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dhananjay 5 jason -- 2194 2011-06-03 03:22:35 [ link ] [ show ]
this a code for basic Signup & Login script
Yahoo Maps - bike accidents (real estate) 1.5 Nick -- 5125 2007-01-25 01:02:05 [ show ]
Simple administration for mapping bicycle accidents. Could be used for real estate too. Requires single MYSQL table, PHP 4 and Yahoo! Maps key.
XML VIN Decoder 5 Jock Pereira -- 17432 2006-10-04 15:08:04 [ link ] [ show ]
The XML VIN Decoder is software that decodes car and truck information from the VIN number. Such things as comprehensive features, options, colors, warranty, etc are decoded for each vehicle from 1981 to present.
Advanced Datagrid component for Macromedia Flash 1.01 tufatmarketing -- 4161 2006-07-08 12:16:11 [ link ]
Enhance the Macromedia Datagrid component (Flash 6 and Flash 7 versions included). NOTE: This software also goes by the name <b>Advanced DataGrid</b>.
Php Database Wizard 0.3 PhpToys -- 5120 2006-06-29 08:39:49 [ link ] [ show ]
With this tool you can easily create a web forms to insert/update/delete data in a MySQL database. It automatically generates advanced search panel and form validation too. You can view the data in a short list view and in a detail view. You can easily change the look and feel with using css files.
S_Creator 1.0 Zeljko -- 3730 2006-04-22 11:25:16 [ link ]
Quick development tool, which allows you to create your internet presentations very fast. Main advantage is that sites which are made by S_Creator will be all time updateable. Only what you should do is to log on your administrative page and visually change content of your presentation. Toll is very easy for using – after few minutes you will enjoy in working with S_Creator.
Student Forum 1.0 Zeljko -- 4930 2006-04-22 11:24:57 [ link ]
Student Forum is a specialized forum for education institutions. Users can be registered as Professors, Students, Graduate Students and Guests. Administrator has possibility to make separate groups of users that can communicate without knowing what is happening in other groups. All users have possibility of private communication. Forum is designed on such way that provides possibility of very easy making – List of Students, Professors, Graduated Students.
AlefMentor 1.0 Zeljko -- 4244 2006-04-22 11:24:08 [ link ]
AlefMetor is online training manager. Easy you can create your online courses. All users of the system can communicate between themselves. You don’t have limitation about number of courses, instructors, learners or administrators of this system. Provides online management system for administrator, student, instructor and consumer. Processes of creating, updating and selecting courses are very easy. Requirements Server Side · Operating System: Windows, Unix · Scripting Language: PHP5, PHP4 · Database: MySQL Client Side · Web Browser: Any form enabled browser · JavaScript: Must be enabled Latest Releases - version: 1.0 Available Licenses Free License: Standard license. Zeljko Radulovic
llllll santiago -- 4365 2005-02-13 19:28:19 [ show ]
links-db 1.0 Helmut Dittrich -- 6260 2004-10-07 12:45:53 [ link ]
A MySQL-database application, you can manage your links with
HardCore Web Content Management 5.3 David Fisher -- 5257 2004-09-06 15:05:15 [ link ]
Inexpensive cross-browser and out-of-the-box web content management system with fully integrated community and e-commerce modules. Full-featured with WYSIWYG editing, workflow, staging, scheduling, automatically generated content lists, multilingual content, media library, archives, advanced scripting, personal workspace and multi-level access permissions for an unlimited number of website administrators as well as visitors. Easy creation of a as many templates and style sheets as required.
content! 1.1.0 dev 5.0 6650 2003-09-25 11:13:58 [ link ]
content!™ is a one of a kind content management system (CMS), mixing ease of use with greatly optimized server performance. content!™ was designed for portal sites, e-zines, news sites, intranets and any other type of site that needs to continually update their content, be easily configurable, serve hundreds of thousands of hits a day on commodity (non-specialized) server hardware (including shared servers).
PHPCatalog 2.7 dev 5.0 13340 2003-09-25 10:31:52 [ link ]
PHPCatalog is an easy to use, yet comprehensive online catalog solution. It can be easily used as an "out of the box" catalog tool, or as a catalog engine which can be custom-configured into any format imaginable. HTML templates are used for easy integration into your site. The pages are optimized to be picked up by search engines. An unlimited number of categories is supported. It easily integrates with a shopping cart module for full shopping capabilities.
