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PixHound 0.1 graphics : other -- 3643 2005-08-27 07:32:49 [ link ]
PixHound is a web/browser/php based Gallery system. It lets you maintain your collection of digital photos or artwork on any webserver running PHP4 and MySQL. PixHound lets you * Upload pictures or import directories on your server * Add Pictures to one or more definable categories and/or Albums * Define Persons apopearing on your pictures * Maintain a list of locations where your pictures are taken * Lets you mass- or single edit all the above plus Title/comments * if provided the picture date is taken from the exif data (no need for compiled EXIF support!) * If you have the ImageMagick libraries installed you can rotate images on the fly
STP Simple Template Parser 2.0 HTML : templating -- 4078 2005-08-27 07:33:40 [ link ]
This parser has been developed 5 years ago and has been used in numerous projects since. STP helps you separate your code from HTML in a very easy manner. The Simple Template parser can * Assemble a page from several templates (you can f.e. define a repeating page head as a separate template) * Output result pages to the browser or write them to a file * perform loops * follow nested conditions * show multiple columns per row in a table loop * change colors in a loop

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