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Blind Email Script 1.0 HTML : forms -- 5313 2004-03-20 21:24:06 [ link ]
This set of scripts is a standard email processor that has a selectable 'Send To' email address and a selectable subject. The subject and email address are pulled from a MySQL Table. The email address are blind so that email bot won't pull your emails. Configuration is a little more difficult than ct_email but works well when configured properly. This is especially useful to keep those pesky mail bots away from your email address.
Corps Technologies 1.0 HTML : forms 5.0 4212 2004-03-20 21:21:45 [ link ]
This is a standard set of scripts used for email processing. There are only two variable to change and it will be ready to use. This script is very effective. This can only be used for 1 email address. If you have multiple email address I suggest you use ct_email for more flexibility. Also there is a blind email version so that you won't get hit by mail bots.

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