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PHP PortScanner 1.1 Fabian Dennler -- 24423 2000-05-03 13:15:08 [ link ] [ show ]
Examines the a computer for open port and reports the conclusion to the user. You can choose between well know port, registred port or define your own.
PHP Ping 1 swen -- 20431 2001-10-01 11:08:51 [ link ] [ show ]
Simply ping in php. This way, you can ping from your webserver to whereever from a webgui.
redir.php3 1.0b Jon Fields -- 16714 1999-01-27 16:51:28 [ show ]
a simple redirection script for use with forms or..?
UPS Shipping Calculator 1.0 Eric Williams -- 16650 2001-07-02 21:00:04 [ show ]
UPS Datastream shipiing calculator.
ICQ Pager 1 Eric Hanson -- 16015 1999-07-24 03:25:21 [ show ]
This function sends an ICQ page to a specified UIN. It uses Mirabilis' ICQ pager system to send an ICQ message to a specified UIN.
Telnet Script 1 Marc Ennaji -- 15878 2001-07-25 11:58:33 [ show ]
A telnet script class. Maybe you\'ll need a french dictionnary to translate names :-)
Netbus detector 1.1 Troels Arvin -- 15110 1998-11-28 01:45:24 [ show ]
Examines the user's computer for open Netbus (the trojan horse) port and reports the conclusion to the user.
Proxy Bypass 1.0 Nick Horvath -- 14855 2002-07-04 01:02:13 [ show ]
For all you students out there with over-restricted internet access this will get around it! Just open this page from school and enter the desired url. The internet blocking software thinks its viewning a harmless page and not the blocked one! There is a MySQL based login built in that can be uncommented and used if you have access to a MySQL database as well.
Company Symbol Lookup 1.0 Mukul Sabharwal -- 12553 2000-03-17 13:03:19 [ link ] [ show ]
This handy code looks up the symbol of the entered company, and displays it formatted. It can be incorporated into your quote script.
KlikBCA.com Rates Grabber 0.1 Oki S Bayu -- 11698 2002-08-01 18:11:14 [ link ] [ show ]
Add daily rates from KlikBCA.com and place to your site.
yahoo messenger code sultan zahir khan 5.0 11656 2001-08-16 07:25:53 [ link ] [ show ]
to find out whether a particular user is online or offline
Finger 1.0 Christopher Heschong -- 11509 1999-01-07 17:49:58 [ show ]
Function to utilize the finger service
Akamai Image Download Benchmarks v 1.0 Nathan Cook -- 10927 2000-03-09 15:14:47 [ show ]
This test opens a network connection with an image on and off of the akamai servers, and uses micro time to determine the difference. I hope you will find it useful for your benchmarks.
LPHPRng: PHP Interfa 1.0 John Callaghan -- 10864 1999-04-22 10:43:08 [ show ]
A set of functions for interacting with a print server running LPRng. Allows the sending of lpq, lpc, lprm, commands and processes their output. I'll also submit a sample script to show how to use some of the functions.
Ping for PHP3 joe lumbroso -- 10517 2000-03-25 14:29:00 [ link ] [ show ]
Not entirely usefull but interesting also nice for remotely ping bombing some one :)
PHP_Imon 0.1 DaxTar -- 10426 1999-09-25 06:52:18 [ link ] [ show ]
PHP Klone of the ISDN4k Util iMon to monitore your ISDN channels and dial or hangup single ISDN devices
PHP_IsdnCtrl 0.1 DaxTar -- 10093 1999-09-25 06:55:38 [ link ] [ show ]
Frontend for the ISDN4K Util isdnrep with HTML output ( additional script to the PHP_Imon http://www.daxtar.de/isdn/ )
phpftp 2.0 Paul Southworth -- 9982 2000-04-27 00:18:13 [ link ]
Web-based FTP client, supports navigation, uploads, downloads, directory creation. Version 2.0 now includes a directory parser and improved MIME support for downloads. Please read the FAQ: http://inebria.com/phpftp/
Dictionary client class package 1.0 Jesus M. Castagnetto -- 9914 2000-06-03 08:06:02 [ show ]
[UPDATED 2000/06/07] A base class and 2 derivated classes (pkg.dict.php) to generate clients for dictionary servers that follow the DICT protocol (RFC 2229), such as the server at dict.org Included also 2 example of query interfaces generated using this classes, one performs a simple search (simplesearch.php), and the other shows how to get information from the dictionary server and use that to generate a form allowing for more complex searches (extendedsearch.php). NOTE: Three files are included here, separate them into the respective files before using the examples.
