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Multilanguage Foto Guestbook 2 databases : applications -- 28739 1999-12-09 07:56:04 [ link ] [ show ]
Multilanguage Foto Guestbook Available: en,fr,de,pt,it,nl,fi,is,no,pl,es,sv - Default: English (en) Set self user language and can upload picture Running example: http://www.ticinonline.to/search/guestbook/ If your have a Postcard programm can send picture fromm Guestbook download: http://www.ticinonline.to/search/guestbook/multi_lan_guestbook_2.0.zip Only edit the z_ini.php3 setting DB upload folder - white of picture and Format if Your wand
Write direct html file HTML : templating -- 13614 1999-11-19 16:17:36 [ show ]
Write Direct News our other data directly on the fly and in the same time write the menu Bar to link the new create file. Create file example and footer and header data css: http://www.jazzascona.ch/jazz/jazz_vip/

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