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News from files 2 Benjamin Stocker -- 11505 1998-09-07 01:55:35 [ show ]
Another script to display news from files in a directory. This version does not use the UNIX ls command and works also on Windows NT. Files will be sorted in descending order by modification date. You may include html links in the text file.
Progress bar (js) 1.2 Stig S. Bakken -- 13053 1998-07-22 18:32:37 [ show ]
PHP functions to generate a Javascript-driven progress bar with images representing the success or failure of different stages.
Reciprocal Links (w/ Auto Update) 1.0 Wayne Ethier -- 3755 2003-02-16 15:01:06 [ link ] [ show ]
Reciprocal Links will instantly increase the number of links pointing to your web site(s). Major Search Engines rank your site based on several factors, including popularity. Give your site a boost. Install It, and Forget It -- It automatically updates itself every time a new member installs this program! Requires server-side includes and php (3.0.9+), and takes up very little drive space.
<?php/* function t 0.4 Harley Bull -- 18678 1998-10-07 19:27:41 [ show ]
Creates a navagation bar that gives all .htm type files but ignors the current page(user defined).
PHP Search 1.0 Fraser Campbell -- 13850 1998-10-13 18:55:35 [ show ]
This provides a drop down form for searching with different search engines. All the encoding/arguments are set by the program as need for each supported search engine (currently 18).
REF Class 1.01 Jorge Machin -- 7810 1998-11-10 10:29:50 [ show ]
This class preserves variables between templates. It supports links, forms, images and location's
Chips Class 1.0 Jorge Machin -- 9829 1998-12-15 11:28:11 [ show ]
With this class you can use cookies with chips!
You have been here.. 1.0 Neil Edwards -- 11233 1999-03-01 13:25:03 [ show ]
This code tells the visitor how many times they have been to your site. Using cookies (a first for me). Hope its useful.
Function for writing 0.7 Fredrik Steen -- 10284 1999-03-09 02:11:57 [ show ]
A little function for writing a string to a file.
File Upload for Wind 1.0 Michael Grier -- 14109 1999-03-11 10:24:08 [ show ]
File Upload script that works on Windows NT servers. An updated version that calls an ASP script to send an email is available on my free software page at http://www.bigmweb.com/home/software.html
bookmarker 1.0 Padraic Renaghan -- 11338 1999-03-29 16:50:48 [ show ]
bookmarker is a WWW based application for managing bookmarks. It allows multiple users to list, search, maintain, and create bookmarks. It is based on PHP, using PHPLIB, which allows support for multiple databases.
HTTP_USER_AGENT pars v 1.0 Chris Mospaw -- 12286 1999-04-30 13:11:12 [ show ]
A slightly modified version of the "Cloaking Variables" written by Leon Atkinson. It now properly parses for Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer AND Opera (rather popular in Europe and a good "base-line" browser). The original code says it's 2.0 compatible, but I have only tested it in PHP 3.0.
Exploder class 1.0 Ed Williams -- 9547 1999-05-01 11:09:37 [ show ]
Class that splits up a string given any amount of delimiters.Usefull if you want tp parse a query string from form input.
Music On/Off 1.0.0 Bill Zeller -- 9068 1999-05-03 19:40:57 [ show ]
This script lets users specify if they want music on or off.
Recommend Script 1.0.0 Bill Zeller -- 10613 1999-05-13 17:39:15 [ show ]
This script lets users recommend your site to anyone.
ANTI leech script 1.1 Marcel Lemmen -- 17243 1999-05-18 02:40:22 [ show ]
Make it unable for your visitors to see the original URL when they download a file! Very usefull for MP3 or other files.
Display HTML file wi 1.0 Sam Snow -- 12248 1999-05-18 12:51:42 [ show ]
I wrote this this code in order to use the DB based free page comment server found at another domain. It reads in an HTML file, and then does some replacements as it spits it back out. More info below.
Auto-Meta v1.4. Ryan Hunt -- 11244 1999-06-17 19:51:19 [ show ]
Easialy and Instantly update your Meta Tags on all your pages by editing keywords.txt and description.txt. I find it to be verry usefull and time saving when you want to update your Keywords and Description META Tags on your website. Thanks to #PHP@Effnet and Maddog2030 for helpin me debug it. Quality PHP3 host at http://www.Nayr.com
scriptingNews 1 Adam Trachtenberg -- 9854 1999-06-17 23:08:09 [ show ]
txt2xml -- Adam Trachtenberg -- 1999 This PHP script is the subject of a UserLand Discussion Group thread on using scripts to create XMLizations of news channels. It reads a text file formatted with double-carriage returns, possibly containing <a href>s and simple markup (italic or bold text for example), and parses it to produce <scriptingNews> 2.0b1 formatted file.