LPHPRng Sample 1.0 John Callaghan -- 8833 1999-04-22 10:45:11 [ show ]
Sample script demonstrating the use of the lprng functions in LPHPRng.
PHP portscan 1.01 gonÁalo -- 8661 2000-07-05 00:47:44 [ link ]
PHP Port Scanner is a basic Web-based portscanner, written in PHP. It has been tested with PHP4 under Windows and Linux with Apache and PHP4+Zend.
SMB Web Client Victor M. Varela -- 8206 2004-09-19 08:20:50 [ link ] [ show ]
This is a simple php script to access to Windows Networks with a web browser. Managing files, folders, printers, servers as you were in your Windows Environment.
Matt DeLong -- 8177 2000-10-18 16:50:53
RDF/XML News Parser 0.2 Mike Krus -- 7814 1999-11-13 16:13:45 [ link ]
This code parses XML/RDF code used for MyNetscape(c) news boxes and produces nice dynamic (but cached) news boxes. Also comes with a function for parsing raw text files...
RSS Parser 1.0 Herman Veluwenkamp -- 7501 2000-06-20 18:10:25 [ show ]
RSS parser. Parses RSS into an array. Quick and nasty but does the job. No checking is done for correct Tags, only correct XML. PHP4 needed to display result (uses print_r).
LockDown Pro Anti-Leech Bandwidth Protector Pro 1.2 Corey Milner -- 7011 2000-08-07 19:52:22 [ link ]
LockDown pro is the easiest to install and most reliable server side anti-leech bandwidth protector on the market. It weighs in at less than 1K!!! making it one of the fastest too! And best of all it's 100% effective in all browsers. Just type in your domain name(s) and LockDown Pro goes to work protecting your valuable bandwidth.
Paging.php 1.0 Pierre-Yves Lemaire -- 6927 2001-04-02 15:36:01 [ link ] [ show ]
Simple class to display paging from a recordset.
REALTIME SHIPPING QUOTE (for UPS, FedEx, USPS, RPS, DHL, and others) 1.0 Tony L. -- 6407 2001-05-18 19:15:35 [ link ]
Telnet Script by Marc Ennaji 1.3 Andrew Fox -- 6302 2005-07-17 03:03:20 [ show ]
Modified by Andrew Fox <alias.zero2097@gmail.com) - translated remaining function and variable names from french to english
Ebay Auction Harvester 1.0 Rodney Helsens 5.0 5723 2001-11-06 11:31:12 [ show ]
This script searches ebay and returns a list of items on sale for the search terms you provide. clicking an item will open it in a new window, neat feature to add to your site. working example located at: http://www.fatbaq.com/ebay_harvester.php
phpPortview v1.0.1 Robert Hough -- 5689 2000-05-23 12:47:40 [ link ]
Simple script to view connections on a Lucent Portmaster 3, using snmp. Can most likely be altered to work on any NAS that supports snmp.
subprofile snippet for grabbing screenames n/a ken -- 5680 2002-01-28 22:08:18 [ show ]
subprofile is the aol instant messenger service to let you have your own profile and keep track of users by using the %n variable included in aim. however, when grabbing links containing, for example, e.php?$sn=%n, spaced sn's will not read without a bit of coding. this snippet allows you to save sns with spaces. do whatever else you want with the variable.
ip/subnet verification Brian Rhodes -- 5568 2001-06-21 16:45:42 [ link ] [ show ]
Verifies whether an IP exists within a given SUBNET. Tests whether a given SUBNET is a on a valid CIDR boundary. Tests whether IPs are valid.
FTP Access 1.0 Ray Adams -- 5444 2001-05-10 16:08:18 [ show ]
Simply code to access FTP Server
ICQ status jan 5.0 5261 2003-01-09 08:49:14 [ show ]
Gets the status of an icq uin (online, offline, disabled)
Examine Server 1.0 Matt DeLong -- 5096 2001-01-07 12:39:31 [ show ]
This neat little script for PHP4 allows you to examine the server of any working domain name. Look at the plain version, since pretty does not appear to be working...
