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botproof email 2.0 HTML : forms -- 5709 2003-01-31 04:13:10 [ link ]
Hides the contact email address on a website from spambots. Users trying to contact you have to enter a code from a displayed image into a form or click a randomly generated square in a larger image. Upon correct input they are forwarded to your email address. Both methods are effective ways to stop spam harvesting robots to collect your email address from your website.
browser emulating fopen functions 1.0 HTTP : other -- 4774 2003-01-31 04:02:22 [ link ]
Some web sites (like IMDb) prevent external scripts from parsing their contents by denying request without a user-agent string. Though this can be circumvented by manually sending the necessary headers, this is usually too complicated. These functions (be_fopen and be_file) wrap the fsockopen calls and send all the necessary headers before returning a file handle usable with any PHP function.
PHP vCard class 2.0 networking : other -- 4537 2003-01-31 04:07:59 [ link ]
Generates a vCard containing personal information. vCards can be imported in most PIMs (MS Outlook, for example). Complies to version 2.1 of the vCard specification.
pseudo-cron 1.1 networking : other -- 4171 2003-01-31 04:10:45 [ link ]
Use cron jobs without having shell access! The only thing that's certain to happen quite regularly on a web page are page requests. This is where pseudo-cron comes into play: With every page request it checks if any cron jobs should have been run since the previous request. If there are, they are run and logged. Pseudo-cron uses a crontab syntax very much like the Unix cron's one.

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