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Banner Rotation 1.0 Anton Olsen 5.0 58928 1998-06-02 12:46:08 [ show ]
Automatic banner rotation. Randomly selects a banner for display.
Counter.php V1.02 Claus Radloff -- 47136 1998-07-27 12:47:40 [ show ]
a little counter-script for PHP. Needs the gd-library and Colors.php
GD GIF Current Month Calendar 1.0 Matt Florell -- 42547 2000-02-04 10:18:36 [ link ] [ show ]
This script creates a GIF file and displays a GIF of the current month. Uses GD and TTF. GIF is transparent to black, but that can be easily changed.
The PHP Photo Gallery 1.0 Alexandre Meyer Lana -- 31555 1999-12-03 00:38:00 [ show ]
This is a script that list all image files on a given directory, and displays the thumbnails nicely formated within an HTML table. It also make use of JavScript to open pop up windows when the users want to see the full photo.
Colors.php V1.0 Claus Radloff -- 17938 1998-07-28 09:50:59 [ show ]
Definition of Colornames
Clock 1.0 Frank Bu -- 17322 2000-05-01 11:26:58 [ link ] [ show ]
Shows the current time as a PNG-image. This script does not use the GD library. All PNG generation code, including CRC checksum calculation and ZLIB-implementation, is pure PHP3. You can use it as a benchmark (because it's slow), or as a quick reference for implementing a simple PNG-file generator.
TTF Text to PNG 1.0 Herman Veluwenkamp -- 14469 2000-01-25 16:46:42 [ show ]
Render TTF Text to PNG. Text message, font, size, rotation, padding, color, background, and transparency can all be defined via URL.
Quote generator 0.01 Eric Persson -- 13653 1999-12-26 10:53:38 [ link ] [ show ]
This scripts generates a gif image produced on the fly with the gd-library. I used it to get quotes from a file and display them in an image. This was made to make it possible for "out-site-users" to show the quotes i have collected.
Simple Picture Gallery Manager 1.1 spajot 5.0 12938 2002-12-20 16:28:10 [ link ] [ show ]
SPGM is a basic PHP script that displays picture galleries on the web... It is highly configurable though, and includes several features (such as new pictures highlighting), which makes galleries very easy to set up and integrate into your website.
Draw Biscuit 1.0.0 chriss lee -- 12455 2000-03-28 10:23:14 [ show ]
Draw a biscuit graph based on your polling result, with more flexible features(No hard limit of the number of answers) and a beautiful chart.
ServerPush 1.0 Fabian Dennler -- 11921 2000-05-03 13:32:32 [ show ]
A very short routine to perform simple server push animation, with browser detection snippset.
Image Reduction 1 Morgan Everett -- 11667 2000-04-21 13:24:53 [ show ]
Generates Height and Width proportions to resize and image. Usefully, if resizing the image with HTML, DOES NOT reduce the file size. Good for making sure a display looks good, when you are using client size image uploads.
graphic counter Libor Miller -- 10682 2000-03-02 04:36:48 [ show ]
Gif counter for your pages.
cookies select images 1 paul willson -- 9849 2000-10-13 21:39:44 [ show ]
Script to select user choice of image and user name Pass the selection to a second script to set cookies on the users machine. Then use the cookies to display images/welcome name dynamically .
ͼ xiaohu he -- 9587 2000-03-10 03:01:36 [ show ]
PHP Slide show 1.0 Zoltan Arpadffy -- 9429 2001-01-27 12:32:46 [ link ] [ show ]
It as a simple slide show script with control panel and refresh functionality
Frontend for Counter 0.1 Roger Eisenecher -- 9059 1999-07-22 08:37:05 [ link ]
This little handy script is a front end for the popular cgi program Counter v2.5
Picture viewer 1 David Morton -- 8511 2001-07-30 19:57:23 [ show ]
A script to show pictures on a web browser. It shows the picture, a caption, some narrative description, and a select list to enable viewing of another picture. It looks a bit better than just viewing a jpeg.
