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php mode for emacs 0.9.2 Allan -- 15938 2000-03-15 16:21:36 [ link ] [ show ]
Not My work, but something that should be made available to all emacs afficianados. Written by: Turadg Aleahmad <turadg@guru.nu>
Instant PHP Classes 0.1 Stephan Beal -- 12556 1999-12-28 07:21:28 [ show ]
A Perl script for quickly generating Java-style PHP classes with getters/setters for each field. Don't use the PRETTY view here - it won't work because it's Perl code.
Pig Latin <-> English Converter 1.0 Patrick Clochesy -- 9253 2000-03-05 22:05:41 [ link ]
Converts between Pig Latin and English. Very simple, does not handle new lines well.
Babelj 0.1 Timothy W Macinta -- 7237 1999-07-13 00:55:14 [ link ]
Babelj is a language server for Java. It allows programs written in practically any language to fully interact with Java. Client libraries currently exist for PHP3 and Java. Babelj can be used as an out of the box bridge between PHP and Java and adding support for new languages is a snap as well.
Swift Generator Interface 0.0.1 Martin Scheffler -- 6699 2000-07-07 08:52:28 [ link ]
Object that acts as an interface to swift generator, a tool for generating dynamic content for the macromedia flash plugin
Chinese calendar converter 0.0.1 anna -- 6512 2003-05-10 02:16:11 [ link ] [ show ]
This function can return the date of Chinese lunar calendar which is corresponding to the Gregorian calendar. Range from Jan 1st,1901 to Feb 11th,2021.
VBScript to PHP3 translator short-scri Konstantin -- 6232 2000-03-03 18:38:13 [ link ]
demo version to convert your ASP source code to PHP3. Makes a raw work. To polish, schema or result may need work.
Comparing PHP, VBScript and JScript 0.01 John Lim -- 5059 2000-12-31 11:26:35 [ link ]
This is a summary of the language differences between PHP, JScript/Javascript and VBScript that I did to help my company learn the 3 server side scripting languages. Hope it\'s helpful to others.
Image Rotators by Andrei 1.1 Darren Gates -- 4958 2006-01-20 03:38:59 [ link ]
5 Flash image rotators. These are great if you want to quickly display your images with some cool transition effects, but don't need a full-fledged gallery system. All images are externally linkable to the URL and URL target of your choice. Infinitely many images can be added to each image rotator, simply by creating a non-progressive JPG image, adding the JPG to the images folder, then adding a reference to the XML configuration file. The XML configuration file can be edited using any good text editor, like Textpad (www.textpad.com). The link and link target are individually configurable for each image. Options exist to control rotation delay time in seconds, background color, randomizer, and even the transition effect to apply. The rotators contain 3 - 5 possible transition effects each, depending on the rotator. XML file path can be altered by changing the embedded Flash parameter in the HTML file. Thus, if you have another applet which uses an XML file called settings.xml, you can change the name to prevent browser caching. The last of the image rotators contains a simple controller in the top-right corner. This feature is only available in the last of these applets. 100% of the Flash 2004 Professional source code is included with your download, including the .fla and .as files, and the TTF font file.
Amfichat 2.0.5 Darren Gates -- 3825 2006-01-19 11:08:01 [ link ]
An all-new Flash chatroom! This chat uses low-bandwidth AMFPHP technology for maximum efficiency. This script was formerly named AMF FlashChat.
phpFlashMyAdmin 2.0 Darren Gates -- 3695 2006-01-19 11:11:06 [ link ]
Like phpMyAdmin? Don't like page refreshes? This tool is for you! Not only can you edit mysql table structures and data, you can also *visually* create foreign key relationships among InnoDB tables. Includes 100% of source code!
FlashReport 2.5.1 Darren Gates -- 3614 2005-12-28 04:44:05 [ link ]
Create PDF reports from MySQL tables, using a customizable, Flash 7-based layout builder. FlashReport's powerful layout builder provides drag-and-drop report creation. Anyone who can use a mouse can create powerful PDF reports from their MySQL data. The relationships section of FlashReport enables you to create reports of more than 1 table. For example, if you have two tables in your MySQL database, employees and departments, with the relationship employees.dept_id = departments.id, the realationships tool would allow you to create a report of all employees, grouped by department. Several size options are available in FlashReport, allowing you to view reports in several PDF sizes, including landscape or portrait orientation. If none of the pre-defined sizes are what you're looking for, just input your own size into the "W" and "H" boxes. Save your report structure to the database, for later viewing and editing. There is also a "share" option so that other registered users can use your report as a template. Password-protect reports via a registration page. All employees in your company or organization can have their own private set of reports, as well as shared reports that all users can use.
