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CachedFastTemplate class 1.1 HTML : templating -- 9149 2000-02-28 20:29:39 [ show ]
[UPDATED 2000/06/07] A class that implements caching for pages using FastTemplate. It is a extension class, so it needs FastTemplate.
Dictionary client class package 1.0 networking : other -- 9914 2000-06-03 08:06:02 [ show ]
[UPDATED 2000/06/07] A base class and 2 derivated classes (pkg.dict.php) to generate clients for dictionary servers that follow the DICT protocol (RFC 2229), such as the server at dict.org Included also 2 example of query interfaces generated using this classes, one performs a simple search (simplesearch.php), and the other shows how to get information from the dictionary server and use that to generate a form allowing for more complex searches (extendedsearch.php). NOTE: Three files are included here, separate them into the respective files before using the examples.
Histogram class 1.0 algorithms : math -- 11545 1999-04-07 21:59:51 [ show ]
Simple Histogram class, with constructor and access methods. Included sample code that shows how to use the class.

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