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table calendar 0.01 time and date : calendars -- 15128 1998-03-31 10:53:49 [ show ]
table calendar pretty much does what cal(1) does - prints out a calendar. It has some other options, and when I've gotten a better idea of the php OO syntax, I'll make this into a class that can be accessed more convenienty. I'm currently using this in a system that has no graphics, but I want hooks to make graphics available for element of the table, with an ALT tag for text browsers. have fun, send suggestions, questions, etc to spacey@pobox.com
table calendar 0.02 time and date : calendars -- 14834 1998-04-01 00:45:30 [ show ]
This is now an object, with its interface defined in comments at the beginning of the code. No hooks for graphics yet. I may take some time to do this.

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