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PHP CSV Importer 2.0 databases : MySQL-specific 5.0 11288 2003-03-18 12:08:58 [ link ] [ show ]
A script to import data to a MySQL database from CSV files. Open a CSV file and preview it. Then, connect to your MySQL database, select which fields should receive which column (or set value) and then import. You can add, update or even add and update with this script. This new version allows you to create tables prior to import, import via rules (insert/update only where column X is greater than 13), delete from table and save your rules. There is also now a file browser to find your file.
PHP CSV Importer 3 databases : MySQL-specific -- 4370 2006-08-06 13:18:49 [ link ]
Import your files directly into MySQL with this all-new version. The script now supports multiple languages and skins.

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