Apache logfile monitor by Andrew MARYAN 1.24 Andrew -- 5058 2002-01-05 08:56:21 [ link ]
This is a PHP script - utilites that analyzes the standard apache log file using MySQL on backend. It can analyze and provide a complete report on your site visitors such as the pages accessed, referring pages, User Agents, hosts, time, custom reports, etc. As works MARYAN Apache logfile monitor it is possible to look on Demonstration version:http://www.maryan.com.ua/logs/log.php
SMB/WinPopup script 0.9 Hauke Lampe -- 5004 2002-06-18 22:14:43 [ link ]
Uses smbclient to send a message to selectable, predefined hosts running Samba or Windows. Designed to be accessed by HTTP from an HTML form but can be modified easily for other purposes. See http://frell.ambush.de/
Shoutcast MP3 Server status 1.0 Todd -- 4973 2000-12-26 17:13:24 [ link ]
This is a really simple script I made for my mp3 stations I run. All it does is check to see if the station is online. If it is, show the address. If not, print offline. There is both a standalone version, and one thats in function format.
FTP Search 0.2 Milen Vasilev -- 4681 2002-08-29 09:09:59 [ link ]
Fast indexing and searching in your FTP server. Available in 3 languages (BG,UK,DE). EXAMPLE: http://www.ru.acad.bg/ftpsearch
AutoSetup for the RAQ 1.2 Richard Kurth -- 4660 2001-05-12 01:55:25 [ link ]
This is a set of PHP and MySQL scripts for setting up your hosting customer sites on RAQ automatically from user input. You can have your new hosting customer\'s account up and running in as little as 5 min. Features: Add the site user, Add the domain, Set up the DNS, Email you if you don\'t do your own DNS, Set up a MySQL database, Check to see if username is already in use, Checks if the database name is already being used, Stores user information in customer database, Stores all your different plans in a database, Stores all your IP address in a database, Does not effect the use of the Cobalt GUI, User form input validation, and Send your customer an email with all his/her log information. You can control all of the aspects from your hosting plan setup such as: Database IP hosting or Named based hosting, Host Name, Handles sub-domain hosting, Accept email for domain, Web access by domain max, Allowed disk space (MB), Maximum number of users, Enable shell accounts, Enable CGI scripts, Enable SSL, Enable Server Side Includes, Enable FrontPage Server Extensions, Enable Secure POP3 (APOP), and Anonymous FTP (RaQ4), Enable Active Server Page scripting for the site and user webs (RaQ4), Enable PHP handling for site and user web files with .php or .php4 file extensions. For The Domain Name. System (DNS) Server you can: Add Address A Record for both www.Domain and Domain, Add Reverse Address Record Entry IP to Domain, Add Mail Server (MX) Record and Set up Start of Authority (SOA) Configuration.
UPS Class (NON-US) 1 Alan Knowles -- 4659 2001-07-30 03:39:27 [ show ]
compatible with the original design, this is a from scratch version uses their online rate page rather than the xml or cgi version.
PHP vCard class 2.0 Kai Blankenhorn -- 4539 2003-01-31 04:07:59 [ link ]
Generates a vCard containing personal information. vCards can be imported in most PIMs (MS Outlook, for example). Complies to version 2.1 of the vCard specification.
dictionary 1.0 Helmut Dittrich -- 4500 2004-10-07 12:45:13 [ link ]
A MySQL-database application with many features to control a database with approx. 120.000 records (German-English dictionary).
ip/subnet verification Brian Rhodes -- 4499 2001-06-21 16:50:07 [ show ]
Verifies whether an IP exists within a given SUBNET. Tests whether a given SUBNET is a on a valid CIDR boundary. Tests whether IPs are valid.
