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Input to WHERE 1.0 databases : common tasks -- 10769 1999-09-27 15:36:38 [ show ]
The b_parse function takes a database field and a query string and returns a WHERE clause for use in a database query. It supports "AND", "NOT" and "OR" keywords in the query string, but also supports quoting of "exact phrases" to match.
PHP mailing list 1.0 databases : common tasks -- 20011 1999-10-01 11:24:12 [ show ]
Users sign up on one page w/name and email. Email is checked for auth. Name and email added to Mysql database. "Broadcaster" fills out a form page with header, body, and footer of the email. Header and footer are saved for later. Mail is sent to all users in the database with a personal "Dear (name they entered)" at the top of the email. Sender can upload text, log off, and the script will continue to send out all emails. Sleep function for slowing down send rate. Log file written upon script completion of unsendable emails. Uses php mail() function (sendmail).

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