:18:24 [ link ]
Mortgage Calculators Plus is a set of 10 mortgage calculators: "Monthly payment calculator", "Additional payment calculator", "How much do I have to earn", "How much can I borrow", "Should I pay discount points", "How much will I save by refinancing my loan", "How much will my tax deduction be", "Bi-weekly mortgage calculator", "APR calculator", and "Interest only monthly payment calculator". Customizable currency symbols, thousands separator, decimal point, and initial values let you match your Website audience.
phpLoanCalc 1.0 Arseniy Olevskiy -- 4557 2004-04-09 07:55:04 [ link ]
This loan calculator can be used to figure out regular payments of any kind of loan, based on the loan amount, loan length, interest rate and pay periodicity. phpLoanCalc uses template, that's why you can easily change its appearance for seamless integration with your website.
Quick Quote 1.2 Eric Pfleckl -- 9793 2000-09-19 12:50:27 [ show ]
Gets quick stock quotes from user-entered stock symbols and refreshes the info every 5 minutes. Data is gleaned from Yahoo!, so this code is only for personal use. Use the \"Pretty Code\", the plain text isn\'t working. (I mean, can we get a \"stripslashes()\" here?!)

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