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VCalendar - an open source web calendar 1.0.2 Alexey Petrov -- 5865 2006-03-20 05:26:11 [ link ] [ show ]
VCalendar (Virtual Calendar) is an open source Web calendar application with related tools, for posting and maintaining events and schedules online, in calendar format. This is an excellent and free solution for use by online Web communities and any commercial and non-commercial organizations. Unlike any other online calendars, VCalendar comes with source code in multiple programming languages: PHP, ASP and ASP.NET (C# and VB.NET); with potential for adding more technologies in the future.
Calendar 1.0 Andrey Korlyakov -- 36956 1999-02-23 03:32:36 [ show ]
One more calendar. ;-)
Calendar generation function. dan zarrella -- 6868 2003-01-21 16:03:26 [ link ]
This function, hacked from the original source, at <a href="http://www.keithdevens.com/software/php_calendar/source.php">http://www.keithdevens.com/software/php_calendar/source.php</a> returns a color-coded calendar as a string, based on blog entries per day. Also check out the code fork <a href="http://www.stargeek.com/scripts.php?script=11&cat=blog">things to do</a> calendar class.
dRenungan 1.3 Donny Marthen Sitompul -- 4943 2003-11-12 02:15:49 [ link ]
Daily 'news' for administering posting announcement, bible studies, etc. But... you must generate a display.php to put the news content to your page. <Indonesian> Script php yang bisa digunakan untuk administrasi renungan Alkitab</Indonesian>
Calendar Class 1.0 Jason -- 20070 1999-09-28 01:39:41 [ show ]
Pass this script $month or $day or $year and it'll generate a calendar for you.
dtCalendar 1.0 Maziar Aflatoun -- 8303 2001-05-16 10:39:54 [ show ]
Easy to use Calendar with many customizable features.
dtCalendar 1.0 Maziar Aflatoun -- 6895 2001-05-16 10:40:47 [ show ]
Easy to use Calendar with many customizable features.
Another Simple Calender 0.1 Mohammad Riaz 5.0 12931 2001-07-24 17:22:56 [ link ]
This is a simple calender that displays calender for any month upto year 2010. More years can be easily addedd. Users can also add events to particular dates and also view schedule for any date
freeCal 1.0 Nijel Collingham -- 10151 2002-02-14 14:32:10 [ link ]
Online calendar / event scheduler that does not require a database. All code in 1 file
table calendar 0.01 Peter C. Norton -- 15130 1998-03-31 10:53:49 [ show ]
table calendar pretty much does what cal(1) does - prints out a calendar. It has some other options, and when I've gotten a better idea of the php OO syntax, I'll make this into a class that can be accessed more convenienty. I'm currently using this in a system that has no graphics, but I want hooks to make graphics available for element of the table, with an ALT tag for text browsers. have fun, send suggestions, questions, etc to spacey@pobox.com
table calendar 0.02 Peter C. Norton -- 14837 1998-04-01 00:45:30 [ show ]
This is now an object, with its interface defined in comments at the beginning of the code. No hooks for graphics yet. I may take some time to do this.
calendar.php3 v1.0 Seamus Venasse -- 19073 2000-01-04 23:02:19 [ show ]
Pure PHP3 code to produce a calendar in a HTML table. Easy to port to a class.
pcCalendar.php3 v1.0 Seamus Venasse -- 15740 2000-01-05 01:37:51 [ show ]
Complete class for designing calendars. Very customisable.

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