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automatic form generator 1.01 marc daly -- 17873 2003-05-28 20:17:04 [ link ] [ show ]
a function to display a form to insert values into a database table, automatically generating the form from the table, without the programmer explicitly have to name every field. Other options include default values, hiding fields and more. Fully commented(ish!) Insertable into your own pages completely transparently.
Bs_Debedoo (Smart MySQL Content Editor) 4.2 fab5 -- 4267 2002-12-09 15:36:41 [ link ]
"Debedoo" stands for "DB do" or "Database do" => do something with the database. It is a package (set of classes) that reads in the database table structure and makes the content of the tables editable. Works with MySQL. It allows you to set up a feature-rich web editor for things like phone books in minutes. Check the website for the full feature list and an example. site: http://www.blueshoes.org/en/applications/debedoo/ example: http://www.blueshoes.org/en/examples/debedoo/ download: http://www.blueshoes.org/en/get/download/
DB-Browser v1.0 Bernhard Bauder -- 11784 2000-03-28 07:33:48 [ link ]
This littel handy code display the prev- and next-Button for Database-browsing. It shows the page where your are right now.
dbForm 0.5b Tony Blair -- 4779 2003-01-07 06:17:00 [ link ]
PHP class that creates a Web Form for a database table and handles all processing of the form including validation of data, inserts, updates and deletes. Very customisable and flexible. Uses ADODB to connect to databases and simple Templates
esay management of a database (beginners) ziegel -- 18043 2000-04-26 08:23:29 [ show ]
It's a very easy code to manage a database (useful for beginners who want to have a example of management of a database)
Foxpro via ODBC v1.0 Ron Boles -- 15916 2000-03-24 08:23:50 [ link ] [ show ]
Example script of using ODBC to connect to a Visual Foxpro FREE TABLE directory and execute simple sql query. Please note:- this code is generic ODBC SQL. It should work with any ODBC database.
ICFormGen 0.1 Roger Eisenecher -- 13603 1999-07-22 08:34:57 [ link ]
This script should help you to create database driven forms. For that purpose you must only fill out a form which this script will display and after you submitted your entries it will generate a new script to handle all interaction with the database. Features: - Create lookup lists based on another table - Database independent: works with every database supported by PHPLIB - Clientside and serverside validation of user input Parts of PHPLIB required. This tool is better than my english ;-)
Javscript Interface 0.01 Allan -- 10647 2000-03-15 14:22:25 [ show ]
I'm starting to create some objects to grab an array (2 column) from mysql and put it into an equivalent javscript array. This is my first cut. This example requires a mysql database named foods, with a 2 column table in it named FRUIT. The table has two columns: FRUIT_ID, int(11) and FRUIT_NAME, varchar(25). Comments/ Improvements are welcome.
pd_forms 0.2.1 Pierre Dumuid -- 3606 2003-06-27 11:52:58 [ link ] [ show ]
pd_forms is a group of tools for postgresql that is used to create a form for a single row in a table. It also has subforms implemented, wereby multiple rows in secondary tables are also modified (subform term comes from MSAccess - similar concept)
PHP and Java Servlet DBase All Kevin -- 5598 2000-11-02 15:29:59 [ link ]
Welcome to the Java Servlet DBase Developer Connection! A central place to learn about the latest PHP Java technologies
PHP DataGrid 4.2.8 Chara Miteo -- 2042 2009-02-02 09:28:11 [ link ]
PHP DataGrid script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The PHP DataGrid is excellent for all PHP database-driven web site and online-based data administration. Also it useful for dynamic content management and PHP-based hosting providers. The goal of this script is to make DataGrid generating and editing as simple as possible for web developers.
phpDB v1.02bR5 Joe Thong -- 10327 1999-11-26 10:59:13 [ link ]
A free database wrapper which supports MySQL, MSQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. More to come.
phpMyAdmin 2.0.2 Tobias Ratschiller -- 11877 1999-07-10 10:41:35 [ link ]
phpMyAdmin is intended to handle the adminstration of MySQL over the web. Currently it can create and drop databases, create, copy, drop and alter tables, delete, edit and add fields, execute any SQL-statement, even batch-queries , manage keys on fields, load text files into tables, create and read dumps of tables, export data to CSV values, administer multiple servers and single databases
phpMyAdmin Português 1.0 Renato Lins -- 9136 1999-10-22 09:43:59 [ show ]
Esta é uma tradução das mensagens do phpMyAdmin para o portugues do Brazil.
PHPMyGeneric 0.1 Marko R. Riedel -- 10604 2000-07-25 08:31:25 [ show ]
A set of PHP3-scripts to administrate MySQL databases over the web. Idea: Encode GUI specs in MySQL tables. Features: Generates GUI to MySQL databases automatically. Uses MySQL and CGI realms for user authentication. Search databases by up to two fields. Sort by any field. You need to activate track_vars in your PHP.INI file. This snippet contains serveral ascii files concatenated one after another and separated by 'BEGIN' and 'END' tags that are not part of the PHP code.
psqlAdmin beta miff -- 3433 2003-04-23 01:48:33 [ link ]
php interface for database PostgreSQL. Nowadays in testing run:-). If you would like use it, test it and write me (miff@seznam.cz) your opinions. After testing it will be (probably) free. There is created database acount for testing, but if you want you can use own database.
SQL code to PHP Classes 0.1 Stephan Beal -- 11683 2000-02-15 08:08:47 [ show ]
A PERL Script to take SQL's CREATE TABLE commands and turn them into PHP classes. Creates one class file per CREATE TABLE in the input. Typically used along with "mysqldump -d", but should work with other db structure dumpers which can output CREATE TABLE code, or your hand-rolled CREATE TABLE code. Complete details are in the script. I have NOT tested this on PHP3, but I use no PHP-3 specific features, as far as I know. I have tested it on PHP4Beta2.
SQLAdmin for PHP2 1.0 Alessandro Vernet -- 8578 1998-05-19 11:33:49 [ show ]
An SQL Administration User Interface for the Web. Actually works only with mSQL and PHP2. I'm working on a new PHP3 version. This one will come with more documentation and will hopefully by more usable.
SQLAdmin for PHP3 2.0 Alessandro Vernet -- 10937 1998-10-11 20:23:42 [ show ]
An SQL Administration User Interface for the Web.

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