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DreamCloak enables you to add unlimited sites and pages you would like to cloak, and create multiple cloaked doorway pages for each page, using your own keywords and a different html template for each search engine. DreamCloak allows to to automate the submission of doorway pages to all major search engines, and has built in features to prevent spamming and oversubmission. DreamCloak is based on PHP, MySQL, and uses HTML templates which can be modified for site wide changes. Supports by default all known spiders for Googe, Excite, NorthernLight, Lycos, AltaVista, Infoseek, Inktomi (inktomi includes, Hotbot, canada.com, anzwers.com, Snap, and many others). Add as many new engines, spiders, sites, pages, templates, and doorways as you want. Ability to add yourself to the spider list so you can see the actual pages a spider will see. Detection of spiders by ip address and ip range. Can detect and log new spiders by ip address, ip range, and user agent. Ability to log all spider hits and view statitics by spider, or by site.

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