Resize image 1.0 Mrten Andersson -- 8394 2002-07-31 05:29:39 [ show ]
This script creates a resized temporary image. INPUT: imagename and the size of the new image in percent. EXAMPLE: <img src='changeImgSize.php?userfile=image.png&procent=200'> The example will create a copy of the image with the double size
Album for Pictures 1.3 raphi -- 7294 2001-10-27 16:30:17 [ link ]
Album Hoila is an easy to install PHP/MySQL-based program that allows you to display your pictures from your vacation on the internet and send greeting cards directly to friends. Includes A small admin tool. Written in German.
Image Resizer (Thumbnailer) 4.1 Yuriy Horobey -- 7187 2002-09-22 15:49:25 [ link ] [ show ]
Script handles upload of image. Then it resizes and saves two copies of the image: "Original" and "Thumbnail". There is a couple of options about resizing.
MyPHPalbum 1.0 Olafur Sigurgeirsson -- 6988 2002-09-16 12:09:11 [ link ]
Photoalbum with support for multiple album owners and themes.
Crop Canvas 1.2.0 Andrew Collington -- 6900 2004-01-15 14:50:42 [ link ] [ show ]
This class allows you to crop an image in a variety of ways. You can crop in an absolute or relative way (to a certain size or by a certain size), both as a pixel number or a percentage. You can also save or display the cropped image. The cropping can be done in 9 different positions: top left, top, top right, left, centre, right, bottom left, bottom, or bottom right. Or you can automatically crop based on a threshold limit. The original image can be loaded from the file system or from a string (for example, data returned from a database.) The script attempts to auto-detect the GD version, so you should be able to use GD 1.6 and on up.
(Drop Shadowed) Thumbnail Creator Andrew Collington -- 6872 2003-09-06 19:19:03 [ link ] [ show ]
This class allows you to very easily create thumbnails of images, on which you can also apply a drop-shadow effect. You can control the colour of the background so that drop-shadow will fit better onto your page and the size of the thumbnail. You can resize in an absolute or relative way (to a certain size or by a certain size), both as a pixel number or a percentage. Drop-shadow images available on the listed website.
image resize function 1.0 Sutat Surakul -- 6805 2002-05-13 00:32:39 [ link ] [ show ]
powerful resize image function. useful for resize image for thumbnail
Dynamic Image Rotation 1.0 Jarrod Major -- 6477 2001-06-04 11:43:05 [ show ]
This code dynamically alternates an image on a page. Uses META refresh, a read of directory contents and random number. Removal of the META refresh gives you a random image at each page load. The script generates the IMG tag complete with graphic dimensions. Should work in both PHP 3.x and 4.x
Thumbnailer 1.00 iain -- 6402 2002-04-16 08:54:29 [ link ]
Reads directory for images, filters thumbnails to display and makes popup links to full size images
Pic of the day 1.0 Oscar Ferrer -- 6385 2001-02-01 00:16:35 [ show ]
This is a \"Picture of the Day\" script, it automatically get all the pictures on the directory and pick one depending on the day of the month.
Simple Image Gallery 0.1 Reza A. Tabibazar -- 5784 2005-07-06 01:19:31 [ link ]
A demonstration of getting the content of a directory and using the files as a image gallery. Using an OOP approach for code reuse and encapsulation.
Visitor IP in Graphic 1.0 Mike -- 5392 2004-01-02 17:12:10 [ link ] [ show ]
Show visitors IP in a graphic
SDImageUploading 1.0.0 sexdev -- 5290 2001-10-29 17:22:04 [ show ]
Easy image uploading class by www.SexDev.com
image handler(gzip) 0.1 andi -- 5182 2001-09-08 05:48:30 [ show ]
reads an image and gzips it :)
Jpeg to SVG 0.1 Reza A. Tabibazar -- 5095 2005-07-06 01:19:55 [ link ]
A script to embed a Jpeg image in SVG format. Giving options for embeding in a HTML document and/or saving to a file.
