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File Uploader Function 1.0 files and directories 5.0 6073 2004-04-13 22:14:05 [ link ] [ show ]
Allows users to upload files to your website. I wrote this script to illustrate the basic operations required for file uploading, I don't recommend it be used as is, because people may upload programs and scripts. If you want only images to be uploaded, you may want to modify the extension of any file that doesn't have isn't a jpg, png, or gif.
User Counter 1.0 HTTP : counters & statistics 5.0 4260 2004-04-14 09:23:36 [ link ] [ show ]
Include this script in the PHP pages of your web site in order to display the number of people that are viewing them. Before using this script remember to create a MySQL database for it (if you don't already have one), and to assign that name to $DataBaseName. Actually, remember to assign a value to all the initialization variables at the beginning of the script.

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