Perfect News 1 Philip Gatt -- 17249 1999-06-22 15:30:19 [ show ]
The most complete News script I've seen. Supports dynamic creation, deletion, and display of news. Easy installation. If you are looking for a news script, definately check this one out.
Metatag Generator 1 Jos Filion -- 8932 1999-07-13 00:40:32 [ show ]
MetaTag Generator
Kids Mathematics 1.0 PEDRO ALVES -- 9588 1999-08-24 16:29:03 [ link ] [ show ]
Generate arithmetics table for children up to 10 years old.
Kids Mathematics 1.0 PEDRO ALVES -- 9210 1999-08-24 16:30:01 [ link ] [ show ]
Generate arithmetics table for children up to 10 years old.
AmazonLibrarian 1 Ken Chen -- 7765 1999-08-26 08:55:32 [ link ]
If for you is a pain to update your recommended books in your amazon associate page each time this is a php function that works together with a mysql database to generate the necessary html to show the book cover with a link to the book page in amazon including your associate id. You only have to populate the mysql table with the books's isbn. you can see a demo at http://www.promed.com.pa/amazon
Edit page v0.9 Klaus Hansen -- 16716 1999-09-21 03:11:15 [ link ] [ show ]
A script that cand edit a php page online
Themes.org parser and navigator 0.1 Mike Krus -- 6652 1999-11-13 16:17:09 [ link ]
This code parses XML files produced by the themes.org web site and outputs nice formated display quicker to render than the real site. The parser is used by a navigator here : http://php3.free.fr/mkrus/tobrowser.php3
Enhanced Dir Listing 1.0 Patrick Audley -- 10127 1999-11-22 21:35:14 [ show ]
An enhanced alternative to apache-generated directory listings. **work in progress** :)
Seti_stats 0.1 Olafur Sigurgeirsson -- 5972 1999-12-12 17:21:09 [ link ]
A very simple way to get SETI@home stats on a webpage.
News lister 0.02 Eric Persson -- 10812 1999-12-27 06:29:05 [ link ] [ show ]
This scripts collects the filenames in a specified directory and outputs a link to each file with date and timestamp taken from the filename.
no database bulliten board 2.0 Mark Donchek -- 7842 1999-12-28 16:41:16 [ link ]
This is a script based on Daniel Williams' original script with the following modifications: - A checkbox for the users' choice in format (HTML or No HTML). - The ability for a user to preview their changes before submitting. - A check box for a user to decide whether or not to see a preview. - Blank submissions are blocked from submission. - An error message has been added when trying to insert a blank submission into the submit page. - The primary submit form has been separated from guestbook.php3 in order to help prevent against multiple submissions (more aesthetic than practical). - Various aesthetic changes (for consistency with www.markdonline.com's look and feel, including a single pixel gif (black.gif) in place of the HTML line rule. I have a few more ideas for improvement which I'll post if I add... Here is where I have it up: http://www.markdonline.com/guestbook/
Random Image Picker 1.1 Richard Heyes -- 6427 2000-02-27 06:12:22
As the title suggests, this script shows a random image from a list held in a text file. Can be called from an IMG tag or via a require/include. Version 1.1: Major code clean up and more focus placed upon using inline method. Now supports any valid html/text as well as images in inline mode.
InstaMSG 1.01 Richard Vrijhof -- 10216 2000-03-06 21:22:21 [ link ] [ show ]
This is a simple script to send an instant msg to the webmaster (only for Windows NT).
PHP Rate 1.0 Mathias Daval -- 6691 2000-03-19 16:45:52 [ link ]
PHP Rate is a simple counter and voting system, which requires no database
An email checking script 1.0 Mathias Daval -- 9804 2000-03-19 16:48:44 [ link ]
Simple script which checks the validity of an email entered in a form.
Random Quotes 1.0 Mathias Daval -- 5858 2000-03-19 16:51:47 [ link ]
Display random quotes from a flat file database of quotes
EditPHP Pierre Marceau -- 11448 2000-03-21 08:32:47 [ link ]
Edit PHP and HTML code from your browser, online.
