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DirtSearch 2.0 Robert Sammons 3.0 29398 1999-10-26 12:31:53 [ link ] [ show ]
DirtSearch is a full featured search engine program using PHP3 with mySQL. It can be used internally for a site, or web wide. It has many features such as validation of links by admin before adding to searchable database, multiple category selection, customizable categories, etc. To view an example, visit http://www.dirtdobber.net/search
HTTP XML web search interface 1.0 SearchHippo -- 3675 2001-04-21 03:00:05 [ link ]
This simple snippet allows you to interface with the SearchHippo web search engine\\\\\\\'s http xml api. You must have expat compiled in to use this snippet. You can layer mostly any presentation around the results that come back. Latest version will always be available at http://www.searchhippo.com/partner.php This is very similar to how one might use SOAP.
Magazine Indexer 1.1.1 David Viner -- 4943 2001-11-25 16:54:38 [ link ]
Magazine Indexer is for people with a large number of magazines or other periodicals who need to find articles or information from them without the need to manually scour each issue. It uses MySQL to store a catalogue of references to the magazine articles using a 3-level indexing system (written in embedded JavaScript) that learns as new items are added. How you organise these indexes is totally up to yourself. It has fast retrieval of information by several methods such as using an inbuilt index plus search by partial description, magazine and issue or any combination of these.
MAZOT Site Search Engine v 0.0.2 be pierre hanna -- 4846 2001-07-19 19:20:56 [ link ]
A fast, easy to set up, Site Search Engine that does not need a database backend.
MP3/Divx Search Engine Addon For PHP-NUKE 0.1 Mikhail Miguel -- 4612 2001-01-18 10:36:37 [ link ] [ show ]
MP3/Divx Search Engine Addon For PHP-NUKE
Search Results Pages 1.0.0 Anastas Tarpanov 5.0 4142 2003-11-26 18:00:13 [ link ]
If you have select construction in your web page this script helps you to return the results on separate pages and to link them.It comes with a few options. Have fun.

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