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404 Magic 4.1.2 Robert R. Brown -- 3177 2006-06-13 08:52:45 [ link ] [ show ]
Get Paid To Park's new 404 Magic Program is the easiest way to earn money off your site. No html, no PHP, no Cold Fusion, no Javascript, no programming what so ever! Okay, well how does it work? No matter what the end user to your site types in, it will create a page based on what they type in. So if they type in a wrong page it will pull a page based on what ever they typed in. And it will handle and display a page based on any file extension so if they enter http://your_site/index.html and it supposed to be .php it will pull a page based on that information and they will be able to be redirected to your actual page. Plus you can turn on of off the 404 error so they won't even know they hit a non existent page if you want. Also it can add tons of extra pages to your site to increase the page ranking of your site. And you can trigger it to display niche information by linking to it from your base site or from other pages. In addition, it will run and build pages on your site even with out any pages on your site at all Don't believe us? Try it. We only have 7 pages on our site. Open a new window and type: http://getpaidtopark.com/any_searchable_word/ or http://getpaidtopark.com/any_searchable_word/any_searchable_word.php or Make it .cfm, .cfml, .html, .htm, .php4, .jsp, .asp, .aspx, .pdf, etc... Pretty cool huh? We make money by sharing the revenue off the advertising. You use your affiliate ID so you get paid directly. No waiting for your money.
51bi_25850734_新用户注册推荐下线 1.0 mixzine -- 1554 2013-07-27 05:08:39 [ link ]
51bi_25850734_新用户注册推荐下线 1.0 mixzine -- 1525 2013-07-27 05:08:46 [ link ]
Anti-leech bandwidth protector 1.0 Corey Milner 5.0 11544 2000-08-01 00:07:02 [ show ]
Use this tiny script to protect pages on your site from bandwidth leechers and outside links. Very reliable and extrememly easy to set up. Script gives visitors from outside of your website an error message and a link to your front page. Script is free, please visit my site at http://www.odey.com if you like it...
Apache compatible pa 1.8 Manuel Lemos -- 15151 1998-07-01 21:22:31 [ show ]
Class that allows the PHP developer to create and manage UNIX like password files suitable for use as Apache authentication password files.
Browser Detector 1.1 Roger Raymond -- 14352 2000-05-12 12:12:27 [ link ] [ show ]
Browser Detection without browscap.ini and effective! Ported from a popular JavaScript available from Webmonkey.
browser emulating fopen functions 1.0 Kai Blankenhorn -- 4775 2003-01-31 04:02:22 [ link ]
Some web sites (like IMDb) prevent external scripts from parsing their contents by denying request without a user-agent string. Though this can be circumvented by manually sending the necessary headers, this is usually too complicated. These functions (be_fopen and be_file) wrap the fsockopen calls and send all the necessary headers before returning a file handle usable with any PHP function.
Browserdetection 1.0 Artjom Bruch -- 5264 2001-07-27 19:20:55 [ show ]
You can Place these little Code on your Startpage, and the User will be moved, to the right Page
Cinema Flash Video Player 1.0 Darren Gates -- 3086 2007-02-18 12:40:46 [ link ]
An XML-driven Flash applet that you can embed into most web pages to provide streaming Flash video to your site visitors. Over a dozen configuration options are supported. This is an XML-driven, applet version of the <a href="script127.htm">Cinema Video Component</a> for Flash.
Displaying Script Execution Time sardonyx quinx -- 5637 2003-09-18 22:47:16 [ link ] [ show ]
This script is undeniably popular among all other PHP scripts that are released in the market. And this script is widely used by other website administrators out there. But since we're not an ordinary PHP developer, there is a need to analyze the deeper meaning of each line of codes within this script. This is not a simple task to begin with but with the help of previous PHP manual out there, this could be possibly done by us.
DLCount 1.00 Sascha Blansjaar -- 7573 1999-11-20 15:35:41 [ link ]
DLCount counts the number of downloads and stores the results in a single text file. Includes DLCount Admin to view your counter stats in a table. DLCount can also be used to count how many times a link was clicked on.
Dtheatre.com Headline Grabber joe lumbroso -- 10363 2000-03-23 16:20:26 [ link ] [ show ]
Snags headline from dtheatre.com and can be used for many other news sites.
EXPORT FILE FROM A WEB BROWSER CIF & FOB -- 4408 2005-09-19 21:11:01 [ show ]
I did a work with php language, to encrpyt a user info with a file. I want them click a button to download file, not save file on server. I find phpMyAdmin can do this, so I did this simple code here. plead your life. :-)
FlexCMS 1.0 FlexCMS -- 3902 2004-01-26 13:53:22 [ link ]
Flexible. Powerful. Affordable. FlexCMS is an out of the box user-friendly CMS. Easily build dynamic websites/portals, maintain web content, navigation and even limit access to what members/guests see/do from anywhere in the world with just a web browser! With an emphasis on security & functionality, FlexCMS is a professional and robust system suitable for any size business or organization website. Web Developers: Your clients update their web content themselves from any computer. By using FlexCMS' restricted editing permission levels, you stay in control of your design & layout.
get_headers 0.1 James Corbett -- 9055 2000-04-03 05:44:01 [ show ]
An alternative to the get_all_headers() function for those who either don't have Apache, or are running PHP3 as a CGI
gURL (Similar to using cURL) Markus Diersbock -- 5075 2004-01-11 20:39:02 [ show ]
This class allows you to GET/POST to an external website. Data to be passed as string or array.