PHPolls 2.0 Mathias Daval -- 8048 2000-03-22 18:01:58 [ link ]
PHPolls creates simple polls with a graphical display of the results.
PHP Testbed 0.99 Michael Hesselbach -- 9862 2000-04-07 11:28:57 [ show ]
You dont need to ftp every test version. Just put it here and run it and optimize and run again and again... Works with plain HTML too.
function to remove cookies set as array 0.1 Robert Zwink -- 7433 2000-04-17 16:01:32 [ show ]
if you have a cookie whose name is mycookie[myindex2] and mycookie[myindex1] this function will delete all of them. I used "for" loops because I am used to them. A while/list would be prettier though.
GPGSend v0.1.1 Anthony Awtrey -- 7216 2000-05-23 12:38:13 [ link ] [ show ]
GPGSend is a script to send a GnuPG encrypted email from a form. This script requires, Apache (with mod_action), PHP running as a CGI, CGIwrap and GnuPG.
Section Manager v0.1 David Reid -- 6063 2000-06-18 18:39:59 [ show ]
An easy way to manage includes based on section ids (Also generates menus from an array $menu)
Random Quote 1.0 Jose Luis Pellicer -- 6218 2000-07-12 19:46:13 [ show ]
Include tips.php3 in your document and get a random quote from a MySQL database. Allows HTML tags inside quotes and features a marker so a single quote will not repeat itself after consecutive page loads.
Canned Mailer 0.8 Bill Bird -- 7712 2000-07-27 23:48:30 [ show ]
A very flexible script that sends the contents of a file to a mailing recipient. ("Pretty" setting doesn't work.)
Headlines Grabber 1.0 Neil Moomey -- 9591 2000-08-01 17:55:43 [ show ]
This script allows you to add daily headlines, weather, or stock charts to your website. It retrieves source code from a file or URL. This script relies on a unique start and end string to mark the beginning and end of the html you wish to retrieve.
AAA PHP - werHTML - Worlds Easiest Random HTML ver 1.0 Jason Lotito -- 8857 2000-08-06 16:39:11 [ show ]
Perfect for running random banners, buttons, anything in fact. Any HTML you can put in, entire pages if you want to!
AAA PHP - Alphabet Array 1.0 Jason Lotito -- 10178 2000-08-06 16:56:04 [ show ]
Perfect of creating random passwords, names, etc.
Php - Maillist 1.0 arda altay -- 6846 2000-08-08 16:53:59 [ link ]
Create your own maillist with PHP...
inertianews 0.02b Brent Charbonneau -- 5293 2000-08-17 00:28:17 [ link ]
A complex news management class, that allows you to create a news object to output articles, or post/delete/modify forms, all formatted based on html style templates.
PHPQuotes 0.1 Memnoch Manon -- 5083 2000-08-27 03:23:24 [ link ]
Gets quotes in a random fashion out of a MySQL dbase. Comes with administration page to ADD and DELETE quotes from the database.
phpCMS 1.0.3 Michael Brauchl -- 6955 2000-10-09 11:27:51 [ link ]
This is a simply content-management-system under developement. At this time there are fast templates, dynamic menus and sub-templates. Future: Browser-Front-End. Site is in german!
Rand-O-Links 1.0 David Reid -- 5381 2000-11-03 21:47:35 [ show ]
Prints a given number of random links
webring 1.0 Robert Peake -- 4539 2000-11-25 20:14:50 [ link ]
ABOUT webring provides an easy-to-configure solution for creating a webring. All URLs are stored in one file (webring.urls), and each link in the webring references one of three functions: next (next.php), previous (prev.php), or random (rand.php) at this site. REQUIREMENTS webring requires PHP>3 (tested on 3.015) with support for $HTTP_REFERER, and depends upon the loopedArray class (included). webring links will only work on browsers that allow redirects using the http-equiv meta tag. ARCHITECTURE webring uses the loopedArray object, which simulates a "looped" array data type with a number of basic functions. See "loopedArray.api" for an outline of how to use this class. See "webring.api" for an outline of the webring class. CONFIGURATION Simply add urls, one per line, to the file webring.urls. Then reference next.php, prev.php, and rand.php from the pages in your webring.
Safe HTML 0.1 Gaute Hvoslef Kvalnes -- 4215 2000-12-21 16:24:39 [ link ] [ show ]
Cleans up HTML code by removing unwanted tags. Useful for \"cleaning\" form input that is to be viewed on a HTML page.