FlashBB 1.1.5 Darren Gates -- 3599 2005-12-28 05:51:31 [ link ]
Flash 7 bulletin board, built on the phpBB or vBulletin engines. Use this sleek, fast forum to create a vibrate online community of users. This is essentially a Flash "skin" for phpBB or vBulletin. External configuration file allows many options to be set by simply opening a text editor. FlashBB serves as a Flash 7 skin over an existing phpBB installation. Thus, you can still use phpBB's administrative controls (HTML-based), while enjoying the sleek Flash interface of FlashBB Popup registration form with field validation and collapsible panes. phpBB code allows you to post messages using Bold, Italic, and Underlined text. Easily resize any pane or window in the FlashBB interface by dragging the separator line using your mouse. Powerful search feature, based on phpBB's search tool, allows you to search for messages within any Forum or Category, and even search by Keyword or Author. All sounds in FlashBB can be externally configurable using MP3 files, which are loaded at system startup. Includes 100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code, including all .fla files, all ActionScript 2.0 classes, and the Flash project file. Theme manager allows usrers to switch quickly and easily among the three skins provided with FlashBB. These skins have been custom-designed for FlashBB, and are shared among several applications on TUFaT.com Flexible tree-like view of forums and categories allows for intuitive viewing and navigation. User groups popup window shows all of your phpBB groups. FlashBB's external XML configuration file permits you to change most interface colors, and load various language files.
Fast Gallery 2.2 Darren Gates -- 3598 2006-01-20 03:33:39 [ link ]
A FAST, lightweight (small SWF), and easily configurable image gallery. This is designed with ultra-low bandwidth and ultra-fast loading in mind. This gallery includes 4 advanced layout options and a dozen configuration options packed into about 18 KB. Over a dozen options are available for the gallery, located in an external XML configuration file. This file is editable using any standard text editor like Windows Notepad or Textpad. Both color, text, and layout configuration options are available. 4 different layouts are available: 1, 2, 3, and 4 (the "layout" parameter). Images for the gallery can be specified via the external XML file. The thumbnail path using the "thumb" parameter, and the caption text using the "captiontext" tag. Any image can also be linked to a popup window, which can either be an external URL (http:// location) or an image, as it is in the demo. "Print" image option is available. When clicked, the operating system's print window is automatically opened. This option can be disabled in the XML. Auto-scroll for thumbnails is available through 2 of the 4 available layouts. The auto-scroll can be placed either on the right or on the left side of the gallery layout. Any image can be linked to an external popup window by specifying a path in the "imageurl" tag, in the XML configuration file. 100% of the Flash source code is included upon purchase (the Flash 2004 Pro. file, as well as the ActionScript 2.0 classes). Thus, if the option isn't available in the XML configuration file, then you can always directly edit the Flash code. Basic operation of the gallery involves three files: an HTML file, a SWF file, and an XML configuration file. The idea is that the SWF loads the XML configuration file upon startup, to determine the layout and settings for the gallery. As you can see, the SWF is very light (only about 14 KB). Fast Gallery is truly one of the fastest and most poweful image galleries on the market. Layout 1 of 6 has all images in a thumbnail section on the right side of the screen, with arrow controls to view more thumbnails. The layout that you want can be set in the XML configuration file, using any good text editor. Layout 2 of 6 is identical in every way to layout 1, except that the thumbnails appear on the left side. Layout 3 includes the smooth scrolling option, whereby all thumbnails occupy a scrolling bar at the right-side of the screen. The title text is absent in this layout, to maximize the image area. Layout 4 is identical to layout 3, except that the thumbnail bar appears on the left-side of the screen, instead of the right-side. Layout 5 is similar to 3 and 4, except that the thumbnails appear above the main image, rather than to the side. The 6th and final layout is identical to layout 5, except that the thumbnails are aligned at the bottom. NEW! Slideshow feature allows the images to loop. This feature can be activated in the external XML configuration file.
