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Daylight Savings Tim 0.9 time and date : other -- 10857 1998-04-13 21:19:35 [ show ]
For all of us who live in places that change between daylight-savings and standard time. Returns 1 if given time is in daylight savings, 0 otherwise
Link Harvester 0.9 discussions : other -- 14231 1998-04-13 21:08:21 [ show ]
This function searches text or HTML files for URLs embedded in the text and returns them in an array. CAUTION: If used as a web spider to collect links on sites other than your own, use sleep()/usleep() to slow it down and avoid overloading other servers! Development was done under WindowsNT, but I can't see why it won't work under Unix.
Message Filter 1.0be discussions : other -- 14387 1999-06-02 09:01:32 [ show ]
This class can be used to limit the length, censor words and validate HTML in strings. It can be used to clean up user postings in forums. It was developed with PHP3.0.6 under WinNT4.

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