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Php Script for RChart 1.12 graphics : charts & graphs -- 6437 2003-05-19 05:02:25 [ link ] [ show ]
This scripts show you how you can use Php with a java applet to create charts. The advantage of this approach is that it does not require any special library on the server side and it provides interactivate features (zoom, scroll, links and tips) on the client side. More information at http://www.java4less.com click on "RChart". The following example will create an area chart (it is very similar to the example Chart2.htm). It will retrieve the data from an MSAccess database that contains a table called "salesMonth". This table has three fields: "Products" (integer), "Services" (integer) and "salesMonth" (date), which contains the sales for several months. The example will display the sales of the last 6 months. It will create a HTML page that contains the applet. Most of the parameters of the applet are constant, however the date labels and the sales data is retrieved from the DB.

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