EasySite 3.2.3 Darren Gates -- 3591 2006-01-19 11:18:16 [ link ]
Create a content-managed website quickly, with no programming! Similar to site-builders like Geocities. EasySite is the only layer-based CMS of its kind. That means that all content areas & menus are DHTML layers which can be positioned anywhere!
Charting Applets 1.0 Darren Gates -- 3492 2006-01-20 03:42:08 [ link ]
5 Advanced Flash charting applets. These applets can be used to present your data with a sleek, professional design. All applets include an XML configuration file, which can be easily edited using any good text editor, like Textpad (www.textpad.com). Chart line positioning and width, and many other common options, can be configured. Specify the actual data points in the XML configuration file, as a comma-delimited string of values. Change both X and Y axes easily, as well as common color values. Nearly every graph color is configurable in the external XML file. You can also change the font size and style, and specify the font decoration (bold/italic, etc.). All XML files include a DTD to easily validate your XML syntax. These can be used with such XML editors as xmlSpy (www.xmlspy.com). Popup feature for specific information about any bar in the graph. Popups are also configurable in the XML configuration file. 100% of the Flash 2004 Professional source code is included with your purchase. If you can't do it with the configuration file, you can always directly edit the Flash files (requires knowledge of Flash 2.0 Actionscript)..
DocViewer 1.0 Darren Gates -- 3484 2006-01-20 03:40:25 [ link ]
This isn't exactly an Advanced Flash System, but it's a bit more complex than the other applets available on TUFaT.com. It operates in much the same way as the applets, however... a simple XML file controls the display and behavior of the Flash SWF. Configure any color in the gallery by editing the XML configuration file. Top menu configuration: re-order the menus by changing the indentation. Add pages to the DocViewer by adding lines to the XML file. Store JPGs in any file location on your server, or in http:// locations. DTD file can be used to validate the XML. Tooltips are easily configurable via the external XML file. 100% of the Flash souce code is included with your purchase. Requires Flash 2004 Professional to edit.
Flash Component Set 1 1.0 Darren Gates -- 3471 2006-01-20 03:50:34 [ link ]
This powerful yet lightweight component set is used in many applications on TUFaT.com, including FlashChat and FlashBB.
FlashCard 2.4.2 Darren Gates -- 3462 2006-01-20 03:22:19 [ link ]
Send JPG greeting cards to your friends with this Flash MX card designer. Includes dozens of advanced drawing controls, and is highly customizable! Advanced installation wizard checks your server environment to ensure that FlashCard can be used, and notifies you of any conflicts or errors. During installation, you can choose how users should access FlashCard: either directly without requiring registration, or by registering their login before use. In addition, you can choose from two available skins, multiple different languages, and several other options. Additional language support can be added easily by adding more XML file translations. Fully configurable preloader, without any programming. Just set a few XML options in the configuration XML file (which you can do with any standard text editor). Option to require users to register a login before creating a card. This allows many different people to use the same FlashCard system, all keeping their created cards separate. Option to use SMTP e-mail to send cards. You must have access to an SMTP server, of course. This option is set during installation. All text strings within FlashCard are fully configurable via an external "strings.xml" file. There is no need to edit any Flash files to change the interface text. The XML files can be edited using any standard text editor, like Notepad or Textpad. E-mail template is fully configurable via an HTML template file. 100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code is included, with all .fla, .as, and project files. Thus, if you can't find a way to do it in the XML configuration files, you can also try direct editing of the Flash source code (requires the Flash 2004 Pro. authoring environment).
