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404 Handler 1.0 Shaun -- 11604 2000-08-10 21:36:35 [ show ]
Set this script as your ErrorDocument 404 in .htaccess. The script will print out your 404 pages, *and* email details of all 404 errors to the webmaster. Don't wait for your users to tell you about broken links - let your server tell you!
Capture TGP New listing 1 Jeff Espiritu -- 3221 2004-10-26 03:59:48 [ link ] [ show ]
Capture the new gallery listing of 10 popular TGP sites, save and format it in html file. The script will capture the new listed galleries of 10 popular TGP sites then it will remove duplicate links and place all the captured links in html file with format mm-dd-yyyy.html The normal captured galleries are around 1100+ everyday, by adding this script to your cron-job you can schedule the execution every midnight so you will have new listing everyday. Your advantage is that you have more new fresh galleries 1000+ every single day. Only 1 PHP file and no database needed.
Domain Redirection Service 1 Jeff Espiritu -- 3180 2004-10-26 04:00:46 [ link ] [ show ]
hat are the advantage? Compare it to a Free Hosting Service, you have the same amount of traffic and ad exposure, but with a Free Hosting service, they require a large amount of space and bandwidth to host your members. With a redirection service, you can start this service even if you are renting shared hosting, you only need minimum space and bandwidth to start a service like this. Features Required minimum space and bandwidth (5MB space & 2G Bandwidth a month for 1000 members with 100 traffic a day) Automatic place your Banner Ads (rotating every 30 sec) and Popup Ad to your members domain Easy maintenance for active members , pending domain, banner ads and popup ad. Automatic send news letter to all your members in HTML format with your opt-in ads and your news letter
DreamCloak 1.0 tony landis -- 5745 2002-10-15 17:21:50 [ link ] [ show ]
DreamCloak enables you to add unlimited sites and pages you would like to cloak, and create multiple cloaked doorway pages for each page, using your own keywords and a different html template for each search engine. DreamCloak allows to to automate the submission of doorway pages to all major search engines, and has built in features to prevent spamming and oversubmission. DreamCloak is based on PHP, MySQL, and uses HTML templates which can be modified for site wide changes. Supports by default all known spiders for Googe, Excite, NorthernLight, Lycos, AltaVista, Infoseek, Inktomi (inktomi includes, Hotbot, canada.com, anzwers.com, Snap, and many others). Add as many new engines, spiders, sites, pages, templates, and doorways as you want. Ability to add yourself to the spider list so you can see the actual pages a spider will see. Detection of spiders by ip address and ip range. Can detect and log new spiders by ip address, ip range, and user agent. Ability to log all spider hits and view statitics by spider, or by site.
Exit Popup Exchange Service 1 Jeff Espiritu -- 3327 2004-10-26 04:01:06 [ link ] [ show ]
pop-behind exit exchange program, where members can exchange visitors thru pop-ups with other members. When a surfer closed their website, a new window is opened behind in Full Size Window. Features Easily manage your members account Check and recorded only unique IP per day using the database, not cookies. Real time stats for your members stats Track where the traffic comes from to detect fraud traffic Manage to Add/Deduct credits for custom package. Easy to send Newsletter to your members Configurable popup rates, discounts. Built-in payment processing for Stormpay.com Payment Service. Automated add the credits to the Advertisers account once the Advertiser bought credits using Stormpay Payment service. The program uses less bandwidth using optimized algorithm for faster performance. and MORE
juiceplus Doug Prater -- 2582 2005-07-31 02:48:45 [ link ] [ show ]
veggies in a pill
MyRedirector 1.0 Mark Kronsbein -- 13241 1999-06-29 08:12:45 [ show ]
MyRedirector is a Redirector with graphical Statistics The Following Files are included: redirector.php3 The Redirector viewstats.php3 The Statistic-File MyRedirect.sql MySQL-Dump
MyReferer 1.0 Mark Kronsbein -- 12825 1999-07-29 05:31:20 [ show ]
MyReferer tracks the Page, from which the User came to your Site. You then can look at the grafical Statistics.
Redirect 1.0.0 Bill Zeller -- 16082 1999-05-05 18:59:27 [ show ]
THIS IS NOT MINE!! Author unknown. It's just a handy redirection script
Redirection Script 1.0 Arnold Gamboa -- 12468 1999-11-29 02:54:20 [ show ]
step by step howto display a warning 1.0 Marcus -- 2586 2006-06-30 06:28:27 [ link ]
Sometimes there is an audit requirement, to let customers know a link is off your site and therefore you take no further responsibility for it. Iíve used some simple javascript code, which is triggered by the click (onclick event).

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