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digiSHOP E-commerce 2.0 money : transaction processing -- 7171 2002-08-30 21:14:05 [ link ]
Enable your business to sell your products online SAFELY & SECURELY with our complete online ordering system & e-commerce software. Easy to use data entry screens allow your business to manage the entire online catalog and categorization system, with just a web browser. Customers can add products to their "shopping cart", alter quantities, remove products and checkout easily and quickly. Plus, we can customize* this software to fit your unique business needs. Features Include: * Individual Tracking of Shopping Cart Contents * Searchable Product Catalog * Easy For Customers to Browse * Easy Secure Checkout * Easy to Use Administration to Add/Edit/Delete Products, Categories & Orders * Sales Pricing Options * Automatically receive notification of an order & customer will receive an email receipt with unique order number Automatic Tax, Shipping, Subtotal & Totals * Customer Order History Database * Customizable Product Categories * Customizable Product Options * Optional Real-Time Payment Processing with Authorize.net & VeriSign * Retrieve Orders Securely Credit Card Numbers are Encoded for Extra Security * Gross Sales & Sales Tax Reporting Export Customer Order Data to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access * Easily Integrates with Existing Website

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