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DLCount 1.00 HTTP : other -- 7574 1999-11-20 15:35:41 [ link ]
DLCount counts the number of downloads and stores the results in a single text file. Includes DLCount Admin to view your counter stats in a table. DLCount can also be used to count how many times a link was clicked on.
MPCount 1.02 algorithms : other -- 8057 1999-11-17 14:17:27 [ link ]
MPCount is a multiple page counter which stores the number of hits and the date when started counting per page in a single file. Includes MPCount Admin to view your counter stats in a table.
Random Link 1.00 algorithms : strings -- 11333 1999-11-18 18:12:18 [ show ]
Random link takes an array with urls and description and displays them at random.

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