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Capture TGP New listing 1 HTTP : redirection -- 3221 2004-10-26 03:59:48 [ link ] [ show ]
Capture the new gallery listing of 10 popular TGP sites, save and format it in html file. The script will capture the new listed galleries of 10 popular TGP sites then it will remove duplicate links and place all the captured links in html file with format mm-dd-yyyy.html The normal captured galleries are around 1100+ everyday, by adding this script to your cron-job you can schedule the execution every midnight so you will have new listing everyday. Your advantage is that you have more new fresh galleries 1000+ every single day. Only 1 PHP file and no database needed.
Domain Redirection Service 1 HTTP : redirection -- 3181 2004-10-26 04:00:46 [ link ] [ show ]
hat are the advantage? Compare it to a Free Hosting Service, you have the same amount of traffic and ad exposure, but with a Free Hosting service, they require a large amount of space and bandwidth to host your members. With a redirection service, you can start this service even if you are renting shared hosting, you only need minimum space and bandwidth to start a service like this. Features Required minimum space and bandwidth (5MB space & 2G Bandwidth a month for 1000 members with 100 traffic a day) Automatic place your Banner Ads (rotating every 30 sec) and Popup Ad to your members domain Easy maintenance for active members , pending domain, banner ads and popup ad. Automatic send news letter to all your members in HTML format with your opt-in ads and your news letter
Exit Popup Exchange Service 1 HTTP : redirection -- 3327 2004-10-26 04:01:06 [ link ] [ show ]
pop-behind exit exchange program, where members can exchange visitors thru pop-ups with other members. When a surfer closed their website, a new window is opened behind in Full Size Window. Features Easily manage your members account Check and recorded only unique IP per day using the database, not cookies. Real time stats for your members stats Track where the traffic comes from to detect fraud traffic Manage to Add/Deduct credits for custom package. Easy to send Newsletter to your members Configurable popup rates, discounts. Built-in payment processing for Stormpay.com Payment Service. Automated add the credits to the Advertisers account once the Advertiser bought credits using Stormpay Payment service. The program uses less bandwidth using optimized algorithm for faster performance. and MORE
Image Resizer graphics : charts & graphs -- 5263 2004-10-26 03:56:14 [ link ] [ show ]
Resize the image without altering or creating new resized image file. Display your image in thumb or specify the percentage size for fast loading displaying in the browser, no need to created another resized image file, this script will do the job for you, it will not alter the image itself, it will only resize once display in the browser. Sample how to use it : <img scr="resizer.php?imgfile=image.jpg&percent=0.3" border=0>
Simple Web Monitoring 1 HTTP : authentication -- 3275 2004-10-26 03:57:17 [ link ] [ show ]
You can monitor your website downtime status including SMTP, POP, FTP and SSH. and automatically send alert to the assigned email in the config.php.
Simply FAQ Script 1 discussions : message boards -- 5869 2004-10-26 03:53:15 [ link ] [ show ]
Simply FAQ - is a fully functional easy to use FAQ program with seach capability, unlimited categories, NO NEED for mysql database only text base and with NO compicated setup just upload it and its done, it uses only one(1) PHP file. How simple to add the content of your FAQ, just open your favorite text editor and start typing in the first line the Question and in the next line the answer and so on, save it with .faq extension and the script will automatically read this, the filename of this file will be the Category name in the FAQ section. To sort which categories to be first, just add a number on the first character of your filename ( ex. 1how_to.faq, 2Others.faq )
TGP or Thumbnail Gallery Post 1 graphics : charts & graphs -- 6454 2004-10-26 04:00:23 [ link ] [ show ]
The most traffic oriented adult service because it is updated daily and most visitors will return again and again. Popular TGP sites are getting 1-4 million visitors a day and common TGP sites are getting 30 thousands to 1 million visitors a day Because TGP service must be updated daily, the time of reviewing and inserting of submitted galleries to the site needs lots of effort and it is very time consuming. smallcapitalbusiness.com has created an automatic TGP service that automatically adds the approved galleries once per day and easily manages newly submitted galleries, this script will update your daily galleries and even post your previous submitted galleries. With built in codes to co-brand other webmasters who wants to integrate your TGP listing and Add URL page to their page instantly and very easy. The best part is you don't need to wait for gallery submission to have a contents in your TGP site because the script will automatically spider other TGP site to get gallery submission, thus your TGP site is always updated with new fresh galleries everyday so you can concentrate only in promoting your TGP website to earn more profits in banner advertising. Features: Automated TGP script Fast and easy to review submission galleries Auto Spider other TGP site to get gallery listing. Built-in auto generate gallery listing Blacklist by email and IP address Valid email address checking Fast and easy Co-branded your TGP service to other webmasters
Traffic Exchange Link (The New Generation) 1 HTML : menus -- 2985 2004-10-26 03:58:42 [ link ] [ show ]
a new method of traffic exchange with no effort to the people who wants to exchange link with you. No need to signup, No tracking codes and NO MySQL database needed, just send traffics to your site then the traffic where it came from will be tracked and the site who sent you traffic will be added automatically to your linking area by tomorrow. Simple and effective.
Write Text to the Image graphics : charts & graphs -- 5582 2004-10-26 03:55:37 [ link ] [ show ]
Write a text to your image without altering the image itself. Normally if you have an exclusive pictures you normally place your domain name as a symbol that you own the picture, but if you have hundred or more pictures it will be time consuming adding a text on each of the pictures. This simple script will do the job for you by adding text in the top location of the picture once called and will not alter the picture itself, so you can change the text in the image anytime. Example: <img src="img.php?imgfile=image.jpg&text=YOURTEXTHERE"> )

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