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AlefMentor 1.0 databases : applications -- 4242 2006-04-22 11:24:08 [ link ]
AlefMetor is online training manager. Easy you can create your online courses. All users of the system can communicate between themselves. You don’t have limitation about number of courses, instructors, learners or administrators of this system. Provides online management system for administrator, student, instructor and consumer. Processes of creating, updating and selecting courses are very easy. Requirements Server Side · Operating System: Windows, Unix · Scripting Language: PHP5, PHP4 · Database: MySQL Client Side · Web Browser: Any form enabled browser · JavaScript: Must be enabled Latest Releases - version: 1.0 Available Licenses Free License: Standard license. Zeljko Radulovic
Power Form Validation 1.0 algorithms : other -- 6361 2008-02-20 13:37:39 [ link ] [ show ]
Power Form Validation is class which helps us to validate form inputs just in few lines of code. When form inputs successfully pass procedure of validation they can be printed, inserted in database etc. With helps of this class we can control if is field empty or if is component selected, controls with help of Regular Expressions if is e-mail address entered on right way, controls if values of two components have same value, if is entered value in text box in form of letters, if is entered value in text box in form of numbers, if entered value is longer that given value, if entered value is shorter that given value, if entered value is equal with given value, how many components are not selected or in how many of them value is not entered.. Author: Zeljko Radulovic Documentetion:http://pad.pmf.kg.ac.yu/am/index.php?action=preg_kursa&co_id=7
Student Forum 1.0 databases : applications -- 4930 2006-04-22 11:24:57 [ link ]
Student Forum is a specialized forum for education institutions. Users can be registered as Professors, Students, Graduate Students and Guests. Administrator has possibility to make separate groups of users that can communicate without knowing what is happening in other groups. All users have possibility of private communication. Forum is designed on such way that provides possibility of very easy making – List of Students, Professors, Graduated Students.
S_Creator 1.0 databases : applications -- 3729 2006-04-22 11:25:16 [ link ]
Quick development tool, which allows you to create your internet presentations very fast. Main advantage is that sites which are made by S_Creator will be all time updateable. Only what you should do is to log on your administrative page and visually change content of your presentation. Toll is very easy for using – after few minutes you will enjoy in working with S_Creator.

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