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File lister 0.01 files and directories -- 15105 1999-12-26 08:53:22 [ link ] [ show ]
This script puts all filenames with the full path in to an array. It also gives the number of filenames in the array.
News lister 0.02 HTML : other -- 11241 1999-12-27 06:29:05 [ link ] [ show ]
This scripts collects the filenames in a specified directory and outputs a link to each file with date and timestamp taken from the filename.
Quote generator 0.01 graphics : other -- 13651 1999-12-26 10:53:38 [ link ] [ show ]
This scripts generates a gif image produced on the fly with the gd-library. I used it to get quotes from a file and display them in an image. This was made to make it possible for "out-site-users" to show the quotes i have collected.

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