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content! 1.1.0 databases : applications 5.0 6650 2003-09-25 11:13:58 [ link ]
content! is a one of a kind content management system (CMS), mixing ease of use with greatly optimized server performance. content! was designed for portal sites, e-zines, news sites, intranets and any other type of site that needs to continually update their content, be easily configurable, serve hundreds of thousands of hits a day on commodity (non-specialized) server hardware (including shared servers).
PHPCatalog 2.7 databases : applications 5.0 13338 2003-09-25 10:31:52 [ link ]
PHPCatalog is an easy to use, yet comprehensive online catalog solution. It can be easily used as an "out of the box" catalog tool, or as a catalog engine which can be custom-configured into any format imaginable. HTML templates are used for easy integration into your site. The pages are optimized to be picked up by search engines. An unlimited number of categories is supported. It easily integrates with a shopping cart module for full shopping capabilities.

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