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ApPHP TreeMenu 1.0.1 Chara Miteo -- 1942 2010-04-11 03:52:38 [ link ] [ show ]
The ApPHP TreeMenu is a PHP script that generates multilevel tree menu control. It was specially designed for web developers. Tree menu is one of the most popular and commonly used navigation controls and it allows you to set up and use in no time. It has a collapsible vertical tree listing, that resembles the Windows Explorer folder view. It also makes it easier for visitors of your website to find things, makes its look more professional and helps to organize large amount of data into hierarchical order with as many nodes and sub-levels as you need. Expandable elements can be used as links, or they can be just expanded. The sub-menus are opened and closed by a mouse click.
BCGCD Greatest Common Denominator (Large Numbers) 1.0 Sergiu -- 3422 2006-09-29 08:05:03 [ link ] [ show ]
The Greatest Common Denominator of two large numbers, using BCMath functions. Please read the PHP manual for BCMath requirements. It works even for those who cannot have GMP support in their PHP distribution, for instance due to the web host policy.
calculator versi Derian Conteh-Morgan -- 17352 1999-05-05 18:05:45 [ link ] [ show ]
Calculator with basic four functions.
Counter 1 Richard Cunningham -- 8037 2000-01-03 22:34:43 [ link ]
A simple text counter that can be used for the whole website or individual pages. Works equally well for Windows as well as Unix based OS's.
Expression calculator 1.0 Christoph Kala -- 8794 2000-06-27 18:42:04 [ show ]
With this simple PHP script you can calculate any (correct -:) expresion like for example: (1+2)*(5/(2+3.14))
GCD of two numbers Derian Conteh-Morgan -- 9560 1999-09-21 13:14:18 [ show ]
A simple recursive algorithm to find the gcd of any two numbers.
Histogram class 1.0 Jesus M. Castagnetto -- 11545 1999-04-07 21:59:51 [ show ]
Simple Histogram class, with constructor and access methods. Included sample code that shows how to use the class.
inters 1.0 Steve Adner -- 7903 1999-06-16 16:51:01 [ show ]
MathLib 1.1 Nick Bastin -- 10005 1998-04-21 20:13:37 [ show ]
Library of math functions to expand the functionality of PHP3. Version 1.1 adds a factorial function.
MathLib 1.2 Nick Bastin -- 8148 1998-04-25 17:47:51 [ show ]
Library of math functions to expand the functionality of PHP3. Version 1.2 removes the mod function, adds a function for determining the greatest common divisor of two numbers, and adds a small change to the factorial function.
MathLib 1.2.1 Nick Bastin -- 8612 1998-04-25 17:50:26 [ show ]
Library of math functions to expand the functionality of PHP3. Version 1.2.1 fixes a major problem with the gcd function.
odd and even yoshikuni tamura -- 8623 2000-01-02 03:47:14 [ show ]
returns odd or even.(奇数か偶数を返す)
PI calculator collection 3.0 Hamish Milne -- 3122 2007-07-09 02:02:13 [ show ]
The php pi() function can only go to a certain amount. This is a collection of Pi calculators using the Gregory-Leibniz series, the Wallis series and the Reimann series, in float and BCMath. The float is faster but can only go to a certain number of decimal places. Tested on 5.2.3 but should work on 4+. BCMath functions require BCMath support, Windows PHP 4.0.4 plus should be fine. See php.net/bc for details. Warning: I have had problems using pi_wallis_bc and pi_reimann_bc. The code is right so there seems to be a bug in the BCMath functions.
RandomDigits 1.0 Michael A. Smith -- 8561 1998-09-18 11:53:06 [ show ]
This function returns a random string of a specified number of digits without leading zeros. For example, if three digits are specified, the function will return a random three-digit number from 100 to 999.

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