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nslookup 2.0 |The-Crow| -- 9942 2000-06-29 17:41:46 [ link ]
Simply nslookup to use in PHP, tested under Apache 1.3.12 / PHP 4.0.0 / Linux 2.2.16. Now in version 2.0 you can get the IP address corresponding to a given Internet host name and get the Internet host name corresponding to a given IP address.
TLD Registrar Query v1.0a Lew Payne 5.0 25014 2000-08-12 23:44:10 [ show ]
This quick and simple bit of PHP3/PHP4 code allows you to quickly and easily fetch some basic information regarding a .com, .net or .org domain.
Topdog whois and domain check script 2.0 andrew colin -- 6974 2003-07-18 07:06:48 [ link ]
This hanndy script checks for most TLD's and prints results into any page you specify
whois.php3 0.5 Steve Yelvington -- 14411 1999-12-10 23:22:50 [ show ]
Recent changes in the way Internic handles domain registration data has rendered the old whois program hard to use, so I cobbed together this PHP substitute that fetches registry info from Internic, then goes directly to the registry to get the details. This works for .com, .net, .org; country-specific registries are not supported.
Whois2 2.1 Mark Jeftovic -- 13337 1998-04-30 12:13:31 [ link ]
Base class to query whois databases, fully supports the new SRS (Shared Registry System) and over 100 ccTLD's (country code TLD's). This version is broken down into a base class and extended handlers, so it's easy to plug in support for new TLD's and support changes to existing ones. This is a ground up rewrite of my whois.php3 base class (not to be confused with the other whois.php3 posted here).
Windows checkdnsrr() function 1.0 Hamish Milne -- 5455 2008-04-04 06:01:36 [ show ]
A getmxrr function compatible with windows operating systems. Use this to test if a domain has records of a particular type. Uses fast public DNS servers.
Windows DNS functions Hamish Milne -- 3290 2008-04-04 06:01:47 [ show ]
A collaboration of all the Windows DNS functions I have created: checkdnsrr, getmxrr and dns_get_record. You need to have the files listed in the includes. Their names correspond to the functions for which the code is avaliable on PX
Windows dns_get_record function 1.0 Hamish Milne -- 5608 2008-04-04 06:02:10 [ show ]
A dns_get_record function compatible with windows. Use this to retrieve any dns records of hosts. Uses fast public dns servers. Warning: different to the standard linux version. See code for more info.
Windows getmxrr() function 1.0 Hamish Milne -- 5391 2008-04-04 06:02:21 [ show ]
A getmxrr function compatible with windows operating systems. Use this to retrieve the MX records of hosts and their MX priority. Uses fast public DNS servers.

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