Free PHP Directory Script 1.0 Javier García -- 8066 2003-08-22 20:25:09 [ link ] [ show ]
Multi-level category system, unlimited number of categories, integrated search engine, powerful control panel, search engine friendly, easily customizable.
XxX lilxnhut215 -- 7170 2003-05-26 00:00:41 [ show ]
Sitellite Content Management System 3.0 Lux -- 5969 2002-11-10 21:07:38 [ link ]
Sitellite Content Management System is a powerful web content manager, content server, and application framework for the PHP programming language. It enables business users to easily collaborate on creating and maintaining web site content
PHPortal - The PHP Application Builder 0.2 Michael Glazer -- 7895 2002-06-18 17:39:18 [ link ]
A web framework to build and manage an unlimited number of websites. Looks very similar to Zope, PHPortal presents a very simple manner to exercise a highly sought after result; Highly portable, secure, re-usable programming to manage under one umbrella an unlimited number of websites. Writing to directories that are not left or preset as writable directories which allows for true "free hand" web-run software. 100% separation of code and design dynamic as well as static templates. Offers over 10 standard content-type formats that can be used to dynamically transform one content type to another. Built in with a XML-RPC server which can be "turned on" with RPC awareness.
PHP/MySQL calendar/datebook 1 Jonathan Crawford 1.0 33372 2001-09-13 14:51:02 [ link ] [ show ]
Calendar of events using MySQL and OverLIB
Simple PHP calender and scheduler 0.1 Mohammad Riaz -- 15524 2001-07-12 16:19:08 [ link ]
Simple script to display calender for any month upto year 2010. More years can be added easily. Users can add events to the dates and view the schedule for any date.
PHP News Manager 0.1 Chris Le Moeligou -- 6551 2001-04-10 13:27:20 [ link ]
News manager is a set of scripts that allow the creation, deletion and editing of news items in a database, as well as displaying them.
News Manager 0.1 Chris Le Moeligou -- 5200 2001-04-05 10:28:05 [ link ]
News Manager provides a simple web interface for adding and maintaining news items on a website.
News Manager 0.1 Chris Le Moeligou -- 6245 2001-04-05 10:27:50 [ link ]
News Manager provides a simple web interface for adding and maintaining news items on a website.
PHP News Manager 0.1 Chris Le Moeligou -- 5666 2001-04-05 10:06:29 [ link ]
News Manager provides a simple web interface for adding, deleting, editing and displaying news items on a website.
PHP News Manager 0.1 Chris Le Moeligou -- 6158 2001-04-05 10:04:52 [ link ]
News Manager provides a simple web interface for adding, deleting, editing and displaying news items on a website.
DJ: Document Juggler 1.0en Alexander Missa -- 6377 2001-04-02 07:04:09 [ link ]
A PHP application (scrips collection) to create dynamic MySQL-based help, reference or documentation pages on any topics. Main features: submit, update and manage documentation tree hierarchy; create multiple documents threads; full control and flexible removal, update and editing of your documentary system; addind pictures and html to your dynamic help pages. See demo version and on-line help at http://www.ddt.cv.ua/dj/ . Developer\'s page: http://www.ddt.cv.ua/portsoft/dj/. Download: http://www.ddt.cv.ua/portsoft/dj/dj1.0en.zip . Languages: PHP, SQL. License: GPL.
Collaborative Workspace 1.1 Morgen Dye -- 6801 2001-03-23 21:17:43 [ link ]
Collaborative Workspace is a web-based program written in PHP. It allows users of a website to upload video to that site and generates a webpage for each uploaded video. Users have the ability to provide detailed information about their video and/or work and can have, if they choose, a simple message board feedback system with their page.