osDate 1.0 Beta RC Darren Gates -- 3458 2006-01-20 03:34:58 [ link ]
Fully integrates with phpBB and and FlashChat, and provides several payment modules, multiple skins, and free upgrades. This is a BETA release. <a href=links39.htm>View some LIVE dating websites created using osDate.</a> Multiple custom templates included, with dozens more on the way! Convenient site statistics for the osDate administrator. Options for search-engine optimization, including meta tags and URL-rewriting (requires .htaccess file). Add multiple administrators, and specify super users. Dozens of global configuration options, easily accessible and changeable within the admin panel. Only a few are shown in this screenshot, although many more are available, with even more to come! Advanced Flash-based image editor for your members. Affiliates system with administrator controls and statistics. Advanced, web-based banner management. Specify start and end dates for which banners should be displayed. Powerful extended search option (very similar to aeDating). Search for profiles using any of a dozen search criteria. Advanced installation wizard checks your server environment for compatibility with osDate. Installing is as simple as loadinig the install.php file, then clicking through the wizard. osDate even checks your MySQL login parameters, and allows you to easily upgrade from any prior version. Options for SMTP mail are available. These are specified during installation, but are easily changeable by directly editing the config.php file. A built-in, Flash instant messenger is availabe to your members so that they can send notes to other users who are online. In/out box is available to your members, so that they can easily communicate with others via osDate. This is like a built-in mail client. You can adjust the user permissions so that this feature is only available to members having a certain level of access. Upon login, members have available to them a member panel, where they can quickly access FlashChat, phpBB, and other useful tools. Allow members to quickly upgrade their membership, and compare features among various membership levels, using this membership comparison chart. The site administrator can easily specify the priviledges for any membership type, and even create new membership types or delete existing ones. My Matches feature allows any member to instantly view other users who match their search preferences. All pages and news items can be easily changed using a WYSIWYG editor (HTMLArea) via the admin panel. Advanced newsletter feature allows the site administrator to send messages out to any group of members. Multiple payment methods are available, and fully configurable via the admin panel. Create instant polls for your users, which are displayed within the osDate template. Find out what your users really think about online romance! The admin panel includes advanced profile management. Activate or deactivate any profile, edit profile details, sort by name/gender/status, and much more! Thumbnail display options exist for profile searches. Members can see a quick summary of their searches, and paginate through potentially hundreds of pages of profiles. Simple and advanced search options. Search by country, city, zip/postal code, status, or height. More advanced search options are on the way! Quickly and easily edit any section question, re-order questions, add new questions, enable/disable questions, etc. In short, you can make fully configure the profile wizard for new users all from the osDate administration panel.
Menu Applets 1.0 Darren Gates -- 3455 2006-01-20 03:43:44 [ link ]
Flash menu applets for your website. Three simple menu applets, and two advanced Flash menus. 100% of Flash source code is included, as well as a DTD file for XML validation, an external XML configuration file, and any images which are loaded at run-time. Images must be non-progressive JPGs. Most interface colors are configurable in the external XML file (precise color options may vary based on the applet). Most font options are configurable in the external XML file (precise font options may vary based on the applet). All menu items are configurable in the external XML file. You can specify the target and link, as well as the selected item - i.e., which of the menu items should be selected by default. Other configuration options, like spacing and fade step, can be configured. Options may vary based on the menu applet, however.
Gallery by Dali 1.2 Darren Gates -- 3437 2006-01-19 10:56:46 [ link ]
Powerful and feature-rich interface includes options for automatic vertical and horizontal image panning, as well as an option to view more information about any image, and auto-loop through any set of images. Image gallery settings are loaded externally, from an XML configuration file. Options exist for setting thumbnail width and height display (number of images to show vertically and horizontally), whether or not to allow HTML popups, image delays, and (NEW!) watermarks! Now, instead of manually adding your watermark to every image, you can set the watermark in the XML file, and Flash will add the watermark text to every image. Over 3 dozen XML configuration options are available for this gallery, including options to change the background music MP3 file, gallery title, the default (first) picture to display upon gallery loading, and much more! Every sound in the gallery is fully configurable through external MP3 files (must be 64 Kbps encoded). All menu options are fully configurable - and yes, you can remove the "About" popup window via this XML file (this is not recommended, though). Easily change the order of the menu items simply by re-ordering the XML tags. Images and image categories can be set via the external XML configuration file. Please note that the XML settings must match the files names and folder names on the server, and that on Unix and Linux servers, this is case-sensitive! Only non-progressive JPG images are allowed. With some Flash 2004 Pro. knowledge, you can add additional gallery skins. This is a very advanced feature, and is not recommended for everyone, but you *can* do it. Set the default volumne and tint values through the external XML file, too. Advanced image options available in the "image options" menu. These options can be fully configured via the external XML file (re-ordered or disabled). Nearly every interface color is configurable through the XML configuration file. In short, it's easily to make the gallery match your website's color scheme. 100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code (.fla and .as files) included upon purchase. Thus, even if you can't do something via the XML configuration file, you can certainly do it by editing the Flash files, provided that you own the Flash 7 authoring environment. Zoom controls allow you to zoom in or out, and reset the zoom to 100%. These options can be hidden via the XML configuration file. Advanced sound options include: multiple background MP3 tracks, ability to change the volume of the interface sounds or the background music (or both), ability to adjust the speech volume in the case of presentations, and skip / pause / fast-forward / rewind speeh tracks. Instantly preview any image simply by rolling-over the image number at the bottom of the screen. The full image can then be loaded by actually clicking on the number. NEW in version 1.3 and above: Flash video support!
