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1 - PHP MySQL Web Interface Marcus -- 10304 2006-06-20 07:29:14 [ link ] [ show ]
Having written a ga-zillian scripts, to query dbs, decided it would be much simpler to call just one function multiple times, duh! :) Then fulfilling business request after request - with web pages (PHP) calling the function - decided to progressing this further!! ;) By removing the script - hitting the function directly. Let it handle the query, via variable parameters passed in on the HTTP GET. This posed a bit of problem, pushing complexity on the inquirer. So then decided to write a web (interface) form to drive the function - which subsequently made the query. :) - click the link.
Code Maker 0.2 rbp 5.0 21992 2003-05-09 16:57:26 [ link ]
CodeMaker can generate a php file for insert, update, delete, search and paging on mysql tables...
Database Class 1.0 Jonathan Meyer -- 13696 2002-11-08 21:38:59 [ show ]
This is just a simple Database class that wraps around a MySQL server. It has a few fancy features like being able to delete a record without actually deleting it. I’ll come back later and put in more documentation. I wanted to test out this PX thing.
Database Table Backup 1 wdx -- 6074 2005-05-24 11:45:39 [ show ]
This script conatins a function which when run will generate a query whcih, when run, will restore all data from the tables. this can be used as a very effective backup script and can be easily converted to email you the backed up data. this is the full file and no other code is required
data_connect(string sql command, string database name) 1.0 Bill Dunn -- 10825 2002-11-01 15:08:34 [ link ] [ show ]
//Returns a result set to code it was called from which contains the results from the //query it was passed //Function assumes the use of the local host and a common web user which is used to //access the databases
data_put(string sql command, string database name) 1.0 Bill Dunn -- 6908 2002-11-01 15:08:59 [ link ] [ show ]
//used for Inserts where the Identity row value is not needed or Updates returns 0 or 1 //Function assumes the use of the local host and a common web user which is used to //access the databases
db-drill 0.01 Robert Keen -- 6366 2004-01-07 10:51:29 [ link ] [ show ]
This script allows you to "drill" down through a MySQL server with relative ease and speed. It will not give you access to any data other than table structures and index information. Programmers will hopefully find it useful. If you make any interesting modifications, please inform me.
FastMySQL 0.10 Dave Silvia -- 5411 2006-02-01 01:59:12 [ link ]
This is a simple interface to a MySQL installation, written in PHP, that runs in any internet browser (well, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, and Opera anyway!;). It is intended for the casual, occasional SQL user who does not have SQL statement syntax on the tip of their tongue (or the tip of anything else!;) and does not wish to constantly refer to documention for syntax for basic, common SQL queries. It is form driven and implemented in HTML frames.
Flash Client for MySQL Administration 2.0 tufatmarketing -- 3853 2006-07-08 12:12:03 [ link ]
Like phpMyAdmin? Don't like page refreshes? This tool is for you! Not only can you edit mysql table structures and data, you can also *visually* create foreign key relationships among InnoDB tables. Includes 100% of source code!
General-Purpose MySQ 1.0 Jack McKinney -- 31870 1998-07-28 12:33:03 [ show ]
Accepts database & hostname from user and then HTTP username and password. Uses this to connect to a MySQL database. Produces a form based on the tables it finds there to allow the user to do SELECTs, INSERTs, and DELETEs.
Getting Tablenames with a mysql_fetch_array() 1 Thomas Hansmann -- 5021 2005-04-15 13:21:36 [ show ]
With a third Argument for mysql_fetch_array() you get Information about the names of the Tables used in the Query. Especially helpful if you do something like 'SELECT a.*, b.*, c.* FROM ...' where one or more of the Tables use the same Fieldnames ... Comments are in german Language, just ask me if you don't understand something.
IdealMySQL, MySQL class 1.0 Ray -- 3592 2007-06-03 20:50:29 [ link ] [ show ]
This is a MySQL class I wrote to use in my programs. It will allow you to do the following: - Connect to a mysql database - Query a mysql database to include * INSERT|DELETE|UPDATE|REPLACE|DROP * SELECT|SHOW|DESCRIBE|EXPLAIN - Catch errors and email them to the admin - Check variables to make sure they only contain particular characters All errors are in the file errors.txt for easy adding and use. The look and feel of the error output to the user is controlled by a style sheet. There is plans to add more to the class at a later date or as needed. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Use the URL link to download a zip file with all the files for thie class. Here is the download link as well: http://www.idealws.com/classes/mysql/IdealMySQL.class.zip
Login and Logout with PHP and mySQL Bjørge -- 37582 2000-04-21 08:44:22 [ show ]
I'm afraid there is a security hole in this. Sorry folks. Think I'm gonna use phplib instead... :/ If someone knows a way to make it work, please let me know :)
MySESS 1.0.5 Roman Yaker -- 6604 2002-09-21 20:46:40 [ link ]
Here is a class designed for the use of database-based session handling. Currently, it only supports MySQL. It includes everything you'll need to begin.
