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V-webmail 1.3.1 networking : email -- 8399 2002-06-13 09:08:35 [ link ]
A fast, customisable and standards compliant webmail application with folder, search and filters support. Features: Very simple installation; Highly customisable (template/skin based); Virtual host support, each vhost with its own settings/template sets; Plugin support; Supports POP3/IMAP; Mime support for both sending and viewing emails; Reply, reply-to-all, reply-to-list, forward, forward-as-attachment; Folder support with delete, rename, create, subscribe, unsubscribe; Folder summary page; Addressbook with easy addition on compose page; Ability to view HTML emails inline with option to disable and/or sanity check; Internationalization support. Currently 10 extra language files available.

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