iBlogger 1.2 Arnab Nandi -- 6696 2001-03-07 14:34:39 [ link ]
Well, there are many people out there who use technology such as Blogger.com to publish their news, what\'s new sections, journals etc. And almost all these people have realized that\'s it\'s slow, bulky and very hungry on FTP server resources. So here comes iBlogger - the almost immediate substitute for you bloggers...all you need is php/mysql and a little knowledge of HTML. The basic advantage of iBlogger over other weBlog tools is that it integrates to form a part of your site... the backend is small and light, and all it requires is for PHP and mySQL to be present. Everything else, iBlogger takes care of. The salient features of iBlogger are... >Lightweight, slim PHP/mySQL architecture >Completely invisible to your site viewers, fits effortlessly into your present site. >Uses the blazing fast mySQL database. >Extremely easy install. Simply unzip, upload and run. >Supports multiple authors. >Preview posts before posting. >Ability to edit and delete posts after posting them. >Each author can edit their own information. >Each author can be given different permissions to delete, edit posts and admin the weblog. >Easy configuration and setup.
eWebEditPro PHP content management V1.8.0.12 Bill Rogers -- 6256 2001-01-25 00:15:29 [ link ] [ show ]
eWebEditpro is a WYSIWYG text area field. Web based editor that works in IE or Netscape. Sample PHP code that implements a mini content management system.
eWebEditPro PHP content management V1.8.0.12 Bill Rogers -- 6390 2001-01-25 00:15:04 [ link ] [ show ]
eWebEditpro is a WYSIWYG text area field. Web based editor that works in IE or Netscape. Sample PHP code that implements a mini content management system.
eWebEditPro PHP content management V1.8.0.12 Bill Rogers 5.0 8045 2001-01-25 00:12:47 [ link ]
eWebEditpro is a WYSIWYG text area field. Web based editor that works in IE or Netscape. Sample PHP code that implements a mini content management system.
phpMyAgenda 2.0 manu vanneau -- 6638 2000-12-07 21:06:48 [ link ]
phpMyAgenda is a complete web application that enable you to manage and publish events (meeting, concert, session,....). It stores description, dates, urls, places, contacts,... It uses templates so it is very easy to customize. The administrative interface is all graphical for intuive management. Screen shots on http://openphp.free.fr/appli
phpYellow Pages 1.061 Richard Creech -- 11277 2000-11-20 02:59:00 [ link ] [ show ]
phpYellow Pages 2000 is an easily customizable web application. It stores electronic yellow page listings by city, state, country and category. Surfers can easily search, add, edit and delete their own yellow page listings. The system uses php and mySQL. There is an automated password lookup. The Administration module allows webmasters to manage these listings with an intuitive point and click interface. An optional paid module converts your successful Yellow Pages directory into a profit center.
contact database 2.1 Barry Logan -- 18894 2000-06-01 13:17:07 [ link ]
contact database using PHP and mySQL.
Musicdb 1.0 John Exidaridis -- 7451 2000-04-08 12:48:44 [ link ]
A web-based front end to a Music Database running in PostgreSQL
Zink - the link directory 1.0 stable Mike -- 9940 2000-03-26 02:48:35 [ link ]
A free Yahoo-like link directory features: 1) unlimited depth of subcategories 2) unlimited number of categories / links 3) case incensitive search of the links database 4) multilanguage support (English, French, Russian in v1.0) for the end-user interface 5) visitors can add links & categories 6) customisable header & footer
Slashwatch 0.8 Morgan Everett -- 6929 2000-03-15 13:37:18 [ link ]
Snags headline from Slashdot and other News sites, and stores them in a MySQL database. Allows email notification of new headlines.
Slide Show 1.0 Richard Price -- 13572 2000-01-13 19:46:03 [ show ]
This include file creates a slide show using pictures pointed to by a mysql database. The database can contain an optional caption which is displayed under the picture.
Multilanguage Foto Guestbook 2 Patrik Hohl -- 28742 1999-12-09 07:56:04 [ link ] [ show ]
Multilanguage Foto Guestbook Available: en,fr,de,pt,it,nl,fi,is,no,pl,es,sv - Default: English (en) Set self user language and can upload picture Running example: http://www.ticinonline.to/search/guestbook/ If your have a Postcard programm can send picture fromm Guestbook download: http://www.ticinonline.to/search/guestbook/multi_lan_guestbook_2.0.zip Only edit the z_ini.php3 setting DB upload folder - white of picture and Format if Your wand

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