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Http headers 1.3 HTTP : other -- 15128 1998-11-05 17:05:26 [ show ]
This gets the http response headers for a given url and returns them in an assoc array. i.e. to test if a url exists: $array = get_http_headers($url); if($array[result]=200) { }
Whois2 2.1 networking : whois & DNS -- 13336 1998-04-30 12:13:31 [ link ]
Base class to query whois databases, fully supports the new SRS (Shared Registry System) and over 100 ccTLD's (country code TLD's). This version is broken down into a base class and extended handlers, so it's easy to plug in support for new TLD's and support changes to existing ones. This is a ground up rewrite of my whois.php3 base class (not to be confused with the other whois.php3 posted here).

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