MySQL Cookie Auth 0.50 Jason Costomiris -- 28246 1999-01-27 12:50:34 [ show ]
Need to authenticate users for an application, expire sessions after certain amounts of time and verify them upon page loads?
MySQL Database Monitor 0.9 Philip Gatt -- 14083 2000-08-16 15:33:25 [ show ]
This will check the status of all of your MySQL tables in all of your databases. Extremely easy to use. If an error is found, it will repair the table and send you a warning. If it cannot repair the table, it will send you an alert (to your cell phone / pager).
MySQL Next/Prev Reco David Robley -- 28000 1998-08-25 20:48:12 [ show ]
A template script to provide the ability to get the next or previous n records from a MySQL database.
MySQL SubQuery 1.0 Avi Bryant -- 22484 1999-11-10 23:32:45 [ show ]
Performs simple nested SELECT statements with MySQL (for example, of the form SELECT * FROM x WHERE y IN (SELECT y FROM z WHERE ...) ) Subqueries must be enclosed in parenthe
mySQL Table Updater 0.1 Jonathan Hawkins 5.0 7570 2001-02-17 00:11:50 [ show ]
This code is for those of us who don\'t have root access to mySQL on our web host. If you can\'t use the LOAD DATA INFILE command with your mySQL then you need this script. No interface yet. I\'ll post it when It\'s done. Fairly quick updates to single tables where the ASCII file is under 5megs. Of course you will need to modify the code to work with your situation. ;)
MySQL User Manager 1.1 Jeff Buck -- 23223 1998-07-11 05:33:40 [ show ]
This is an admin utility to let you manage mysql users from a web page. It works for me.. I've fixed a number of bugs since 1.0, but it's still not very efficient code, and probably still has bugs.
MySQL Web Interface 0.5 SooMin Kim -- 21612 1999-08-04 02:41:26 [ link ]
Web based database(MySQL) management tool http://brutus.snu.ac.kr/~smkim/mysql
mysql-dict 0.1 John Newbigin -- 5010 2001-09-12 22:38:29 [ link ]
Works out the SQL required to make a database reflect a \'data dictionary\'
MySQL-XML 1 Brandon Niemczyk -- 5943 2002-10-30 04:45:52 [ link ]
XML wrappers for a mysql database so that you can take advantages both XML and SQL technologies. This is a work in progress if you are interested in becoming a devoloper please email maccorin@users.sourceforge.net
MySQL2XML 1.1 Adi Sieker -- 17855 2004-06-11 14:10:11 [ link ] [ show ]
Class to generate an XML document from a mysql table. You define the database and table names and the xmltagnames to be used for each tablefield. Where clauses are also supported. REQUIRES the MySQL Database class by me. Also available here
MySQLCommand 1.0 Richard Parratt -- 7521 2003-03-27 12:49:23 [ link ] [ show ]
This PHP script allows MYSQL commands to be executed from a web browser. It's ideal if you use PHP/MySQL hosting and want to create, test and debug your database using SQL commands.
MySQLPHPGrid 0.6.2 mysqlphpgrid -- 4361 2006-11-14 16:32:45 [ link ]
MySQLPHPGrid puts data from a MySQL table in a grid on a webpage. The grid supports sorting of columns, editing of cells, adding rows, deleting rows and pagination. You can display a full MySQL table, or just a subset of a table. Is uses Ajax for cell updates.
Online MYSQL Database Console 1.2 J. Chakrabarty -- 7622 2001-01-09 11:19:07 [ link ]
Enhanced Version the lean and mean online MYSQL Database Manager to create and maintain simple MYSQL databases for your site. No knowledge of SQL is required as the user friendly Console does it all for you. Easy and safe to use.
Online MYSQL Database Console 1.1 J. Chakrabarty -- 5385 2001-01-09 11:26:52 [ link ]
Enhanced Version of the lean and mean online Database Manager to manage simple MYSQL databases anywhere on the web. No specific knowledge of SQL required as the user friendly Console does it all for you. Its easy and safe to use.
Online MySQL Database Console for Webmasters 1.2 J. Chakrabarty -- 6865 2001-03-01 10:59:14 [ link ]
Enhanced Version of the lean and mean online Database Manager to manage simple MYSQL databases anywhere on the web. No specific knowledge of SQL required as the user friendly Console does it all for you. Its easy and safe to use.
PDF Report Generator for MySQL 2.5.1 tufatmarketing -- 3863 2006-07-08 12:28:47 [ link ]
Create PDF reports from MySQL tables, using a customizable, Flash 7-based layout builder.
Perso SQL demo (MYSQL SELECT INSERT UPDATE DELETE) 1.0 Stephane Jouanneau -- 16570 2000-04-05 03:03:30 [ link ] [ show ]
Sample to SELECT INSERT UPDATE DELETE a simple MYSQL table (id, first & last name) in 30 lines only
PHP CSV Importer 2.0 Matthew Lindley 5.0 11052 2003-03-18 12:08:58 [ link ] [ show ]
A script to import data to a MySQL database from CSV files. Open a CSV file and preview it. Then, connect to your MySQL database, select which fields should receive which column (or set value) and then import. You can add, update or even add and update with this script. This new version allows you to create tables prior to import, import via rules (insert/update only where column X is greater than 13), delete from table and save your rules. There is also now a file browser to find your file.
