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Authorize.Net processing script 0.43 Glenda R. Snodgrass -- 16233 2000-08-26 19:41:02 [ show ]
Basic script for online credit card processing through Authorize.Net using PHP3 and cURL.
CyberCash Payment Script (cbsend.php3) 1.01 Flint Doungchak -- 13361 1999-10-08 18:42:14 [ show ]
This is a script to process cybercash payments via PHP. It REQUIRES cybercash.inc which defines the functions in this script. It's working but probably not pretty.
CyberCash Payment Functions (cybercash.inc) 1.01 Flint Doungchak -- 13348 1999-10-08 18:46:58 [ show ]
This is the include file for cbsend.php3. It defines all the functions used by that script.
cyberlib 1 Timothy Whitfield -- 10924 1998-01-23 15:43:13 [ show ]
a class for doing payments to a cybercash server
cyberlib example 1 Timothy Whitfield -- 10219 1998-01-23 14:49:11 [ show ]
an example of the cyberlib payment class
Cybercash 3.2 Class 1.1 Bob Bowker -- 9858 2000-07-15 21:11:00 [ show ]
A PHP Class to handle the interface with CyberCash 3.2. This class requires only that CyberCash be installed on the server, and that you have a CyberCash account (even in test mode)
digiSHOP E-commerce 2.0 Matt DeLong -- 7193 2002-08-30 21:14:05 [ link ]
Enable your business to sell your products online SAFELY & SECURELY with our complete online ordering system & e-commerce software. Easy to use data entry screens allow your business to manage the entire online catalog and categorization system, with just a web browser. Customers can add products to their "shopping cart", alter quantities, remove products and checkout easily and quickly. Plus, we can customize* this software to fit your unique business needs. Features Include: * Individual Tracking of Shopping Cart Contents * Searchable Product Catalog * Easy For Customers to Browse * Easy Secure Checkout * Easy to Use Administration to Add/Edit/Delete Products, Categories & Orders * Sales Pricing Options * Automatically receive notification of an order & customer will receive an email receipt with unique order number Automatic Tax, Shipping, Subtotal & Totals * Customer Order History Database * Customizable Product Categories * Customizable Product Options * Optional Real-Time Payment Processing with Authorize.net & VeriSign * Retrieve Orders Securely Credit Card Numbers are Encoded for Extra Security * Gross Sales & Sales Tax Reporting Export Customer Order Data to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access * Easily Integrates with Existing Website
jjcontroller.php3 1.0 Julien Buratto -- 6411 2000-01-16 19:45:12 [ link ]
Can verify credit cards using Mod10 algorithm, even creates the HTML module to get input data.
ECHO_PHP_Class Transaction Processor v1.4.4 Robb Hanisee -- 6031 2001-09-26 20:20:05 [ link ] [ show ]
Updated 9-24-01: ECHO-PHP Class is now available. ECHO-PHP Class drives all types of real-time credit card and check transactions using ECHO merchant processing’s free secure payment gateway and open-source real-time software. Supports system check, address verification, authorization and deposit, deposit, credit, commercial card, electronic check debit, and more. The new ECHO-PHP Class makes it easier than ever to connect to ECHO using this popular server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. Ideal for all commerce applications. Perfect for ISP/IPPs to use for billing their clients, since this supports electronic checks as well.
PHP ECHO Pay Form 1.3 Rusty Russell 5.0 5929 2002-06-28 14:53:21 [ link ]
Accept Credit Cards and Checks with this online payment processing order form - Just Include ECHO PAYFORM in your secure website and you're ready to go! ECHO (www.echo-inc.com) merchant account required. Available in Cold Fusion, PHP, and ASP.
PayPal payments for phpShop 0.80 ulisoft -- 4701 2006-08-18 07:33:20 [ link ]
PayPal-integration for phpShop. The shopping-cart stays untouched
PhPepperShop 1.3 Jose Fontanil -- 3935 2005-01-06 16:12:17 [ link ]
This German-only webshop is optimized to be as dynamic as possible (change one thing -> immediate effect on the whole shop). Features: Webinterface to administrate the shop, search engine (google like), SSL/TLS support, several VATs, payment institute interface, categories/subcategories, product picture (jpg/png/gif), automatic thumbnail creation with zoom capabilities, weight (shipping costs), weblink, variations, grouping of variations, options, textfields, shipping cost management, several types of payment supported, CRM, creditcard support, layout management, diagnostics, automatic installation, backup management, huge documentation, and much more.
Fraud Detection with BrainTree payment 1.0 Howynn -- 1661 2013-12-27 01:23:37 [ link ] [ show ]
This tutorial demonstrate you on how to integrate FraudLabs Pro fraud detection into BrainTree payment.

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