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agitotga.com.br 1 netto canelas -- 3989 2004-02-18 01:41:55 [ link ]
ApPHP Tabs - PHP Tab Menu Control 1.0.2 Chara Miteo -- 1936 2009-12-15 04:19:32 [ link ] [ show ]
The ApPHP Tabs is a simple PHP script that generates multilevel tab menu control which consists of nice-looking tabs. It may be useful for web developers who appreciate their time and do not want to waste it on boring work but instead focus on really challenging tasks. It takes you only few seconds to add or remove a tab. You can use the script to organize your website navigation system. It was written according to object-oriented principles and is very simple to install, implement, use and modify.
Automated Navigation System (Modified CLASS Version) 1.0.0 Nilashis Chatterjee 5.0 4295 2004-07-14 23:28:35 [ link ] [ show ]
Automated Navigation System : Without the Image parts . Sometimes it may happen that you do not require the images , only the You are here part is needed. thats why I created a modified version of this script (A Class) which will do that for you. The .zip (or tar.gz) file contains a php file (part.php) which will do this for you. If you just need the "You are here" part , then use this file & include it in every page. The rest is done here.. See online demo at http://php-dev.t35.com/downloads/auto-nav-system/part.php
Bs_HtmlNavigation (Navigation and Sitemap class) 4.2 fab5 -- 5290 2002-12-21 00:58:17 [ link ] [ show ]
Only 3 steps are needed to have your fully customized dynamic navigation or sitemap: 1. give the navigation data (PHP array or XML file, 2. specify the styles, 3. specify the current page the user is looking at
Menu Bar 1.0 Rob Fisher 3.0 15389 1998-08-24 07:05:07 [ show ]
Prints a bar of links to each HTML page it finds in the current directory, using the <TITLE> tag for the name of each link.
Menu Bar 1.0 Rob Fisher -- 11146 1998-08-24 07:06:01 [ show ]
Prints a bar of links to each HTML page it finds in the current directory, using the <TITLE> tag for the name of each link.
Menus from Directories 1 Evan Prentice -- 9993 1999-12-23 13:43:04 [ show ]
This is a dynamically generated menu system, that reads from directories .HTML and .php3 files, with a <TITLE> tag on a seperate line. This is a hack for what I needed, but I though it may be useful, you can see it in action at www.action-web.net
MenuSystem 0.1.3 Michael Mustun 5.0 13930 2003-02-15 13:11:13 [ show ]
menu.php3 is a simple to use 2D menu system. Tested with: Apache/1.3.2 (Unix) PHP/3.0.4 but should work on other versions also.
navbar.php3 1.0 Dougal Campbell -- 15905 1998-07-28 01:35:19 [ show ]
Create dynamic navigation bars for a set of web pages.
PHP TreeMenu 1.0 Bjorge Dijkstra -- 29525 1999-08-06 15:28:53 [ link ] [ show ]
PHP TreeMenu creates a windows explorer style tree menu with 'unlimited' collapsable/expandable levels
PopupMenu 0.5 Paul Schreiber -- 10248 1999-07-10 17:21:31 [ link ]
Provides a generic function for creating state-maintaining popup menus.
Pull Down menu 1.0 zhong hongye -- 21221 2000-04-24 22:23:56 [ link ] [ show ]
This is a class for pull down menu you can design your own style menu.this class only run in php4, but you can change it a little let run it php3. but it still some feature not support (ie: disable ,check...) maybe there is some bug in it because this is my first program both php and javascript. if any problem notice me at mailto://zhong_hongye@citiz.net you can the demo in http://www.mycgiserver.com/~phpaddjs
Traffic Exchange Link (The New Generation) 1 Jeff Espiritu -- 2984 2004-10-26 03:58:42 [ link ] [ show ]
a new method of traffic exchange with no effort to the people who wants to exchange link with you. No need to signup, No tracking codes and NO MySQL database needed, just send traffics to your site then the traffic where it came from will be tracked and the site who sent you traffic will be added automatically to your linking area by tomorrow. Simple and effective.
you-are-here-navbar 1.0 Ulrich Babiak -- 13515 1999-06-14 13:22:26 [ show ]
The code will print the path to the current page with links to every parent directory. Very useful to let people know where they are in your site tree and offer them additional navigation aid. Optional: assigning labels for certain directories

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