CSV2HTML 1.0.0 Srinivasan Ramakrishnan -- 4166 2001-02-03 14:53:33 [ link ]
Converts a CSV (Comma separated Values) file into a HTML table. Can write the HTML file or just return a reference to a string containing the HTML table. Also applies any style specified to the table.
External Frame 1.0 Jorge Becerra -- 4506 2001-02-03 21:46:43 [ show ]
whit this lines of code you can link to a external servers whit a frame of your site.
<phpXML/> 1.0 Michael P. Mehl -- 4616 2001-03-10 06:21:55 [ link ]
<phpXML/> is a class for accessing XML documents through the powerful XPath language WITHOUT requiring the DOM XML extensions to be setup on your server. With this script XPath becomes at last also everywhere available, where hosters refuse persistently to setup this extension.
Hyperlink Encoder 1.0 Mark Young -- 4363 2001-04-23 23:30:18 [ show ]
Searched for any e-mail address and hyperlink in a string, and adds the proper \"<a href=\" tags around it. \'http://px.sklar.com\' becomes \'<a href=\'http://px.sklar.com\'>http://px.sklar.com</a>\'
ECHO_PHP_Class 1.4 Robb Hanisee -- 4061 2001-06-11 18:01:10 [ link ]
The new ECHO-PHP Class is now available. ECHO-PHP Class drives all types of real-time credit card and check transactions using ECHO merchant processing’s free secure payment gateway and open-source real-time software. Supports system check, address verification, authorization and deposit, deposit, credit, commercial card, electronic check debit, and more. The new ECHO-PHP Class makes it easier than ever to connect to ECHO using this popular server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. Ideal for all commerce applications. Perfect for ISP/IPPs to use for billing their clients, since this supports electronic checks as well. SUpport available at www.openecho.com
Flashing Text php John -- 7492 2001-06-15 20:49:08 [ link ]
php fun for kids. Just type in a phrase (name, slogan, etc.) and see it flash repeatedly.
phpHtmlLib 1.0.0 Walt Boring -- 3814 2001-08-19 18:48:55 [ link ]
phpHtmllib is a set of PHP classes and library functions to help facilitate building, debugging, and rendering of HTML and XHTML. It provides a mechanism to output perfectly indented/readable HTML/XHTML source, and a programmatic API to generating HTML/XHTML on the fly.
function makeClickable(string text) 0.1 florian geiges -- 3966 2001-12-26 02:01:29 [ show ]
this function replaces all http:// ftp:// email and so on links in a given string with the fitting html-tag.
BlueShoes HTML Table Triology 4.2 fab5 -- 4848 2002-12-15 10:01:02 [ link ] [ show ]
Three table classes, one for every task. Bs_HtmlTable: Can manipulate content, attributes and styles and then render the data to a nicely formed HTML table. Bs_HtmlTableWindrose: Styles can be set to RELATIVE positions. This class is very useful to apply predefined styles to ANY data (any number of rows and columns). Bs_HtmlTableStyle: Predefined styles (in the form of XML strings or PHP arrays) can be applied to any data (with an arbitrary number of rows and columns).
phpYellow Pages 2.41 DreamRiver.com -- 4028 2002-06-12 03:25:27 [ link ]
Easily create your very own Yellow Pages. If you need a yellow page directory to showcase your service or product listings - you've found it!
Custom Site Statistics dan zarrella -- 3968 2003-01-21 16:01:17 [ link ]
this script generates a dynmic graph showing, raw htis, average hits, raw unique IPs and average unique ips, it also monitors, ave click per vist, referrers, google search terms and per page hits., Very simple and requires only a mysql database (No access to apache logs required)
MyAddressbook 0.6 Olafur Sigurgeirsson -- 4255 2003-02-12 09:59:21 [ link ]
A simple addressbook
Ask and Receive steve saroff -- 3585 2003-07-22 13:02:19 [ link ] [ show ]
Ask and Receive is a full-featured reciprocal link management system written in PHP. It lets visitors automatically add their own links to your site, and you approve which links you want to accept. You can also add outgoing links directly to your own site, and 'nudge' those site owners to return the favor by linking to you. It has search engine optimization features, and much more. Freeware. Very easy to install and use
Ask and Receive steve saroff -- 3544 2003-07-22 13:02:20 [ link ] [ show ]
Ask and Receive is a full-featured reciprocal link management system written in PHP. It lets visitors automatically add their own links to your site, and you approve which links you want to accept. You can also add outgoing links directly to your own site, and 'nudge' those site owners to return the favor by linking to you. It has search engine optimization features, and much more. Freeware. Very easy to install and use
Change File Mode -- CHMOD sardonyx quinx -- 4687 2003-09-18 22:48:39 [ link ] [ show ]
One of the many major problems of a beginner when starting to learn PHP is how CHMOD function really works. Not just because this function is hard to understand, but it also requires a technical skill and talent from a web programmer. This tutorial has a two part. One is how to CHMOD using a PHP file and the other is through FTP, with the use of Cute FTP. WS FTP will not be covered with this tutorial but the concept of changing the file mode is likely the same, so do not worry about this matter.
