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PHP Button Generator Raymond -- 10395 2003-09-25 20:23:35 [ link ]
PHP Button Generator - A Dynamic Button Engine for Web Site Using button templates, windows True Type fonts(TTF), small icons to dynamic generate buttons for your web pages. Use it with Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) to let user to choose their web skin.
airMenu 0.92 airblaster -- 11027 2001-10-30 12:42:28 [ link ]
airMenu is a menu generation class with some useful features: - supporting MySQL and flatfile databases - different display-modes (without submenus, with submenus, with explorer like submenus, wit opened submenus) - template based, with support for templateconfiguration files (e.g. for color schemes) - possibility to change configuration at runtime (e.g. for dynamic color schemes) - possibility to use many instances of the script without problems - documentation available in german and english language!
Button Menu Urs Gehrig -- 13814 2000-10-20 04:22:52 [ link ]
Creating a graphical button menu on the fly using PHP and the GD extension. Really funny, but probably not for production, since images are not cached.
MakeButton 1.0 Itzchak Rehberg -- 14780 2000-07-09 11:29:44 [ show ]
generate buttons with text passed by parameter (more information on top of the script)
1 pixel gif code 0.9 Ulrich Babiak -- 32464 1999-12-02 09:08:27 [ show ]
This code echoes the raw content for a one pixel transparent gif file. Background: Many php-based (and other) counters rely on the output of a 1 pixel transparent gif. In php, this is usually done with passthru / cat. Save that extra file access on heavily used counters with this code.
Graphical List Browser 1.0 Van D. Mouradian -- 18088 1999-07-28 11:00:18 [ link ] [ show ]
The Graphical List Browser is a browser that allows you to display consecutive pages (e.g. pages displaying elements of a list) and to go from one to the other throught a customizable graphical interface.
Drop-Down Hierarchic 3 Zebadiah Kimmel -- 23461 1999-06-13 12:18:44 [ show ]
PHP front end to Peter Belesis' hierMenus.js hierarchical drop-down menus (found at www.dhtmlab.com). v3 (The previous version worked fine, but for some reason only one of the two necessary files appeared in the PHP Code Exchange. This version is fully contained in only one file. It works with hierMenus v3.)
Hierarchical Drop-Do N/A Zebadiah Kimmel -- 15368 1999-04-22 19:31:07 [ show ]
PHP front end to Peter Belesis' hierMenus.js hierarchical drop-down menus (found at www.dhtmlab.com).
Dynamic Button 1.2 Rob Capellini -- 20155 1999-03-23 19:34:12 [ show ]
Creates buttons "on-the-fly". Requires True Type Font files and Radloff Claus' colors.php. See http://justice.loyola.edu/~rcapelli/dynamic_button/ for examples
GIF Button 1 Rasmus Lerdorf 5.0 20935 1998-01-23 14:56:14 [ show ]
Creates a gif button on the fly. Requires GD support.

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