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Simple Web Monitoring 1 Jeff Espiritu -- 2936 2004-10-26 03:57:17 [ link ] [ show ]
You can monitor your website downtime status including SMTP, POP, FTP and SSH. and automatically send alert to the assigned email in the config.php.
MAKE htaccess|htpasswd Eric -- 7466 2002-05-17 13:08:01 [ show ]
Simple stand-alone PHP script for creating .htaccess + .htpasswd files on *nix in multiple directories. No modifications are required. Up & running in about 15 seconds.
user administration system sultan zahir khan -- 4881 2001-08-16 08:10:58 [ link ]
it is an intelligent user administration system built with excellent algorithms to make it an independent application. More application logic is build in the application so the end users with less knowledge of database can know easily their errors.
http authentication logoff 0.1 Auke van Slooten -- 14436 2000-02-04 05:10:10 [ show ]
A reliable method of logging people off via http authentication. It has been tested on ns3,4 and ie4,5. It's just a skeleton, you'll need to fill in the database requests yourself.

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