Displaying IP Address sardonyx quinx -- 10754 2003-09-18 22:49:23 [ link ] [ show ]
When signing to a guestbook, tagboard or any web service, IP address of a user are automatically logged by the server depending on what settings the server's environment may have. Whether you want it or not, a user IP address can be a fixed number or not. Also, the IP address is also a big factor or consideration when it comes to computer security. But before this tutorial came to nowhere, let me show to you the following PHP codes in order for a webmaster to display the current remote and server ip address using PHP variables in his or her website.
Page Last Modification sardonyx quinx -- 3838 2003-09-18 22:52:21 [ link ] [ show ]
Displaying the last time of modification of a certain document in one website can be a great addon. It doesn't just increase the information of a certain document but it also impresses audience especially if used at the right time and at the right place.
Loan Payment Script V 1.0 Corps Technologies -- 3066 2004-03-30 04:05:32 [ link ]
This is a simple basic script for figuring a loan payment given an amount, percentage rate and number of months. The formula for this script is included in the readme file.
HardCore Web Content Editor 5.3 David Fisher -- 3302 2004-09-06 15:08:21 [ link ]
Cross-browser/cross-platform WYSIWYG HTML editor for IE, Mozilla Firefox/Firebird and Netscape web browsers. The editor enables anybody to create, edit, and post website content with no need to install anything on the client side. Features include text formatting attributes, CSS style sheet support, table editing, insertion of media including images, Flash animations and Java Applets, hyperlink management, spell checking, DOM inspector, optional XHTML output plus much more.
JSalert Andrew -- 3075 2005-06-07 15:18:03 [ show ]
This code gives an easy way to send a javascript pop-up alert straight from ur php code.
Word Link Script 1.0.9 Darren Gates -- 2603 2007-03-03 10:20:26 [ link ]
GPix is a FREE yet powerful word link script, based on the popular marketing concept of link advertising. This system requires only a web server running PHP/MySQL, and the ability to chmod files and folders. The GPix skins also work with GLink!
ApPHP Business Directory script 2.0.1 Chara Miteo -- 1376 2011-10-31 15:59:51 [ link ]
ApPHP Business Directory is a simple, but powerful Business Directory solution. This script allows to add categories, then associate added businesses to these categories. You may also add business profiles including basic business contact info, business description, website link, e-mail contact, categories, map links etc. ApPHP Business Directory was developed in OOP and allows you to build business directory website in a few minutes and then easy add and edit the content. ApPHP Business Directory provides you with all features you need to setup your own ecommerce directory website on your own domain name. We provide you all things you need for a successfull website such as: listings management, search engine friendly urls, database backup, advanced text editor, banner rotation system etc. So it is really easy to start your own successfull directory website.
acute5damns 1 Stefan de Wal 5.0 11195 1999-08-17 12:34:51 [ link ]
The easiest page counter ever!
Forum nagytoka 5.0 9110 2004-01-29 13:03:25 [ show ]
A forum without MySQL. The script is hungarian, but the forum is english. (PHP 4.3.2)
I-FAKER advnaced fake traffic unique ip generating PHP script 3.9 Sean Teller 5.0 6214 2004-02-17 20:15:49 [ link ] [ show ]
I-FAKER sends as many unique hits a day as your server can handle. Using PHP, it routes HTTP get requests through a massive list of anonymous proxy servers which can be defined by you. Even banners on your site get impressions! This is the most advanced software of its kind. It is not only a fake hit generator, but it can in conjunction with the alexa tracker improve your alexa rankings. Our fake traffic script is absolutely one of its kind on the web.

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