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excel/php writing databases : common tasks -- 6305 2003-01-21 16:02:51 [ link ]
this php script will dump data from SQL table (MySQL, supply your own SQL query) to a microsoft excel (.xls) file. The Excel file is specified as such by a set of headers, defining content. using php's header() function, also the rows and columns of the excel file are defined by tab and new line chars.
Calendar generation function. time and date : calendars -- 6869 2003-01-21 16:03:26 [ link ]
This function, hacked from the original source, at <a href="http://www.keithdevens.com/software/php_calendar/source.php">http://www.keithdevens.com/software/php_calendar/source.php</a> returns a color-coded calendar as a string, based on blog entries per day. Also check out the code fork <a href="http://www.stargeek.com/scripts.php?script=11&cat=blog">things to do</a> calendar class.
Custom Site Statistics HTML : other -- 4415 2003-01-21 16:01:17 [ link ]
this script generates a dynmic graph showing, raw htis, average hits, raw unique IPs and average unique ips, it also monitors, ave click per vist, referrers, google search terms and per page hits., Very simple and requires only a mysql database (No access to apache logs required)
rss aggregator files and directories -- 4673 2003-01-21 16:04:47 [ link ]
pull a List of RSS feed addresses out of a mysql database. Perform responsiveness check with socket connection, compare poll results to database of headlines, if unique, add. Also formats template for display (Messy).
RSS Output files and directories -- 4550 2003-01-21 16:04:13 [ link ]
The RSS output file that runs stargeek's feed. Cleans input to generate valid RSS. Optional category searches.

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