Flash Component Set 4 with Calendar 1.0 Darren Gates -- 3426 2006-01-20 03:47:34 [ link ]
3 more components following the architecture of sets 1 - 3. This component set is smaller, but includes a very powerful, and fully skinnable calendar.
html2ps and html2pdf 1.8.1 Darren Gates -- 3421 2006-01-20 03:45:10 [ link ]
This is a PHP equivalent to the popular Perl script by the same name. 100% FREE for commercial AND non-commercial use! If using a Linux or Unix server which supports exec() and ps2pdf, you may also render the pages as PDF documents! Supports nested tables, advanced CSS properties, floating DHTML elements, non-Latin character sets, XHTML and non-XHTML tags and properties, and much more. Nearly any website, even very complex ones like Yahoo.com, can be accurately converted to PostScript or PDF. Nearly a dozen advanced formatting options to control the way that the output PostScript or PDF file is displayed, including Landscape vs. Portrait option, and ability to hide images for faster processing. Several powerful output processing options, including the ability to send the output directly to the browser or save on the server, and the ability to create PostScript or PDF files. Eight different paper sizes available through the "Media" option. Over a dozen character encoding methods available for non-Latin page output. Convert pages that are written in most languages and character sets, including Russian and Eastern Languages. 100% of the source code (a set of PHP and .ps files) included with your download. Backwards-compatible to PHP 4.3.0.
Datagrid Extensions 1.01 Darren Gates -- 3405 2006-01-19 10:35:09 [ link ]
Enhance the Macromedia Datagrid component (Flash 6 and Flash 7 versions included). NOTE: This software also goes by the name <b>Advanced DataGrid</b>.
Gallery by SpectraInfo 2.0 Darren Gates -- 3385 2006-01-19 12:36:41 [ link ]
A simple, highly configurable image gallery for photographers, artists, and anyone else who wishes to show off their portfolio of images with class and style.
all nederlands linux man pages Marcus -- 3375 2007-01-20 08:51:44 [ link ] [ show ]
see all nederlands linux man pages
Gallery by Raj 1.2 Darren Gates -- 3366 2006-01-20 03:49:44 [ link ]
A simple, highly configurable image gallery for photographers, artists, and anyone else who wishes to show off their portfolio of images with class and style. Gallery auto-resizes to fit any browser window, without distortion of the gallery contents. All MP3 files are kept external to the SWF, as well as all images and thumbnails. The gallery comes with an XML configuration file, which you can easily edit using any good text editor, like Textpad. Over a dozen color options, so that you can change any of the interface colors easily, without knowledge of Flash. A dozen options are available for configuration of the description and navigation windows. All done via the external XML configuration file, so that you do not have to have any understanding of Flash at all! All image paths and descriptions are fully configurable via the configuration file. 100% of the Flash 2004 Professional source code is included (.fla file), and the TTF font file.
Source code for the Java socket server 1.0.0 Darren Gates -- 3363 2007-02-24 11:41:08 [ link ]
The .java files for the Java socket server for FlashChat. These files are for Java developers only, who may need the Java source code for advanced socket server integration. These files are NOT needed to install and operate the Java socket server.
Gallery by BrightIdea 2.0.1 Darren Gates -- 3343 2006-01-20 03:36:54 [ link ]
A simple, highly configurable image gallery for photographers, artists, and anyone else who wishes to show off their portfolio of images with class and style. A sleek, book-style interface design make this gallery unqiue. Categories and images are arrayed vertically, and infinitely many categories and images are possible. Categories and images can be added, removed, and re-organized easily by editing an external XML configuration file. Textpad (www.textpad.com) or other common text editors can be used to edit the XML file. Bold, italic, and underline can be used with [b], [i], and [u] tags in the XML file. All sounds are externally loaded from MP3 files, so you can change them easily. All images are loaded into the SWF as external JPGs. These must be non-progressive JPG images. External XML configuration file allows you to quickly modify the gallery settings without requiring knowledge of Flash. The XML file is editable using most text editors, like Textpad (www.textpad.com). 100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code is included with your purchase, including all .fla and .as files. If you can't find an XML configuration setting to do what you need, you may be able to make the necessary modification by editing the Flash source directly.
