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Change File Mode -- CHMOD HTML : other -- 5275 2003-09-18 22:48:39 [ link ] [ show ]
One of the many major problems of a beginner when starting to learn PHP is how CHMOD function really works. Not just because this function is hard to understand, but it also requires a technical skill and talent from a web programmer. This tutorial has a two part. One is how to CHMOD using a PHP file and the other is through FTP, with the use of Cute FTP. WS FTP will not be covered with this tutorial but the concept of changing the file mode is likely the same, so do not worry about this matter.
Counter and Tracker System HTTP : counters & statistics -- 5909 2003-09-18 22:44:13 [ link ] [ show ]
Using a counter and a tracker at the same time can be a hassle especially if the user doesn't have any knowledge with the mostly used PHP function available in its current version. Sometimes, we even use free web services just to get our own counter and tracking system without any further programming. All of the following PHP source codes below were commented at each lines so that the reader will have a better understanding how a counter and tracker works both at the same time.
Displaying IP Address HTML : other -- 11521 2003-09-18 22:49:23 [ link ] [ show ]
When signing to a guestbook, tagboard or any web service, IP address of a user are automatically logged by the server depending on what settings the server's environment may have. Whether you want it or not, a user IP address can be a fixed number or not. Also, the IP address is also a big factor or consideration when it comes to computer security. But before this tutorial came to nowhere, let me show to you the following PHP codes in order for a webmaster to display the current remote and server ip address using PHP variables in his or her website.
Displaying Script Execution Time HTTP : other -- 5637 2003-09-18 22:47:16 [ link ] [ show ]
This script is undeniably popular among all other PHP scripts that are released in the market. And this script is widely used by other website administrators out there. But since we're not an ordinary PHP developer, there is a need to analyze the deeper meaning of each line of codes within this script. This is not a simple task to begin with but with the help of previous PHP manual out there, this could be possibly done by us.
Information Container System algorithms : strings -- 5786 2003-09-18 22:43:08 [ link ] [ show ]
Before starting a huge PHP related online projects, you should consider using a strategy that will be accesible, readable and maintainable with your other team mates. And one of this strategy is using one php file that contains all of your vital data and information. This strategy can be compared to a double-edged sword and there is a big chance of being attacked by harmful persons if not used properly. So it's up to the user whether to adopt this kind of strategy or not. Here are the following variables you can fill up, modify and used continously with all your PHP documents. Just don't forget to use the include() function as one of the starting headers for your documents.
Page Last Modification HTML : other -- 4406 2003-09-18 22:52:21 [ link ] [ show ]
Displaying the last time of modification of a certain document in one website can be a great addon. It doesn't just increase the information of a certain document but it also impresses audience especially if used at the right time and at the right place.
PHP Date Function time and date : other -- 9631 2003-09-18 22:40:54 [ link ] [ show ]
Displaying a date or time in a webpage can be easily done with PHP rather than Javascript and Java. This function is one of the many important functions which are include in the lastest version of PHP application and further tweaking or configuration is not required. <br /><br /> The author will just show some of the widely used format that are used by many administrators. So if this is not enough and you have some difficulty in using the format for the date function, please contact me personally.
PHP Include Function HTML : templating -- 9039 2003-09-18 22:50:41 [ link ] [ show ]
First and foremost, this is the most famous and easiest PHP tutorial that can be found in the Internet. It has been proven that include function is one of the many PHP functions that a PHP programmer should be familiar with.
String Query Navigation algorithms : strings -- 5834 2003-09-18 22:45:21 [ link ] [ show ]
Using a string and a simple condition statement to navigate with all your pages is the best strategy in backend technology. With this session, a user will be able to understand how simple it is to compare string with other strings using the address bar or the anchor tag itself.

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