Strip Images from Variable 1 Mike N -- 4907 2002-07-30 14:37:42 [ link ] [ show ]
Strips all variations of <img src="whatever.gif"> image calls from a variable containing HTML. Usage example: use to strip images from any variable before you print the variable to your page.
pdfTag 0.30 Roy Kaldung -- 4842 2003-08-06 09:28:09 [ link ] [ show ]
class for creating pdf documents from xml files. With special elements like <page>, <showxy> etc you're able to create nice pdf documents. You only nedd PHP, pdfTag and an installed version of PDFlib. Now works optional with the builtin sax xml parser.
minimal Gallery 0.7 minimal design -- 4723 2005-03-05 11:56:22 [ link ] [ show ]
Elegant picture gallery system featuring a 30 second set-up, highly customizable modular architecture w/ CSS based templates and PHP "tags" (functions) as well as a few cool options like: randomizer, slide show, extended info (EXIF and IPTC caption), etc...
blockshow 0.8 stefan kesseler -- 4693 2003-03-25 05:36:10 [ link ]
blockshow is a set of php classes to handle ansi images (as used in mailbox systems). Probably the main feature is to convert an ansi to png (either directly to stdout or to a file). These files may be generated in two different sizes (with a width of 640 pixels or 80 pixels).
Rbarcode for Php 1.0 Jon -- 4313 2004-03-13 17:36:42 [ link ] [ show ]
Php script that creates barcodes. It supports all major 1D and 2D barcoding symbologies: Code39,Code39 (Extended), UPCA, UPCE, EAN8, EAN13, CODE128, Code 11, Code 93, Code 93 extended, Industrial 25, Interleaved 2 of 5 , Matrix 25, Postnet, Codabar , MSI , PDF 417 and Datamatrix.
Gautam Khurana 1.0 Gautam Khurana -- 4112 2003-09-11 06:58:30 [ link ]
Calculate and display characteristics of the person based on his/her name and date of birth. This script generates Psychic number, Destiny number and name number based on Vedic astrology and numerology system. Download free this script and run on your web site.
GDFont Renderer 1.7 Nick Schaffner -- 3840 2005-05-01 11:20:52 [ link ]
Nevermore be shackled by the appearance of jagged fonts. Release the bonds of using the same tired web typefaces over and over again. Save yourself immeasurable hours of creating individual text images for titles. The time has come to bathe in the omnipotence of dynamically generated text images. By harnessing the power of PHP and the commonly built-in GD library, you too can become a god among men. This super-lightweight script allows you to render any text into any TrueType font that is then displayed as an image on your webpage. It includes the option to cache any image created to reduce server load.
imageViewer 0.9 0.9 Michael Leaney -- 3812 2006-05-13 20:50:28 [ link ] [ show ]
imageViewer 0.9 is capable of displaying pictures in the folder and sub-folder's of it's base directory. It cache's thumbnails etc.
PixHound 0.1 Tobi -- 3644 2005-08-27 07:32:49 [ link ]
PixHound is a web/browser/php based Gallery system. It lets you maintain your collection of digital photos or artwork on any webserver running PHP4 and MySQL. PixHound lets you * Upload pictures or import directories on your server * Add Pictures to one or more definable categories and/or Albums * Define Persons apopearing on your pictures * Maintain a list of locations where your pictures are taken * Lets you mass- or single edit all the above plus Title/comments * if provided the picture date is taken from the exif data (no need for compiled EXIF support!) * If you have the ImageMagick libraries installed you can rotate images on the fly
Flash Greeting Card Maker 2.6.4 tufatmarketing -- 3618 2006-07-08 12:25:36 [ link ]
Send JPG greeting cards to your friends with this Flash MX card designer. Includes dozens of advanced drawing controls, and is highly customizable!
Flash/XML Image Displayers 1.1 tufatmarketing -- 3565 2006-07-08 12:33:10 [ link ]
5 Flash image rotators. These are great if you want to quickly display your images with some cool transition effects, but don't need a full-fledged gallery system. All images are externally linkable to the URL of your choice.
Picture of the Day 1.0 Eugene Panin -- 3186 2006-07-20 10:54:22 [ link ] [ show ]
Script shows daily changing pictures. Each web page can contain several pictures. Each picture is taken in random order from its own set of directories. Unlimited number of images. Unlimited number of directories. Unlimited number of images per page. Script doesnt use database. Compatible with Unix and Windows. FREE for downloading from http://usefulclasses.com/index.php?prc=readArticle&aid=potd

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