Gallery by H7 2.0 Darren Gates -- 3336 2006-01-20 03:30:07 [ link ]
A simple, highly configurable image gallery, which auto-expands to fill 100% of the available browser space. All sounds are fully configurable using an external XML file, which can be edited using any standard text editor, like Windows Notepad or Textpad. All image descriptions, paths, and category names and images, are fully configurable in the XML configuration file. All gallery text is fully configurable, for example the top gallery title, and the category text. You can even use so-called "bb-code" like [b] and [i] to insert italic and bold effects. 3 possible image transitions are available: horizontal wipe, vertical wipe, or both horizontal and vertical wipes. The demo shows both horizontal and vertical wipes enabled ("B" setting in the XML configuration). Tooltip effects are available (but can be disabled easily in the XML configuration file). Image popup feature allows you to link any image to a popup window (an external HTML file, which comes with the gallery code). Thumbnail and image folders can be specified in the XML file. It's also possible to use the same folder for both, if you don't feel like creating a bunch of separate thumbnails. 100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code is included with your purchase. Thus, if you can't find an XML option to do what you need, you can always just directly modify the Flash code, provided that you have the Flash 7 authorinig environment. Infinitely many categories are possible, and infinitely many images per category.
Ticker Applets 1.2 Darren Gates -- 3302 2006-01-20 03:48:37 [ link ]
Highly configurable Flash 7 ticker tape applets for your website. Set over a dozen options via an external XML file, with no limit on the number of links possible in the ticker. Ticker links are easily configurable using an external XML file. There is no limit to the number of links that you can add! Each ticker applet has several configuration options available, like color and font properties. These can be changed quite easily with any good text editor, like Textpad (www.textpad.com). All tickers come with a DTD file to validate your XML (can be used with most XML editors, like the very popular XML spy). All applets include 100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code, so that even if the configuration option that you need is not available in the XML file, you can always directly edit the Flash source code. All ticker SWF files are very small and fast, in some cases under 5 KB!
Business Applets 1.1 Darren Gates -- 3279 2006-01-20 03:55:02 [ link ]
Some often-requested business applets for your website. Two very simple calculators, and a simple pie-charter. Calculator XML configuration file allows changing of most interface colors, as well as the display alignment. The XML file can be edited using any good text editor, like Textpad (www.textpad.com). Mortgage calculator XML configuration file allows most interface text and interface colors to be changed - even the combo box. Pie chart allows changing of any slice color, and addition of more slices, or removal of slices. Label text can be easily changed in the XML configuration. All Flash 200 Pro source files (.fla files) are included with your download. If you can't change it in the XML configuration files, you can directly edit the Flash sources (requires knowledge of Flash actionscripting).
Gallery by SpectraInfo 2.0 Darren Gates -- 3276 2006-01-20 03:28:50 [ link ]
A simple, highly configurable image gallery for photographers, artists, and anyone else who wishes to show off their portfolio of images with class and style.
Wedding Gallery 1.1 Darren Gates -- 3260 2006-01-20 03:59:33 [ link ]
This is just a really simple (read: not many externally configurable options) wedding-themed gallery. Includes 100% of the Flash 2004 source code. Add new categories and images quickly and easily by editing the XML configuration file. Any good text editor, like Textpad (www.textpad.com) can be used for this purpose. You may also use so-called bbcode, like [b], [i], and [u], to add bold, italic, and underline effects to your text. All gallery sounds are stored in external MP3 files, so they can be easily changed without having to edit the Flash source at all. Over a dozen options are included in the XML configuration file. Not all options in this file are supported by this gallery, but quite a few are. 100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code (.fla files and .as files) are included upon purchase. If you can't something with the XML configuration file, then you can certainly do it by directly editing the Flash source, assuming knowledge of Flash programming. All images are external JPGs, which are loaded into the gallery at run-time. Please note that these must be non-progresive JPG images. Infinitely many categories, and infinitely many images per category, are possible. Scrollbars are automatically added in the event that there are more categories and/or images for the viewable area.
