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phpApacheBrowser 1.0 networking : other -- 4362 2002-05-04 14:12:05 [ link ]
This script will allow you to browse the files and sub-directories of your apache web server. This is an aid to admins/developers who care to secure thier apache server by turning DirectoryBrowsing OFF, but still need to remotely view the contents of thier server.
phpFormFunctions HTML : forms 5.0 7789 2002-05-04 14:27:59 [ link ]
this is a simple set of php functions used to easily create forms via php. BASIC INSTRUCTIONS: 1) include the functions.inc file in you php form 2) viewsource/use the examples included to help get you started (input_*.php)
phpProxyDetector 1.0 networking : other -- 4205 2002-05-04 14:27:09 [ link ]
Use this simple php code to detect whether or not a user is using a proxy server to connect to your website.

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