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Cookie Counter 1.4 HTTP : counters & statistics -- 4252 2008-08-09 11:24:45 [ link ]
Behold! A dead-simple, minuscule sized, hit counter. A PHP session (cookie) is used to determine if the site has been visited during the browser’s session. Basically, you need to close your browser application, reopen it and revisit the web page to record another hit.
GDFont Renderer 1.7 graphics : other -- 3840 2005-05-01 11:20:52 [ link ]
Nevermore be shackled by the appearance of jagged fonts. Release the bonds of using the same tired web typefaces over and over again. Save yourself immeasurable hours of creating individual text images for titles. The time has come to bathe in the omnipotence of dynamically generated text images. By harnessing the power of PHP and the commonly built-in GD library, you too can become a god among men. This super-lightweight script allows you to render any text into any TrueType font that is then displayed as an image on your webpage. It includes the option to cache any image created to reduce server load.
Weather.com XML Parser 1.0 HTTP : other -- 4370 2005-05-01 11:21:34 [ link ]
This PHP script will allow you to monitor your current local weather via a Weather.com XML feed. It parses the XML data and then outputs formatted HTML to a .txt file. This .txt file can then be integrated into your website via SSI, PHP or any other language that will accept Includes. It is intended to be setup as a Cron Job, that is accessed to update only every few minutes. If it were accessed more often, Weather.com would shut down your XML feed.
WoW Server Status 4.0 games -- 5310 2008-08-09 11:25:33 [ link ]
Blizzard has yet to release an RSS feed, or any other method of keeping track of your game server status - other than checking their website. This lightweight script will parse Blizzard's HTML page and display a server status on your Guild's webpage. The output can be configured as text/HTML or a dynamically generated image.

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