Flash MP3 Component with 11 WinAmp Skins 1.0 Darren Gates -- 3250 2007-03-12 08:51:11 [ link ] [ show ]
This is an MP3 player component for Flash 8, with 11 skins based on the popular WinAmp media player. The $5 version includes 100% of Flash source code for ALL 11 skins, as well as the component source code, and free upgrades for life!
all russian linux man pages Marcus -- 3248 2007-01-20 09:00:37 [ link ] [ show ]
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Stock Applets 1.0 Darren Gates -- 3189 2006-01-20 03:55:56 [ link ]
A set of stock and finance applets, inspired by stockapplets.com, including: Currency Converter, Two Tickers, Live Stock Quote Feed, Forex Cross Rates, and Stock Indicator Watcher. All applets include a variety of externally-stored XML settings to control various aspects of the display (varies from applet to applet). Financial and stock data is retrieved remotely from Yahoo! Finance. URL parameters are configurable using the XML configuration file. 100% of the Flash 2004 Professional source code is included, with free upgrades for life! This is a highly Actionscript - oriented set of applets. Stock Watch applet includes 4 possible views of the stocks; switch easily among views using the links at the top of the applet.
FlashChat Module Pack 1.2.2 Darren Gates -- 3184 2006-01-20 03:56:59 [ link ]
This set of add-ons to <a target=_blank href=http://www.tufat.com/chat.php>FlashChat</a> include: an MP3 player, a web radio player, a banner ad rotator, a text ads/announcements module, an admin module, and an early release of the audio/video module. 100% of the Flash 2004 Professional source code is included with every module (.fla file). All MP3 files are stored on the server file system. All module configuration is done using XML files, which can be easily edited using a good text editor, like Textpad (www.textpad.com). Easy setup of any module by editing FlashChat's /inc/config.php file. Setup the module as a floating window in FlashChat ('anchor' = -1), or embed the module within any of several locations on the FlashChat interface. Add as many web radio stations as you want, and allow your users to listen to streaming radio broadcasts while they chat. Please note that this feature requires Mozilla Firefox, with the latest version of the Flash player. New radio stations can be added easily using the external XML configuration file. Several general configuration options are available to all modules. For example, the Web Radio and MP3 Player config.xml files permit you to specify the default sorting method, the module width and height (if the 'stretch' option is set to false in /inc/config.php), and various interface colors. Like the Web Radio module, the MP3 module includes an XML configuration file, whereby you can set the MP3 file paths, and the title/artist/genre/duration data for the song. The FlashChat Module Pack includes a powerful Banner Module, with XML settings for the banner path, banner fading (a transition effect to go from one banner to the next), and the ability to specify which rooms or languages the banner should be visible to. For example, you can present a different set of banners to your French visitors than to your English visitors, and so on. You can show one set of banners for each room that a user enters, and even design your banners to fit the particular FlashChat skin which the user has loaded. Banners can be set to auto-rotate at a specific time duration (seconds), by editing the XML configuration file. Advanced administration module "monitors" the chat for you, so you never have to worry about manually banning users who cuss in your chat. A simple anti-spam feature is also included with this module. If a user posts the same URL multiple times, then they can be warned to stop using an alert popup. The bad words list draws from FlashChat's badwords.php file, but you can add additional words, specific only to the module. Wildcards (*) can be used to check for variations on bad words. The Text Ads Module (also called the "Announcements" module) allows you to display messages to your chatters. Like other modules, this comes with a configuration XML file, so that you can specify the interface colors, and the default module width and height. Easily add messages to the Text Ads Module, and specify which rooms and/or languages the messages should be displayed to. For example, you can display a different set of messages to French users than to English users, or only show a particular message when a user is logged-in to a certain room or set of rooms. CDATA tags can be used to embed simple HTML with your message text. Engage in Audio/Video chats using the Audio Video module (requires Flash Communication Server). Please note that the AV module is considered "alpha" software, since it's very new and hasn't been rigorously tested yet.
Flash Video Component (FLV Player Component) 1.0 Darren Gates -- 3171 2007-02-28 08:48:24 [ link ]
Advanced FLV Flash video player component for your Flash projects. This FLV player and Flash component is fully customizable, includes 100% of the source code, and includes free updates. Also try our XML-driven Flash Video Applet, which is recommended for users who are not Flash coders, and wish to have externally-controllable configuration options. 100% of the Flash source code is included, including .fla and .as files, as well as a .mxp file to install the component in the Flash Extension Manager. The FLVamp component installs in the Flash Extension Manager. Component properties are easily set in the component properties panel within the Flash IDE. The FLVamp component, after installation, appears in the "TUFaT.com" Component section, under "flvplayer".