Php Input Output Library 1.2 Kevin Pageau -- 4374 2006-03-02 15:29:40 [ link ] [ show ]
This extension allows the direct access the parallel and serial(rs232) port in reading and writing by the DLL inpout32.dll under WIN9x/NT/2000/XP for any assembly. An example of concret application? Complete house automation with Web interface and php, connection hardware of any nature with the ports like assemblies simple or to complicate. One idea simple but quite practical... Extension and source was compiled with Delphi 6, sources and example included. Link to download the complete project : http://www.phpcs.com/code.aspx?ID=36224
phpApacheBrowser 1.0 Sean O\'Donnell -- 4362 2002-05-04 14:12:05 [ link ]
This script will allow you to browse the files and sub-directories of your apache web server. This is an aid to admins/developers who care to secure thier apache server by turning DirectoryBrowsing OFF, but still need to remotely view the contents of thier server.
UPS Class (NON-US) 1 Alan Knowles -- 4334 2001-07-30 03:38:34 [ show ]
compatible with the original design, this is a \\\'from scratch version\\\' uses their \\\'online rate page\\\' rather than the xml or cgi version.
fase4 RDF/RSS Parser 1.1 Stefan Saasen -- 4334 2001-09-08 16:50:58 [ link ]
fase4PHP RDF Parser is a class written in PHP to display RDF/RSS files on your Website. It features a caching function to store temporary RDF files on your server.
Smart Seti stats 0.1 Reza A. Tabibazar -- 4238 2005-07-06 01:20:14 [ link ]
A simple script using a MySql table as a cache for seti results. Since I do not have access to wget or cron i needed a way to get and update the results on my site. I use the page hits as a cron job! Script is two parts: 1. installation 2. update and output
phpProxyDetector 1.0 Sean O\'Donnell -- 4205 2002-05-04 14:27:09 [ link ]
Use this simple php code to detect whether or not a user is using a proxy server to connect to your website.
pseudo-cron 1.1 Kai Blankenhorn -- 4174 2003-01-31 04:10:45 [ link ]
Use cron jobs without having shell access! The only thing that's certain to happen quite regularly on a web page are page requests. This is where pseudo-cron comes into play: With every page request it checks if any cron jobs should have been run since the previous request. If there are, they are run and logged. Pseudo-cron uses a crontab syntax very much like the Unix cron's one.
FlexPHPNews Pro 0.0.6 anna -- 4140 2008-11-24 22:09:14 [ link ] [ show ]
FlexPHPNews Pro is a simple, free and open source news admin system. You can add multi-level sub-categories. Users can search the news by keywords, rate the news or send the news to friends.Feature article ,Site statistics and News archive are available.Easy for internationalization. All the news are printable.Multiple pictures uploads for the news is allowed.Low price customization service is provided.
Easy RSS/XML Parse Function 1.0 Melvin D. Nava 5.0 4076 2008-12-25 01:28:22 [ link ] [ show ]
This function will parse your favorite XML and RSS news feeds in a nice format. Only one variable to set up and easy to integrate and modify. Tested on several sources.
PHP My Ring 2.0 Nicolas G. -- 3951 2002-07-26 17:27:07 [ link ]
Create a webring
SkaDate Professional Dating Software 5.0 Anton Kollision -- 3784 2006-08-30 04:22:30 [ link ]
SkaDate - Fully customizable online dating software with lots of amazingly outstanding features, delighting design templates, excellent support for existing clients. Constantly upgraded Dating software SkaDate has grabbed the top niche in the extremely growing online dating software market of today. We are happy to offer you maximum of comfort, reliability and security running a online dating web site powered by SkaDate. We work to make your business grow. User Features: Search by distance, zip codes, cities, countries, usernames, keywords. Customizable number of photos. Easy preview. Private photo. Watermark support. Online audio/video streaming of member uploaded files. Customizable player screen size and uploaded files size. Internal messaging and virtual kisses (flirts, winks) system in a convenient dialogue-like contact center. Funny chatrooms with customizable rooms. Private chat for online members. Can be invoked at any site page. Audio/Video available as add-on. Show list of matches by specified criteries. Really capturing new age feature. Members tag themselves and each other. Search by tag. Popular, recent, rare tags selection. Customizable tags filter. Really helpful for gathering public stats. Unlimited polls answers, display and vote control. Custom answer support. Deactivation time control. Ajax-driven interfaces for quick and fun rate process, really capturing. Profile gender selection for photo rate. Ability to bookmark those to keep an eye on. Ability to block members. Blocked members can't send you messages, kisses, start IM with you, add you to bookmarks. Network of friends, displayed on member view page. Send letters with invitations. Customizable email template. Customizable invitations limit. Cusomizable invitation lifetime. Send to a site member by username or to a non-member by email. Optional email verification: normally on but can be turned off. Site Features: Convenient interface to work with site languages. Missing values track, language keys and values search. Can be submitted both by admin and members. Events moderation. 