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Oracle Browser 1.1 databases : oracle-specific -- 59713 1999-09-07 09:29:05 [ link ] [ show ]
A single script which will help you browse oracle objects in a schema (using all_ views). It helps to click your way through a database! After logging in, you can switch to other schemas.
OraHoo! 0.5 databases : oracle-specific -- 7020 1999-11-04 13:40:51 [ link ]
OraHoo! is a tool which integrates most common scripts Oracle DBA\'s carry around. Most scripts are directly copied from the excellent tool called OraSnap . Unlike OraSnap, these are executed in real-time. The interface is tabular, and each report also comes with a description.
Simple DBM database 0.1 databases : other -- 14567 1999-07-08 10:57:39 [ link ] [ show ]
Handles insert/delete/update to a dbm file. Can specify file and field list. No search/sort. A quick \'n dirty script. Possibly to be used as a starting point for DBM related coding :-(
Style Chooser 1.0 HTML : colors -- 11743 1999-08-09 09:02:30 [ link ] [ show ]
A small script which when included in a PHP file will allow viewer to choose from multiple style sheets. Uses cookies to remember the choice.

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