Http headers 1.3 Mark Jeftovic -- 15127 1998-11-05 17:05:26 [ show ]
This gets the http response headers for a given url and returns them in an assoc array. i.e. to test if a url exists: $array = get_http_headers($url); if($array[result]=200) { }
HTTPPost 1.0.0 Daniel 5.0 5648 2001-11-10 16:47:09 [ link ]
Posts an array of data to a given URL using rfc2616 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1
http_post 0.5b Alan van den Bosch -- 23233 2000-03-01 10:05:03 [ show ]
A class that enables posting a 'form' from within a php script
language negotiation 1.3 Stig S. Bakken -- 10816 1998-01-26 10:19:18 [ show ]
Function that does language negotiation based on the Accept-Language header, a cookie or host name.
Meta Web Search (AltaVista, Google, Thunderstone, others) 1.0 Alan -- 5107 2000-12-04 18:08:12 [ link ]
Gets results from AltaVista, Google, Webcrawler, Thunderstone, and FastSearch. Parses responses and formats onto a search return page.
Multi Upload 1.0 npguy -- 17417 2000-01-23 21:50:56 [ link ] [ show ]
Uploading Multiple files. Display uploaded bytes.
MyPHPTVGuide 1.0 Olafur Sigurgeirsson -- 4728 2003-02-18 10:22:11 [ link ]
A PHP frontend for XMLTV.
Online External Links Tester 1.0 J. Chakrabarty -- 4580 2001-02-02 22:12:31 [ link ]
Worried about defunct external Links ? Periodically test all your links whether they are stored in a MYSQL database or a file or on the HTML Pages. Available online at http://www.creativephp.com/
PHP COOKIES 1.0.0 John Shifter -- 5000 2002-03-09 17:13:37 [ link ]
Another one of Mr.Shifters simple scripts. This one can generate random data. Many websites use this script
PHP port scanner 1.0 Thiebaut -- 13072 2000-04-08 05:46:27 [ link ] [ show ]
I wrote a PHP port scanner, and a cgi scanner (also in php).
phpODP Class 1.0 Ryan Heggem -- 10373 2000-04-14 11:29:37 [ link ] [ show ]
I hope this is in the right catagory...heh. A class for retrieval of ODP (dmoz.org) catagory data. This class sets a small number of variables to allow you to output the data retreived anyway you want. It's still a work in progress, so all the help I could get from people interested in updating it or something would be very helpful.
PostIt Alan Little -- 8836 1999-12-22 17:57:07 [ link ]
This function takes an array and a URL, and submits a POST request to the URL, passing the data in the array.
Register Globals 0 John Craig -- 4258 2002-11-14 06:19:03 [ link ] [ show ]
Temporary fix for projects requiring register_globals, but don't have access to the php ini file. The script will simulate the register globals directive if it is turned off until you get a chance to update your project fully.
Silver julian franco -- 1958 2010-03-27 03:41:15 [ link ]
Investing in Precious Metals
Traffic Generator Solution 2.00 Richard Becher -- 4962 2004-03-26 12:44:06 [ link ]
This solution allows to generate real visitors - no fake traffic or hits only. Up to 60.000.000 visits per month possible. Linux and Apache necessary for execution.
Weather.com XML Parser 1.0 Nick Schaffner -- 4369 2005-05-01 11:21:34 [ link ]
This PHP script will allow you to monitor your current local weather via a Weather.com XML feed. It parses the XML data and then outputs formatted HTML to a .txt file. This .txt file can then be integrated into your website via SSI, PHP or any other language that will accept Includes. It is intended to be setup as a Cron Job, that is accessed to update only every few minutes. If it were accessed more often, Weather.com would shut down your XML feed.
Web Page Update Check 1.1.0 Andrew Collington -- 4959 2003-09-06 19:17:33 [ link ] [ show ]
This class allows you to check to see if a particular website has been updated recently. It doesn't show what the changes were, just the fact that it's been altered in some way since you last checked the site.
WebServerSpy 1.0 Bernhard Ostheimer -- 15749 1999-07-13 19:03:58 [ link ] [ show ]
WebServerSpy checks which kind of Webserver is running (via HTTP 1.0 Server-Header)
WebWasher Detector 1.0 Jonathan Barlow -- 4498 2001-03-26 00:12:52 [ link ]
WebWasher is a pretty scary development -- with it, a user can block all ad content from a site. But WebWasher also shows up in the HTTP_USER_AGENT string. Link to the code to see it in action and get the source. It is not a major program, but it is good to know how to do it. Otherwise, ad-supported sites will be sunk.
Wunderground Weather 0.1 phpcoder -- 9082 2004-06-28 20:19:55 [ link ] [ show ]
Gets Weather from Wunderground. No more paying for weather on your site.

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