3 types of affiliate payouts in any combination: pay-per-click, pay-per-signup, pay-per-subscription. Both fixed and percent commission. Full-featured content management system. Rich text posts, posts preview, categories hierarchy, featured posts, press search. View featured members, selected by admin. View members currently on site. Customizable watermark - custom text with given foreground and background color or a custom image. Customizable position and padding. Complete control of every page of your site. Several ad positions on a page. Ads within search results. Free join or closed club mode when new members are invited by members and/or admin. Menu items customized in administration panel. Blocks automatic signup attempts. Administrator Features: Unlimited custom profile questions. Complete control of registration, edit, view, search form questions set. Full member profiles content, photo, multimedia, status, membership review control. Completely customizable membership types, subscription plans, prices, periods. Subscription, credits, free trial, paid trial supported. You can have any numbers of payment providers set up. Users can choose how they want to pay. Perfect for popular 'PayPal or Credit Card' setup. Transaction list, refunds, chargebacks management. Search, calculator. Send new features notifications, promotion actions and distribute ads within your member base. Flexible user segmentation by profile questions and other factors. Custom regular and 'match' fields creation makes it easy to set up matchmaking based on the profile questions you want. Great for niche dating.
getpostlib 1.0 Igor -- 3683 2005-05-25 04:18:06 [ link ] [ show ]
php unit for performing HTTP GET and POST requests. Easy to use, brief documentation included.
Invisionix Roaming System Remote 0.2 Invisionix Systems -- 3605 2004-06-16 19:35:57 [ link ] [ show ]
Your own portable PC system built by integrating existing Open Source components. This mobile metasystem utilizes the internet's web hosting resources and is accessed via any web browser enabled appliance from your home, work, school, library, cafes, etc. FREE - LGPL From Invisionix Systems - http://www.invisionix.org
FlashCard 2.4.2 Darren Gates -- 3302 2005-12-27 05:03:11 [ link ]
Advanced installation wizard checks your server environment to ensure that FlashCard can be used, and notifies you of any conflicts or errors. During installation, you can choose how users should access FlashCard: either directly without requiring registration, or by registering their login before use. In addition, you can choose from two available skins, multiple different languages, and several other options. Additional language support can be added easily by adding more XML file translations. Fully configurable preloader, without any programming. Just set a few XML options in the configuration XML file (which you can do with any standard text editor). Option to require users to register a login before creating a card. This allows many different people to use the same FlashCard system, all keeping their created cards separate. Option to use SMTP e-mail to send cards. You must have access to an SMTP server, of course. This option is set during installation. All text strings within FlashCard are fully configurable via an external "strings.xml" file. There is no need to edit any Flash files to change the interface text. The XML files can be edited using any standard text editor, like Notepad or Textpad. E-mail template is fully configurable via an HTML template file. 100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code is included, with all .fla, .as, and project files. Thus, if you can't find a way to do it in the XML configuration files, you can also try direct editing of the Flash source code (requires the Flash 2004 Pro. authoring environment).
UNIX Chat Script 1.0 Marcus -- 3087 2006-06-30 05:55:14 [ link ]
As most UNIX bods know, with fairly recent audit lock downs - talkd has been disabled. Now where is the fun in that! :) Donít know about you, but quite often Iíve needed to talk to other people remotely and donít want to hold a phone or use hands free. Here is a quick and dirty solution, that works with bash and zsh too.
Atom/XML Feed Viewers for Flash 1.0 Darren Gates -- 2921 2007-03-24 00:47:52 [ link ] [ show ]
Clone of RSS reader set #1, but for Atom feeds. These will read Atom 3.0-compliant XML feeds. 100% of the Flash 2004 Professional source code is included.

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