PHP CSV Importer 3 Matthew Lindley -- 4089 2006-08-06 13:18:49 [ link ]
Import your files directly into MySQL with this all-new version. The script now supports multiple languages and skins.
PHP/MySQL Dealer Locator 1.0 Durga Prasad Koka 5.0 19197 1999-11-29 10:31:03 [ show ]
Dealer Locator based on Zip Code. Enter a zip code around which you want to search the database of dealers. Calculates the distance between the Zip Codes and limits the search to distance selected by the user. Requires a standard USPS zip code database with latitude and longitude. Dealer table should contain zip code.
PHP/MySQL User Authentication 1.0 Tyler Longren -- 44495 2000-05-16 16:55:50 [ link ] [ show ]
This script is a MySQL and PHP user authentication system. It stores everything in a MySQL database. You need to create a database called secretDB. Make a table called users. And add 5 fields to it. Name the 5 fields id, real_name, username, password, email. You can set all of the fileds to char255. If you have any questions, mail me at tyler.longren@midiowa.net
phpMyBackend - A PHP/MySQL backend generator Raymond -- 9364 2003-09-25 20:24:23 [ link ]
phpMyBackend is a backend generator written in PHP/MySQL to generate a ready to use backend. All you need to do is define the fields that are browsable/sortable/searchable, and turn on/off image uploadable. Once the program has been generated, you will get a fully functional backend which has the most features: add/delete/modify, field sorting, field search, image upload and thumbnail.
Ramer Lacida ramer -- 4365 2004-11-06 21:10:52 [ link ] [ show ]
Best html programmer
SetMySQLResults Func 1.0 Hans Anderson -- 11785 1998-12-15 14:08:23 [ show ]
This simple function will take a few arguments and easily set a associative array for each column in a result from a MySQL query
Simple Search on mysql database 1 idban secandri -- 22919 1999-12-16 22:51:15 [ link ] [ show ]
Simple Search on mysql database, and print no record when data not found
Simple, Full, PHP/MySQL based login screen 1.0 Graham -- 29621 2000-04-23 01:37:30 [ show ]
This is a simple PHP script that uses a MySQL table to store the login/password. I have included some extra code which is to be put into some sort of include file which is in turn to be included on every page you want to be protected (ie not viewable unless logged in via the login screen). Note: I know that this line: $msg = "<meta http-equiv=\"Refresh\" content=\"0;url=./mainpage.php\">"; is real lame but it's the only thing I could think of that is fairly compatable. The reason I did not use header() here is because using header() after setcookie() is not compatible with some versions of IE.
Submitting Forms through HTML E-mail Shantanu Oak -- 10221 2003-01-17 23:43:58 [ show ]
You can e-mail an questionnaire (HTML Form) The receipients will fill up the form and click on Submit button. The responses will be stored in the mysql table along with the respective e-mail addresses from which it was generated.
Table Class 1.0 Jonathan Meyer -- 8252 2002-11-08 21:37:35 [ show ]
This is a simple Table class that creates a hash like table with some helper methods. It is used by my Database class.
Xomol CMS El Submiter -- 2945 2007-11-29 13:20:07 [ link ]
The most advanced CMS is Xomol. It's modular and independent architecture gives you the ideal conditions for your success on the Web. Xomol is strong, fast, secure, and simple. Entery level programer/webmasters can start publishing and earning money in less than 5 minutes. Advanced programers will find in Xomol the ideal developer plataform. Universal, Independent, Open Source. Get Xomol now and walk the internet like a professional, a real professional!!! Xomol is easy to install and easier to use. It has an universal core engine that let's you control Users, User Groups and User Rights. With a simple mouse click. At the present stage of the project (we are begining) Xomol offers you... Por el momento tiene todo lo que necesitas para empezar a ganar dinero. * Administration Panel for each and everyone of the Modules * It is 100% multilinugal. (currently supports Mexican, English and German) further languages are comming soon! * Content Module: To setup your Website in seconds, with the simplicity of an Email, with the power of a NYTimes. * Virtual Shop Module (All you need to start you into ecommerce) Unlimited Categories/Subcategories/Products. Multicurrencies support with currencies updater. Product Attributes with downloads, Basket, image upload with autorezice, atico, Ajax Interfase para mayor comodidad. * Contact us Module - Forma de contacto, Con administracion de Departamentos Ilimitados y configurable. * Tell a friend Module - with antispam controler. * Downloads Module - Upload/Download your faborite files (music, video, text, flash, etc). Mmmm... what else could I tell you now... i think I have to write a book if I want to explain all the pocibilities of Xomol. But i won't, I rather program further. Anyway, Xomol is so simple tu understand that you can learn it in 1 minute! Try it and you will know why!

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