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"txtForum" 0.6.4 Lauri Kasvandik -- 21556 2003-03-14 11:58:25 [ link ]
Small and simple textfiles based forum. Users registrering, languagefiles, smileys... Works in PHP safe mode.
BBS 1.0 Leon Atkinson -- 31033 1998-06-24 17:52:22 [ show ]
This is a very simple BBS that uses MySQL.
EK_Forum 1.0 Patrick Tou -- 25373 2001-07-25 12:51:26 [ show ]
Thread based Forum. Does not require any database! Pure PHP! Seperate pages for topics and threads. Three files, topics.php, threads.php, forum.cfg. Point to topics.php.
Flash skin for phpBB and vBulletin 1.1.5 tufatmarketing -- 3618 2006-07-08 12:24:12 [ link ]
Flash 7 bulletin board, built on the phpBB or vBulletin engines. Use this sleek, fast forum to create a vibrate online community of users. This is essentially a Flash "skin" for phpBB or vBulletin.
Forum engine 0.9 Neil Crawforth -- 35081 2000-11-16 05:19:44 [ show ]
Fast, straightforward forum. Cut down version of that used at http://www.wasteland.f2s.com. Call it index.php3 (or whatever), put it in it's own writeable directory, it runs straight out of the box.
FrancoForum 1.0 Jean-Marc Lelièvre -- 20671 2001-08-15 04:37:21 [ show ]
ultra easy BBS with advanced features : multi groups, multi-threaded, moderated groups, free groups, message encryption, system is bilingual (french and english), can be used stand alone or embedded in a html page. To install, just upload to your web directory and browse with ?install=1 argument
Free, Open-Source Dating System 1.1.6 tufatmarketing -- 3832 2006-07-08 12:34:29 [ link ]
Fully integrates with phpBB and and FlashChat, and provides several payment modules, multiple skins, and free upgrades. <a href=links39.htm>View some LIVE dating websites created using osDate.</a>
FUDforum 1.0 Ilia Alshanetsky -- 10581 2002-01-18 18:13:20 [ link ]
FUDforum is PHP & MySQL forum with many customizable features. The forum supports both threaded & flat views, contains an integrated spell checker for messages, includes a private messaging system and many other features. From the admin side, FUDforum has a number of control panels allowing the administrators to easily administer the forum as well as change the settings. The layout of the forum is very flexible allowing for multiple layout and has easy CSS editor for quick layout modifications.
IconPhorum 1 marc cagninacci -- 5326 2001-06-27 06:05:08 [ link ]
Add-on for Phorum. It replaces text-based in the navi bar with icons. Available in english and french versions.
Invisible Message Creator IE only John -- 4892 2001-06-24 01:29:31 [ link ]
Type in a message, it disappears. You make it re-appear by dragging a graphic over the message. Great for kids. Other php scripts for kids can be found at my site, The PHP Loft. http://thephploft.com
MailBox Service Provider Script 1.1 rohit seth -- 3332 2006-09-15 11:22:06 [ link ]
Mailbox Service or Marketing or Internet Marketing or > Marketing Tool or Advertising or something near to it
msgbrd 22072001 einar jonsson -- 6674 2001-07-22 13:41:34 [ link ]
basic messageboard that can be easily incorporated into any site. best used on a site that uses sessions, as it has no authentication of its own.
osDate Sensual Skin tufatmarketing -- 3623 2006-06-29 22:18:35 [ link ]
osDate Sensual
PHP Only Message Board 1.1 Ian Hickman -- 29317 2000-08-04 06:58:21 [ show ]
A PHP only message board that DOES NOT need SQL.
Scalli Forums 1.0b Jim F -- 7685 2002-06-12 13:17:41 [ link ]
A forum that allows threaded and topic sorted messages to be posted. Similiar to YaBB and UltimateBB with a faster engine (e.g. fewer features) - Graphics Free.
Simply FAQ Script 1 Jeff Espiritu -- 5361 2004-10-26 03:53:15 [ link ] [ show ]
Simply FAQ - is a fully functional easy to use FAQ program with seach capability, unlimited categories, NO NEED for mysql database only text base and with NO compicated setup just upload it and its done, it uses only one(1) PHP file. How simple to add the content of your FAQ, just open your favorite text editor and start typing in the first line the Question and in the next line the answer and so on, save it with .faq extension and the script will automatically read this, the filename of this file will be the Category name in the FAQ section. To sort which categories to be first, just add a number on the first character of your filename ( ex. 1how_to.faq, 2Others.faq )
Thai language for Phpbb3 1 xphp -- 1967 2009-11-13 10:40:05 [ link ]
Thai language for Phpbb3
Tom's Corkboard 1.0 Thomas Groves -- 5820 2002-09-14 14:17:56 [ link ]
Tom’s Corkboard is PHP package I designed to provide a forum environment with a different vibe. Posts appears as though they are new 'sticky notes' on a Corkboard by the 'fridge or in the office. To preview the code in action visit www.tomgroves.net

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