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Counter Text/Graphic/Invisible 1.0.0 HTTP : counters & statistics -- 5743 2002-03-09 17:02:20 [ link ]
Although counters are now thought of as 'old hat' this counter script can be set up and used very easily. Thousands of sites use this already.
Currency Convertor 1.0.0 money : financial calculation -- 6297 2002-03-09 17:06:37 [ link ]
A simple script for converting currensies. Just set up your base currency and the converted figures. The script does the rest
PHP COOKIES 1.0.0 HTTP : other -- 5000 2002-03-09 17:13:37 [ link ]
Another one of Mr.Shifters simple scripts. This one can generate random data. Many websites use this script
PHP Mailer 1.0.0 HTTP : email gateways -- 8745 2002-03-09 17:10:44 [ link ]
A simple email client easily set up full intructions given. Definately no chmod needed with this one. LICENCE AGREEMENT STIPULATES MUST NOT BE USED FOR SPAM OR JUNK MAILING

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