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Convert Date US2FR 1 Frédéric Pierron -- 12369 1999-03-23 16:38:41 [ show ]
A php code that convert Date to French.
written amounts in spanish 1.0 Hector Lecuanda -- 13043 1999-09-02 13:14:11 [ show ]
This code will generate a coherent written amount in spanish, given any number between 0 and 999,999,999 can be easely modified for any languaje, as it handles special cases and descriptors in spanish (tough languaje)
Turkish Date Format 1.0 Berk Demir -- 15257 2000-01-11 10:41:10 [ link ] [ show ]
A FUNCTION that returns a string, including Turkish Date format with char. type month and weekday names Can get parameters for grabbing particular date. Like just the weekday or just the name of the month.
URL autoLink for multibyte ahouitigou -- 5866 2002-06-01 12:03:26 [ show ]
some URL autolink script is failure@transaction with multibyte query.But this script can do it. Comments are written in Japanese.Sorry X(
tur2eng 1.0 Varol Keskin -- 5320 2002-08-14 19:56:34 [ show ]
Converts Turkish characters to English alphabet characters in a string. Useful especially for writing English pages which can not be displayed properly without Turkish language support.

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