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Amazon Shopping Cart V 2.0 Tom Cranston 5.0 5678 2003-11-10 05:21:50 [ link ]
This unique shopping cart/carts was exclusively created to save you time and make you more money as an Amazon.com affiliate. Our Amazon Shopping Cart/Carts is fully integrated with Amazon.com XML products feed. Buy the Amazon Shopping Cart/ Carts now and get: real-time products update, professionally designed templates, easy to use admin interface, add, edit, & delete any products you want, free installation with your purchased, free unlimited email support, and free upgrades for one year.
Cash4Portal Frank Wassmuth -- 4685 2001-04-27 02:25:30 [ link ]
Hier erfahren Sie wie und wo man im Internet Geld verdienen kann.Sie finden Angebote der verschiedensten Unternehmen, die Ihnen Geld dafürzahlen das Sie ihre E-Mails oder sms lesen, ein Werbefenster laufen lassen bei Umfragen teilnehmen und so weiter... Das ganze funktioniert völlig ohne Risiko und kostet Sie keinen Pfennig.
Mini Web Store 1.0 Etienne Finet -- 6690 2002-10-25 18:38:34 [ link ]
Create a FREE mini webstore. Also the the code is FREE!
money rajendrasingh 5.0 5431 2002-06-25 02:04:00 [ show ]
Number Speller Lucky E. Santoso -- 3073 2006-12-01 14:39:33 [ link ]
A function that takes a number and spells it out in English.
Numeric Currency Value to Alpha String of Amount 1.0 Wayne Herbert -- 5576 2003-06-03 10:37:08 [ link ] [ show ]
This function takes a currency amount as a float, such as $43.56 and returns the string for it, ie, Forty Three Dollars And Fifty Six Cents. Pretty well documented, works up to 999 million dollars, handles singular and plural dollars and cents. The script includes samples for use.
S&P 100 Stocks 0.0.1 Jeff Doolittle -- 5313 2002-09-04 11:14:27 [ show ]
S&P Doesn't provide a nice XML or CSV listing of S&P 100 stocks as they do for S&P 500 stocks. The best option is found at http://www.spglobal.com/indexmain100_data.html. This code uses PERL HTML::TableExtract to get the data out of the page and then uses PHP for final formating into a useable array for processing.
Shopping Basket(cart) 1.0 Minseok Choi -- 8767 2001-06-11 02:40:03 [ show ]
This code is shopping cart using class and session. not use database
shopping cart functi Ethan Schroeder -- 26253 1999-05-14 03:19:41 [ show ]
Here is a set of basic shopping cart functions I created. The documentation is at www.montana.com/ethan/shop.html.
ShoppingBasket 1.0 Per M Knutsen -- 6337 2001-07-09 14:24:15 [ link ]
ShoppingBasket is an easy-to-implement solution for selling products on a website. The script does not require a database as all information is passed to the script within the URL of the link on the actual product pages.
Stock and Financial Ticker Apps 1.0 tufatmarketing -- 3325 2006-07-08 12:35:30 [ link ]
A set of stock and finance applets, inspired by stockapplets.com, including: Currency Converter, Two Tickers, Live Stock Quote Feed, Forex Cross Rates, and Stock Indicator Watcher.
Terbilang Lucky E. Santoso -- 2995 2006-12-01 14:37:47 [ link ]
A function that takes a number and spells it out in Indonesian language.
The Exchange Project Preview Re Harald Ponce de Leon -- 8193 2000-03-24 11:53:10 [ link ]
The Exchange Project is an example resource study of how to setup and run your own online shop using PHP. By developing your own online shop, you know exactly what is happening behind the scenes - which helps you maximize the services provided to your customers.
UPS Shipping Calculator 1.0 Shawn Van Der Poel -- 16021 1999-08-17 16:07:47 [ show ]
This is a include that you can require in to your checkout to figure how much shipping will cost via ups
UPS Shipping Class 0.05 Jason Costomiris -- 17831 1999-11-17 09:30:35 [ show ]
A class that figures out UPS shipping charges based on parameters you provide.

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