RSS Readers Set 2 1.0 Darren Gates -- 3149 2006-01-20 03:58:23 [ link ]
Yet another set of simple RSS readers with fresh designs and animation. These will read RSS 2.0-compliant XML feeds. 100% of the Flash 2004 Professional source code is included. 100% of the Flash 2004 Professional source code is included with your purchase. Many externally-stored XML options are available to help configure these applets. You can edit these options using any good text editor, like Textpad (http://www.textpad.com). Set the URL target and delay speed, among other settings, with the external configuration XML file. Please note that these applets require PHP, and they require that you are able to retrieve remote URLs via PHP using the readfile command.
all deutsche linux man pages Marcus -- 3116 2007-01-20 08:57:11 [ link ] [ show ]
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Flash Component Set 2 1.0 Darren Gates -- 3112 2006-01-20 03:51:42 [ link ]
Yet another set of powerful, skinnable, and lightweight Flash UI components... this set includes some advanced components.
Flash Component Set 3 1.0 Darren Gates -- 3091 2006-01-20 03:52:58 [ link ]
5 more components following the architecture from sets 1 and 2. This one features a powerful accordion pane and color picker.
Multi Flash Video Player 1.0.1 Darren Gates -- 3052 2007-03-06 23:58:16 [ link ]
This applet includes several advanced controls, including a CC (closed captioning) option, navigation buttons to view the previous/next video, playhead control, volume contol, and button to display more information about the movie. The XML file to be used by the applet is settable in the HTML, and passed in as a parameter. The default is "config.xml", but you can set this to any filename that you wish. DTD file is included for XML validation of your XML configuration file. Video buffering is used during load. Buffer text can be set in the XML configuration file. The video list is set manually in the XML configuration file, along with the video name/title, closed captioning text, and buffer time. 100% of the Flash 8 Pro source code is included with the purchased version of this applet - the .fla file and all .as (ActionScript) files. This applet includes over two dozen XML configuration options. All text labels are configable, along with most interface colors, default size, volume, looping behavior, and many others!
all chinese linux man pages 1.0 Marcus -- 3030 2007-01-20 08:43:46 [ link ] [ show ]
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all spanish linux man pages Marcus -- 3017 2007-01-20 08:49:16 [ link ] [ show ]
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all french linux man pages Marcus -- 3010 2007-01-20 08:55:12 [ link ] [ show ]
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RSS Readers 1.2 Darren Gates -- 2996 2006-01-20 03:54:10 [ link ]
A set of simple RSS readers with fresh designs and animation. These will read RSS 2.0-compliant XML feeds. 100% of the Flash source code is included. Two of the five applets which are included in this set allow the user to choose from multiple RSS feeds. These RSS feeds can be set in the external XML configuration file. You should use a good text editor, like Textpad (www.textpad.com), to edit the XML files. For the two RSS readers which allow multiple feeds, the selected feed is greyed-out. There is no limit to the number of possible feeds for the combo list. Each feed includes a configuration XML file to control common options like text and background colors. Thus, you can make the RSS reader match your website look (to some extent) without even touching the Flash code. Each XML file includes a DTD file, which can be used to validate your XML syntax. 100% of the Flash source code is included with your purchase, including all .fla and .as files. Flash 2004 Professional is required to edit the Flash source code. These readers require PHP, and the ability to use file-reading and file-writing functions in PHP.
SmileText Component for Flash 1.0.1 Darren Gates -- 2972 2007-03-26 21:48:21 [ link ] [ show ]
As seen in FlashChat! Advanced smile textarea component for your Flash projects. Includes 100% of the source code, and free upgrades. MXP files are included for easy addition to the Macromedia Extension Manager.
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Finance Ticker Applets 1.0 Darren Gates -- 2887 2007-03-22 09:12:46 [ link ] [ show ]
A set of finance ticker applets, inspired by stockapplets.com. These are identical in function, but various designs are provided to match different possible website designs.
chakoyas blackd xadi -- 2345 2008-04-30 20:31:56 [ show ]
chakoyas blackd
Thai php in thailand 5 xphp -- 2110 2009-11-13 10:43:04 [ link ]
Thai php in thailand

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