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Add LIVE graphs to your website for free! 1.3 graphics : charts & graphs -- 6755 2005-02-17 19:29:12 [ link ] [ show ]
LiveGraphs.com allows you to show progress of a project in REAL time on your website. Create your project and simply copy and paste the code into your webpage! That's it! Edit your progress at any time and your web page will automatically update! See this example: http://livegraphs.com/samplegraph.php Put your mouse over the "links" and you will see some notes about that particular item. Options for use are endless.... It can be used to show the progress of any event or project, such as software development projects, fund raising targets, Web site projects, and more. It can also be embedded into software applications that are Internet connected and capable of displaying HTML content. It is very easy to use. It only takes 5 minutes from start to finish. Editing the layout is just as easy. Just change a few options and your new graph will match your website.Each project can have it's own unique look. There are no ads, no pop-ups, no spam, etc. Just a free resource for everyone to enjoy.

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